Seagate Game Drive HDD: So much gaming space

Big enough to fit the biggest game for the console



When I first bought my PlayStation 4, I honestly thought 500GB of storage was enough to get by. Sure, I had a limited game library at the time but I felt I could fit all of them in the system. As the last two years progressed, however, I basically ran out of space to install my games.

Luckily, I was sent over a Seagate Game Drive for the PlayStation 4 to see if it would actually help me play more games on it. While I wait for PlayStation 5 stocks, I figured I should load up my entire game library into it. Essentially, here’s what you’re getting with Seagate’s dedicated external hard drive for the PS4:

A massive storage for a massive game library

Seagate has a 2TB and a 4TB option for their Game Drives, and that’s quite a massive offering. Compared to the 500GB base storage, you can fit more than 30 games just for the 2TB one. Although, you only get to use just a portion of it after formatting because of something in Sony’s file system.

When I was using the 2TB Game Drive, the PS4 allotted only 1.84TB of it for actual use. To be fair, it is still quite a lot to work with considering I could fit notoriously large games into it (ehem, Red Dead Redemption 2). With the rest of my library, regardless of whether it’s digital or physical, they all fit nicely and easy.

The thing is, though, you could only fit games along with other applications you downloaded into your PS4. Meanwhile, your saves, game screenshots, and your pogchamp gameplay will remain on your system storage.

Your own choice and easy to set up

Depending on your flavor, you can choose between the simpler design or have a limited edition design on it. The one that was sent over was a limited edition Marvel’s Avengers-themed 2TB Game Drive, and I’m a fan of the movies so win-win, I guess. For this collection, you can choose between Thor, Captain America, Hulk, or just all of them together.

If you’re not really down for the Avengers, the other option is the Last of Us Part II edition featuring the title in bold letters. It comes only in a Space Gray finish, and is the same size as the others. If you’re not into designs, the subtle Black one will do.

In terms of setting it up, it’s quite easy out of the box. Once unboxed, just plug it into your PS4 and format it as “Extended Storage”. Give it a few minutes, and you’re good to go!

Compatibility with a PC and a PS5, with slight catches

The other thing is, well, you can actually also use this for your PC as additional storage. If you’re in need of an external drive for your photos, videos, and documents, 2TB is quite large for all of them. That is, if you had done so right out of the box instead of plugging it to the PS4. Otherwise, you’ll have to reformat it for PC use but just be wary of your game library.

On paper, you can use this also for your next-gen PlayStation 5 given it connects via a USB 3.0 connector. Sony confirmed that you can attach external hard drives to the PS5 as long as it follows any of the following transfer speeds. If you want your PS4 game library on the PS5, this surely helps instead of downloading them directly to the PS5’s storage.

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Samsung announces global launch of Odyssey Ark

New frontier in gaming



Odyssey Ark

The next-level Samsung Odyssey Ark gaming screen is now official worldwide. Preorders are available starting on September 1 for Singapore and September 12 elsewhere.

It’s the world’s first 55-inch 1000R curved gaming screen. It features a 4K (3,840 x 2,160) resolution with a 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time (GtG). It’s also poised to deliver unrivalled picture quality and cinematic surround sound,

It sports Samsung’s Matte Display for anti-glare and anti-reflection, and has a Cockpit Mode and an exclusive controller called the Ark Dial. When activated, the Cockpit Mode allows the screen to rotate along with its height adjustable stand. You can tilt, and pivot for an entirely new dimension of immersed gaming.

The exclusive Ark Dial, meanwhile, lets users adjust the screen size, position, and screen ratio with just one touch, thanks to the Flex Move Screen function. Other settings include Multi-View, Quick Settings, and Game Bar which may all be toggled right from the dial.

When it comes to sound experience, the Odyssey Ark also has the Sound Dome Technology which features AI Sound Booster and Dolby Atmos for the best surround sound.

The screen itself has four speakers, one in each corner, and two central woofers. They deliver the best quality via a 60W 2.2.2 channel. It also has the lowest 45Hz notes of any gaming screen or soundbar.

Pricing, availability

The Odyssey Ark is priced at SG$ 4,999. The entire lineup will be available on the Samsung Online Store and major consumer electronics and IT stores.

From September 1 to 11, there will also be a pre-order promo where customers can enjoy free gifts such as a Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G, 36-month warranty, and free delivery and installation.

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Razer unveils updated DeathAdder V3 Pro

Lighter, faster than its previous version



DeathAdder V3 Pro

Razer has announced the release of the new DeathAdder V3 Pro, the latest version yet of its best-selling mouse line that aims to provide the smoothest gaming experience for users.

Th DeathAdder V3 Pro features Razer’s new HyperPolling technology that allows a polling rate of 1000Hz at 1ms polling intervals, which can be improved to 0.25ms when used with a HyperPolling Wireless Dongle.

This gives gamers an ultra-responsive device capable of a 4000Hz wireless polling rate. The separate device can also auto-switch polling rates for more convenience.

Aside from the technical improvements, the mouse also sports a new shape. It features reduced flares on the sides for better grip and hand support. The scroll wheel, buttons, and palm support have all been elevated as well.

The mouse also has lower wireless click latency than its previous version, and is 25 percent lighter. When it comes to battery life, the DeathAdder V3 Pro can support up to 90 hours. It also comes with a Razer Speedflex charging cable (USB Type C).

The latest DeathAdder is available in black and white colorways for PhP 9,590 in Lazada, Shopee, and Razer’s authorized resellers.

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New Xiaomi AIoT products include TV, Scooter, Smart Pet Feeder

There’s also a Smart Pet Fountain



Xiaomi AIoT

A new range of Xiaomi AIoT products have been announced to be available in the Philippines later this month, including a brand-new TV, smart doorbell, electric scooter, smart pet feeder, and even a smart pet fountain.

Here’s a quick rundown of the new products which shall be available starting on August 20, 2022 on Xiaomi concept stores, Shopee, and Lazada:

  • Mi TV P1E 65”
  • Xiaomi Conference TapCast
  • Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3
  • Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro
  • Xiaomi Smart Pet Feeder
  • Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
  • Xiaomi Air Purifier 4 Compact

Better productivity

The Conference Tapcast is a plug-and-play device that can be connected to TVs, projects, and monitors for a wireless screencast. It will available for PhP 5,499 with a free Bluetooth speaker worth PhP 899 for early bird buyers.

Speaking of TVs, the Mi TV P1E 65” serves as a 4K HDR10 display with 60Hz MEMC technology for smooth visuals and great connectivity.

The TV features Dolby Vision and Dolby Audio support, and comes with Android TV 2 for endless content. It also has Chromecast built-in for direct streaming from other devices. It is priced at PhP 33,999 and comes with a PhP 1,000 discount from August 20 to 21.

Safer, cleaner homes

For home security, the Smart Doorbell 3 comes with a built-in 2K camera and infrared lights for clear video even in the dark. The camera offers multiple views such as ultra-wide and diagonal 180 degrees, plus AI motion detection.

The doorbell also has an intercom for visitors. The device runs on a 5,200mAh built-in battery that is rechargeable via USB. It will be available for PhP 5,199 with a free Mi motion-activated night light 2 until supplies last.

The new Smart Air Purifier 4 Compact filters up to 99.97 percent of small particles with its 3-in-1 layer-by-layer filtration system. It also has real-time air quality monitoring, while adjusting settings is a breeze with its control buttons and indicator light.

The air purifier will sell for PhP 4,799 and will come with a free filter worth PhP 1,299.

Smart solutions for fur babies

For families with pets, Xiaomi also released the Smart Pet Food Feeder and Smart Pet Fountain, which feature 24-hour automatic pet feeding and healthy water housekeeping.

The Smart Pet Feeder comes with a six-grid dispensing structure. It can be controlled wirelessly using the Mi Home or Xiaomi Home app. Owners can set the time or quantity of food it dispenses.

On the other hand, the Smart Pet Fountain provides clean running water to pets, thanks to its four-stage deep filtering. Like the pet feeder, the fountain can be paired with either app.

The Smart Pet Feeder will retail for PhP 5,199 while the Smart Pet Fountain is priced at PhP 3,299. As an introductory deal, customers may also get a free Mi 360 camera (1080P) worth PhP 1,799 with a purchase of each item.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro

Rounding out Xiaomi’s newly-released products is the Electric Scooter 4 Pro which comes with more power and speed than its predecessor. It features a dual-braking system, self-sealing tire, energy recovery, and a magnetic charging port.

The electric scooter with an aluminum alloy body can go for a maximum speed of 25 kph and can take you up to 55 kilometers on a full charge. It can be bought for PhP 35,999 with a free Mi Commuter Helmet for early bird purchases.

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