TCCCI wants you to find new adventures with a new Chevrolet Colorado

Promo extends to other models, too



The Covenant Car Company, Inc. (TCCCI), Philippines’ exclusive importer and distributor of Chevrolet automobiles and parts, is offering a special Find New Adventures promo. Through this, the Chevrolet Colorado along with four other models will be available for all-in low down payment options.

Below are the models included and all prices are under the all-in low down payment promo:

Chevrolet Colorado

  • Chevrolet Colorado 4×2 LT AT – PhP 48,000
  • Chevrolet Colorado 4×2 LTX AT – PhP 118,000
  • Chevrolet Colorado 4×4 LTZ MT – PhP 128,000
  • Chevrolet Colorado 4×4 LTZ AT – PhP 138,000

If you’re more of the off-road type and require a heavy utility vehicle, the Chevrolet Colorado might be for you with its 800mm water-wading capability, DURAMAX diesel engine, and the ability to tow up to 3.5 tons of weight.

Chevrolet Trailblazer

  • Chevrolet Trailblazer 4×2 LT MT – PhP 88,000
  • Chevrolet Trailblazer 4×2 LT AT – PhP 118,000
  • Chevrolet Trailblazer 4×2 LTX AT – PhP 128,000
  • Chevrolet Trailblazer 4×2 Phoenix AT – PhP 158,000
  • Chevrolet Trailblazer 4×4 Z71 AT – PhP 98,000

On the other hand, the Chevrolet Trailblazer is always up for your family adventures, and passengers would enjoy its theater-style seating for seven, enough space for all the needed baggage, and a slew of safety and tech features to make every ride enjoyable.

Chevrolet Trax

  • Chevrolet Trax LS AT – PhP 58,000
  • Chevrolet Trax LT AT – PhP 38,000

Looking for something in a more compact form? The Chevrolet Trax is a crossover SUV that is more than enough for your daily drives. We’ve had our time with it and it’s a no-fuss vehicle with efficient performance and power for your urban and out of town needs.

Chevrolet Sail

  • Chevrolet Sail 1.3L LT MT – PhP 58,000
  • Chevrolet Sail 1.5L LT AT – PhP 68,000
  • Chevrolet Sail 1.5L LTZ AT – PhP 58,000

Going on a road trip is also fun in a sedan. The Chevrolet Sail is a subcompact vehicle promising a smooth and comfortable driving experience. It runs on a 1.5-liter engine and is armed with advanced safety features and even a sunroof.

Chevrolet Spark

  • Chevrolet Spark 1.4L LT MT – PhP 38,000
  • Chevrolet Spark Premier CVT – PhP 58,000

Last on the list is the Chevrolet Spark. It’s a mini passenger car made with an all-aluminum frame to achieve good fuel efficiency and comes in eight colors to reflect different personalities. It comes with a seven-inch touchscreen that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The Find New Adventures promo runs until June 30, 2019. Promo includes free comprehensive insurance, three-year LTO registration, Chattel Mortgage fees, and the company’s Complete Care Program.


Audi shows off its empathetic car at CES 2020

It’s concerned about the passenger’s well-being



For people who drive or commute in the city, traffic jams, crowded streets, and other eyesores can add to the stress we already have. It’s an unavoidable lifestyle every time we’re on the road and is something we wish we had a solution to. Audi, at the CES 2020, seems to have the answer to this with the revelation of their concept car, the Audi AI:ME.

Described as an empathetic car, the fully automated Audi AI:ME represents a personal “third living space,” alongside our homes and workplaces, this self-driving vehicle is sure to pamper its passengers through the use of the latest automotive AI technologies.

So how can a car be empathetic? For starters, by recognizing its users and their habits, it will combine artificial intelligence to increase the passengers’ safety, well being, and comfort.

You can communicate with the car intuitively and even have it order your favorite food or enjoy a wellness experience with a pair of VR goggles that will allow passengers to change the environment in real-time together with the movement of the vehicle.

Upon arriving at your destination, you will find that your ordered food was delivered on time thanks to the AI navigation coordinated by the car’s navigation data. In the future, the car will also conduct a precise analysis as to the functions and settings that its user prefers, ranging from the seat position, media, route guidance, and temperature to the fragrancing of the interior.

Audi has also introduced, along with this vehicle, a 3D heads up display that works like a 3D television. Developed in cooperation with Samsung, Images generated for the left and right eye will give you a true 3D image. You will be able to see vital information, like navigation arrows as if they were floating in front of you at a distance of 8-10 meters and can even be increased to 70 meters. Your eyes will no longer have to refocus looking at the instrument cluster.

Should the driver get tired, different ambient lighting will provide a remedy from blue to cool white light which can have a stimulating and invigorating effect on the driver.  Audi calls this the Human-Centric Lighting.

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Nissan shows off Ariya concept, zero-emission ice cream van at CES

There’s even a self-sinking golf ball!



Apart from other car brands strutting their newest offerings, Nissan is also in full swing over at the ongoing CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Their booth showcases things that first and foremost promote sustainability with technologies that are soon within reach.

To further show what these features can do, the company has taken their technologies and developed new, creative uses for them. These are then available to experience at Nissan’s booth. Check them out:

Nissan Ariya concept: The crossover vehicle is making its North American debut and brings together advanced technologies on an all-new EV platform. It carries the Nissan Intelligent Mobility suite that we’re pretty familiar with along with an expansive lineup of innovative features.

Technology experts will give demonstrations of Ariya Concept features such as the ProPILOT 2.0 advanced driver assistance system, twin-motor all-
wheel-control system, acoustic meta-material, and Smart Route Planner.

Nissan’s zero-emission ice cream van: Chill out with ice cream served from a concept van that combines an all-electric drivetrain, second-life battery storage, and renewable solar energy generation. Based on the 100% electric e-NV200 light commercial vehicle, the ice cream van’s motor is driven by a 40-kilowatt-hour battery. A portable power pack, which uses lithium-ion cells recovered from early first-generation Nissan electric vehicles, powers the on-board equipment.

Nissan’s booth at CES with its interactive displays

The ProPILOT golf ball: Inspired by the ProPILOT 2.0 advanced driver assistance system, Nissan has created a golf ball that always manages to find the hole. At the booth’s putting green, an overhead camera will detect the position of the golf ball and hole. Sensing technology and an internal electric motor will ensure the putt stays on course until reaching the cup – just as Nissan cars equipped with ProPILOT 2.0 can maneuver along a predefined highway route.

Power Selfie: CES visitors won’t be able to drive the Formula E race car on display at Nissan’s booth, but they can recreate the exhilarating experience. With the help of high-powered fans and special effects, the Power Selfie booth records a short video to mimic the acceleration of the 100% electric race car from 0 to 100 kph in a mere 2.8 seconds. Guests will be able to create a GIF that looks as if they’re racing down the track.

Formula E race car: Nissan, the first Japanese carmaker to join the all-electric Formula E street racing championship, will show its new, Japan-inspired livery for the new season.

The Nissan LEAF e+: Nissan LEAF e+ electric vehicle features a powerful motor, long-range, advanced technologies including the ProPILOT driver assistance system (called ProPILOT Assist in the U.S. marketplace), and the innovative e-Pedal mode for one-pedal driving.

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Why did Sony surprisingly flex an electric vehicle at CES?

Sony got everyone’s attention



You’ve probably heard the news about Sony introducing a brand spanking new electric car during the last few minutes of its CES 2020 presentation. Called the Vision-S, it caught a lot of the audience off-guard and it was completely understandable. After all, why would a company that focuses on televisions and other consumer electronics suddenly bring up a prototype vehicle on stage?

Well, according to Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, this announcement embodies Sony’s contribution to the future of mobility.

The company envisions a future where vehicles will no longer be simply modes of transportation but also an entertainment pod for its passengers. And when it comes to entertainment, we know that Sony is committed to delivering quality products so they’re looking forward to offering the same enjoyable components with the Vision-S concept car.

Step inside and you’ll see what the company simply means. The interior is equipped with a display that spans the entirety of its dashboard. This acts as your control panel for making calls, accessing your media library, navigation, and many more. Sony says it’s also been fitted with 360-degree audio through headrest speakers, always-on connectivity, and even touch displays for the rear passengers.

Using their years of experience with camera optics, the Vision-S has 33 different sensors mounted both inside and outside of the sedan that aid in driving. Additionally, the car was said to be powered by a newly designed EV platform which other reports have suggested that automotive supplier Magna has put together.

As with other concept cars, the Vision-S is not meant to be mass-produced, at least now right now. This is just what Sony has in mind for the next generation of vehicles by using their expertise in these fields — call it their Vision, if you will.

Also, by announcing this electric car, the company had CES 2020 shaken. Good one, Sony.

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