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Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen Start-Up, please read with caution.

Start-Up has been the talk of the town for quite some time. And there’s a reason why people are enamored with the K-Drama and its cast. It showcases the struggles of starting a business and discusses the technology we have now and about to have in the future.

But more importantly, people are giggling over Seo Dal-mi (Bae Suzy) and her chemistry with Nam Do-san (Nam Joo-Hyuk) and Han Ji-Pyeong (Kim Seon-Ho).

Of course, everyone has their own opinions and thoughts about the show. Such is the case for the GadgetMatch team. Find out what their thoughts are about Start-Up in this GadgetMatch Reacts episode.

“A generally feel-good watch.”

Instagram: @rodneil

Why did you watch Start-Up?

Suzy. Bae.

Which character is the most relatable for you?

In a way I kinda related to both the male leads. With Do San, I remember my younger years being indecisive and mostly unsure of myself. But overall, it’s really Ji Pyeong that I saw myself in the most.

My role at work now requires me to think fast, be knowledgeable, and make quick, smart decisions all on the fly. I also take a while to make a move on women I like. Lol. Although, unlike Good Boy, my tongue isn’t as sharp and I look absolutely nothing like him — which is pretty tragic.

Your honest thoughts about the series?

I just thought it was a really fun, lighthearted watch. I didn’t really put too much thought into how accurate the portrayals of running a start-up and what not. I’m already too busy and too stressed running a team to put myself through all that trouble.

For me, it was a reward every weekend. The dynamic between the characters was fantastic and just a joy to watch.

If I had to point something out, it was how the smartphones/gadgets they were using didn’t really reflect the three-year time skip. But this, along with the other potential inconsistencies didn’t really takeaway from my overall experience of the drama.

Which love team are you rooting for?

#TeamGoodBoy only because I saw myself acting the way he did more.

Would you recommend Start-Up?

100%. As I kept mentioning, this is a thoroughly enjoyable drama and one I would likely rewatch over the holidays, assuming I’m able to squeeze in a break.

“Could’ve explored more about business and technology”

Instagram: @marcusjaie

Why did you watch Start-Up?

I was on the verge of quitting my plans to set up the passion project I planned five years ago. As a show about business and technology, Start-Up piqued my curiosity.

Which character is the most relatable for you?

I was leaning towards between Seo Dal-mi, Jung Sa-ha, and Won In-Jae. In terms of aspirations, I’m as ambitious and idealistic as Seo Dal-mi, and I like taking risks in my career and other opportunities. Won In-Jae’s commanding persona is what I also wear on most days.

Although, my friends and I claim I’m more of a Jung Sa-ha — Looks presentable, composed, unbothered, and has high self-esteem and self-worth. Like her, I’m also a designer.

Your honest thoughts about the series?

Start-Up, for the most part, gave the average people a sneak peek on how start-ups, the business world, and technology industry work. I liked it when the show presented the female leads as technology entrepreneurs, as opposed to the usual male CEOs.

However, the show focused more on the usual K-drama tropes — emotional moments and romantic scenes — instead of exploring character developments and showcasing teamwork and other ingredients needed to succeed in work and life.

Frankly, we could’ve at least watched Morning Group’s downfall, Won Sang-Su and the twin developers suffering the consequences, the Seo sister’s eomma standing up for herself, and more.

Which love team were you rooting for?

Jung Sa-ha and Lee Chul-san. Their development was more exciting than Seo Dal-mi’s relationships. Also, their love team showcased a proper example of setting boundaries and appreciating someone’s efforts.

Would you recommend Start-Up?

Absolutely. It’s full of lessons, kilig moments, and has a lot of episodes that left me awestruck with its cinematography, lovely music, and heartbreaking lines that will make you realize a lot of things that you can apply in your life.

“Should’ve been 21 episodes, not just 16.”

Instagram: @vincenzlee

Why did you watch Start-Up?

Although I’m very much aware that (my) Bae Suzy is one of the prominent K-actresses around, I honestly didn’t even know she’s part of the cast at first as I was really interested seeing the drama’s synopsis revolving around tech and start-ups more than the cast themselves.

Which character is the most relatable for you?

As much as I want to be as successful and charismatic as Han Ji-pyeong, I can say I can relate to Nam Do-san more especially with his lack of self-esteem and worth, plus the struggles in finding his dreams and not being able to move forward because of that baggage he carried for so long.

Your honest thoughts about the series?

It’s hard to sum it up in one sentence but it’s really a must-watch K-drama not just because I’m a Hallyu fan and a tech junkie, but mainly because we can learn from each character’s struggles that most of us encounter in our mid-20s.

Which love team were you rooting for?

Spoiler Alert: Although I barely believe in the saying “first love never dies”, I honestly rooted for Dal-mi and Ji-pyeong more but the drama made their relationship awkward when the real “Do-san” got discovered — but of course, I expected the ending to be that way because I clearly know the writer loves Second Lead Syndrome and I have no hard feelings with Start-Up’s ending (unlike what I felt in Reply 1988) because Do-san is also a decent guy.

Would you recommend Start-Up?

I’m neither from IMDb nor Rotten Tomatoes but it’s definitely one of the best (if not the best) K-Dramas I’ve watched this 2020 especially for the life lessons — and this series also proves that technology is rapidly shaping the future.

“Escapism while brushing up on your tech jargon.”

Instagram: @almostdiplomatic

Why did you watch Start-Up?

The plot was interesting and I thought I’d learn a bit more about start-ups in general. I did. A bit.

Which character is the most relatable for you?

In-Jae for her drive and ambition. Ji-Pyeong for how direct he can be even if it hurts. Honesty all the way, baby. There were also days when I also wanted to high-five Sa-Ha while going ‘yaaas sis!’.

Your honest thoughts about the series?

I really enjoyed the series and would even stay up late just to see what happens next right away. I started out as a card-bearing member of Team Good Boy but found Dal-Mi’s character annoying mid-way in the series. Admittedly, I was staying on for Ji-Pyeong and Do-San who’s also really likeable.

I think Start-Up ended in the best possible way. Spoiler alert: I love that they didn’t force pairings for the second leads just to tie up loose ends in the finale, showing that while romantic love is great and all, there are other ways to find fulfillment in life.

Which love team were you rooting for?

Dal-Mi can have Do-San because it’s Carol and Ji-Pyeong all the way for me. He reminds me of my husband sometimes. *giggles like a school girl*

Would you recommend Start-Up?

Totally. It’s one of my favorites this year and there have been a lot of good ones so far. It’s light and something that would really make you feel good after a long, stressful day.

GadgetMatch Reacts is a series where the GadgetMatch team from all over the world pool together to share their love, hate, and other commentaries about the show they’re currently raving.


Why you should get iQiyi

We got it so you don’t have to





Pan-Asian content, duh

There’s a ton of streaming services out there. But, none embrace that Asian representation like iQiyi. They’ve got films, variety shows, and series from China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and more. If you’re having a tough time finding shows and films you grew up seeing or just want somewhere you feel represented, check iQiyi out. It’ll surprise you.

Classic Hong Kong movies

If you’re a cinephile or know someone who is, this might just be the streaming service for you. Most classic Hong Kong films are a tough find. From Infernal Affairs to A Chinese Ghost Story, you’re sure to find the good, the bad, and obscure classics. iQiyi, no joke, lays out a ton of these Hong Kong classics on their platform and you’d be remiss to skip out on watching them.

Find the good-good

There’s a number of really good Asian series and films on iQiyi. Shows like Youth with You, Chuang, The Penthouse: War in Life 3, and Tokyo Revengers are just a few on the platform on most people’s must-watch and favorites. iQiyi is never short of surprises.

The absolute absurd finds

There’s no lack of decent, obscure, and downright bizarre tv series, films, and variety shows on here. Just note that most shows don’t age well and are a great watch in irony. Just keep an eye out on the obscure ones, they sometimes don’t have subtitles. And remember, these silly finds don’t take away from the unapologetically good shows on the platform.

Free shows you’d pay to watch elsewhere

iQiyi is a free streaming app with paid VIP access to a ton of exclusives. But, not everything is behind that paywall making this a huge game-changer. There’s a long list of free-to-access shows, K-dramas, and anime you’d normally find behind a paywall so, do yourself a favor. Get it.

It’s got interactive features

The platform showed off its new features with Game of Shark, a reality show where celebrities form teams and participate in murder mystery role-playing games. If you pick Rhythm Mode, your phone vibrates in time to events in the show. On top of that, Shark Mode allows users to directly take on the identity of characters. With it, you get to join your favorite celebrities in collecting hidden clues and identifying the murderer.

Having launched the world’s first Interactive Video Guideline (IVG) and IVP, iQiyi have pioneered a one-stop platform of assisted production tools that helps content creators produce and publish interactive videos efficiently and conveniently!

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I’m missing the Olympics because I don’t have cable

And it sucks



It’s 2021. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which was delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, is in full swing as of writing. However, as someone whose primary source of media entertainment all comes from streaming, there’s no easy and convenient way for me to watch the games. Major bummer.

I like to enjoy my media a certain way; I prefer to stream them on my TV. Which is why majority of the content I consume come from YouTube, Netflix, and the occasional Amazon Prime, HBO Go (Yep, not even HBO Max), and Apple TV.

I find it incredibly baffling that the stakeholders involved in bringing the games to the people failed to come to an agreement to make it easily accessible on the aforementioned platforms. It’s 2021. Why on earth am I not able to watch the greatest sporting event on the planet the way I want to?

Believe me, I hear the privilege in my words. Regardless, I still feel marginalized.

So how can you watch the Olympics right now?

I asked a friend who’s been covering the games. He watches through cable and had to pay a PhP 150 fee (around US$ 3/ SG$ 4) to avail of the Tokyo 2020 Premium from a particular cable provider.

Thing is, the whole Olympic coverage in the Philippines is locked to the MVP group of companies. You wanna follow the games, you’re gonna have to do it on one of their platforms.

Here’s an excerpt from their press release on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic coverage:

“Sports fans will have comprehensive access to the Olympic Games — from the Opening Ceremonies all the way to when the games conclude — on free to air via TV5 and One Sports. One Sports+ on Cignal TV will also dedicate a significant amount of their daily hours to broadcast the events, with Cignal also opening up two exclusive channels dedicated to broadcast the games 24/7. Cignal Play, in addition to live channels TV5, One Sports & One Sports+, will be offering exclusive channels broadcasting live updates to its subscribers, along with exclusive content not available on the TV broadcast. Cignal TV’s One News leads the group’s round-the-clock news coverage, featuring results, updates, and highlights.”

Comprehensive? Maybe. For platforms within the MVP group of companies. If you’re not subscribed to any of these, well, that’s just too bad. It’s good for business and I completely understand how the whole thing works. Doesn’t mean I have to like it.

The coverage also missed to televise or showcase Hidilyn Diaz’s historic gold medal win in the Weightlifting competition. If you’ve been following sports news, the Philippines was expected to get a medal in this event. Sadly, the moment was only known following updates from reporters on the ground.

How I wish it was handled

I’m sure there’s a lot more that goes into it in terms of TV and broadcasting rights, but we’re literally at an age where plenty of folks have decided to cut the cord and rely on streaming for content.

On YouTube, you can buy and/or rent movies and shows. The platform and structure exists for pay-to-watch content. They could have even made tiers or packages like charge a certain amount to gain access to all the games, a different and lower amount if you just want to follow a certain sport and/or a certain event.

Maybe the potential earnings to do so didn’t justify the costs to implement it. Whatever the case, it’s still incredibly frustrating.

Sure, I can go through the hoopla of setting up a VPN and look for streaming sites. But that’s more even more cumbersome. I don’t mind paying a convenience fee if it means that after a long day of work I can kick back, relax, and watch some damn sports.

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Netflix is reportedly producing a live-action Pokémon series

With Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson



Pokémon remains one of the most popular franchises today. From the ever-popular video game series to the still-ongoing anime series, the creature collector franchise still going strong. Even then, the franchise is reportedly working on another addition to its repertoire: a live-action Netflix series.

According to Variety, Netflix is in the early stages of an upcoming Pokémon series on the platform. Much like the widely successful film Detective Pikachu starring Ryan Reynolds, the series will star actual humans in a live-action format. Beyond that, the report does not go into detail into how the creatures will look like for the series.

Likewise, the report does not indicate when the series will launch.

Lucifer’s Joe Henderson is reportedly helming the series. He is also known for adapting Stephen King’s 11.22.63 for Hulu.

Over the past few years, Pokémon has tapped various segments besides gaming and anime fans. The company has tapped lifestyle with branded accessories and lifestyle-oriented apps. Adding a live-action series will tap into the thriving Netflix market.

For Netflix’s part, the popular streaming platform has considerably increased the variety of genres it is producing. Besides the live-action Pokémon series, Netflix is also releasing an anime version of its popular original, The Witcher.

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