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Pride month 2018 is here and here’s how tech companies are celebrating

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June is pride month and it’s a time to celebrate love and diversity. The world rallies with the LGBTQ+ community to promote acceptance and condemn discrimination.

Of course, a number of companies from the tech community are joining in on the meaningful celebrations. Here are some of our favorites.



This year for Pride, @instagram gathered five leaders from the LGBTQ+ community and surprised them with their role models for a conversation about their lives, their work, and how they inspire people to be open and connect with others. When the incredible @alokvmenon named me as a #RoleModel, I couldn’t wait to turn up (in a LOOK of course) and meet them in real life. Truth is, I look up to Alok as one of my role models too! Their performance, activism, and stunning non-binary style have been a source of empowerment and inspiration for me and many others! Maybe that’s what defines queer visibility in this moment: the idea that we really are in this together, and the important work of amplifying and celebrating each other’s voices to create a truer vision of community. Love you! (link in bio)

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In a touching video, Instagram surprised young LGBTQ+ leaders with their role models and it was a pretty inspiring. 

The social media company has also rolled out Pride rainbow gradients everywhere on the app, a rainbow-type background, and special pride-themed story stickers!

Sony PS4

Sending a strong message that the PlayStation 4 is for all players, a special rainbow theme was released in time for Pride month. You can download it for free here.


Pride profile badges are back and Facebook has even rolled out special Pride text backgrounds, themes, and stickers.

Messenger is getting in on the fun, too. There are AR stickers, frames, and filters to celebrate Pride.


Sounding off on the celebrations, Spotify has released a number of pride playlists. As a special Easter egg, they’ve also turned the color up on the volume control which results in a rainbow-themed toggle.


Rumors have been made about a special Pride Apple Watch face and now, we’re pretty sure that it’s coming. It’s set to be released on June 4 and it shows off those rainbow pride colors!


PhoneSoap Go: A portable device that will sanitize your smartphone

It isn’t called PhoneSoap for nothing!



That smartphone in your purse can do so much but it also has 18 times more bacteria than the average public toilet. Before we continue, let that sink in.

Before you drop that phone you’re probably reading this article on, know that there’s a way to clean your handset and it doesn’t involve soap and water. Introducing: PhoneSoap.

PhoneSoap Go is the brand’s latest release. It’s a tiny chest that will literally clean your smartphone. It uses UV-C light to kill bacteria on your device. All you do is put your smartphone inside, tap the lightning button, wait 10 minutes for one cleaning cycle, and your phone should be germ-free.

The inside compartment can house your phone, no matter what size. It’s pretty spacious so it can even fit small everyday stuff like keys or wallets. Despite all that space, the PhoneSoap Go is designed for portability. This is PhoneSoap’s smallest device — something you can bring along on trips to make sure your handset is sanitized anywhere you go.

On the back of the chest is a USB-A and a USB-C port. This is because the PhoneSoap Go has a 7000mAh battery built into it. That’s enough for 45 cleaning cycles, or four phone charging cycles.

Yes, I said phone charging cycles. That’s because you can actually use it as a power bank. There’s even a slot for your charging cable so you can charge as you sanitize your phone. That means even if the whole cleaning cycle is just 10 minutes, you can leave your phone plugged in longer. There’s even “acoustic outlets” at the bottom so you can hear phone notifications.

Of course, unless I have a petri dish and some phone swabs, I won’t be able to say definitively that this thing can clean 99.99 percent of bacteria on your phone, as the brand claims. But, I will say that if it does end up sanitizing your phone in any capacity, that’s already a good enough deal considering how dirty these things supposedly are, and how much we’re holding on to them on a daily basis.

But really, more than phone cleaning, what you get is peace of mind. Honestly, my own (many, rotating) devices have been chilling a lot in my PhoneSoap ever since I got it.

The PhoneSoap Go retails for US$ 79.95 and you can get it from their website.

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Fujifilm Instax SQ20 hands-on: How good is it?

Trying out the new Motion Mode on doggies!



Fujifilm’s sequel to their first ever digital/analog hybrid is here and it’s looking better than ever. The Instax SQ20 is one classy-looking instant camera but what can it do? With a set of built-in filters and new features like the Motion Mode, it looks like a promising device.

I finally try it out, with help from some doggies, on our hands-on video.

The SQ20 retails for US$ 199 in the US, PhP 12,999 in the Philippines, and SG$ 299 in Singapore.

In case you’re having trouble viewing, watch HERE.

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WATCH: Frozen 2 released its first trailer and it’s awesome

But we also have so many questions!



I just can’t let go!

Disney’s Frozen has just released a trailer for the upcoming Frozen 2 and it looks all sorts of awesome. Starting with an intense scene with Elsa trying to get through an ocean with her powers, to Anna grabbing Kristoff’s sword… it gets pretty intense!

The trailer also features Sven, their trusty reindeer and, of course, Olaf the snowman. Starring Idina Menzel as Elsa, Kirsten Bell as Anna, and Josh Gad as Olaf in the double Oscar-winning original and bringing back directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, the sequel is expected to be even bigger and more action-packed. Frozen 2 is set to come out in theaters on November 22.

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