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This is how smartphones are made



Two months ago, GadgetMatch was in Shenzhen, China for the OPPO R11 launch. Part of the trip was a visit to the Chinese company’s smartphone factory.

Since we had the R11, I decided to do a tour shootout!

Touchdown, China

One flight to Hong Kong, a car ride to the Chinese border, and a few confusing English-Chinese conversations later, I found myself in Shenzhen, home to tech companies Huawei, OnePlus, and of course, OPPO.

Shenzen view from my hotel room -- definitely not rural!

Shenzhen view from my hotel room — definitely not rural!

If you Google “Shenzhen” (like I did), you’d get the idea that it’s a developing rural city. The reality is far from that; Shenzhen is definitely developing, but it’s far from rural. The tech boom has allowed for massive growth in business and infrastructure.

Prepping for the tour

I didn’t know what to expect of the factory tour, but I did know that we were going to see how smartphones were made — this made me pretty curious.

First things first, we were given what could only be described as adult lab gowns and matching hats to wear for the duration of the tour. (I wasn’t too pleased with this fashion choice but all in the name of tech journalism.) We were also asked to leave non-OPPO smartphones behind — it seems the factory is an OPPO-only space. Let’s begin!

The factory

We spent the afternoon walking around the OPPO facilities.

OPPO now stands as the number-four smartphone company in the world. Known as the “Selfie Expert” in most of their markets, the brand has specialized in quality Android phones with good cameras. In their factory, the assembly of each phone is a tedious process which involves a number people who deal with each step.

Phone assembly at the OPPO factory in Shenzen, China.

Phone assembly at the OPPO factory in Shenzhen, China

Each day, a lot of phones are made, tested, and shipped to different parts of China and other countries in the world.

Wrap up

There’s so much work and thought that go into each phone. We came out of that tour with a new-found appreciation for these gadgets; it’s easy to take these smartphones for granted if you work in tech.

All smiles after the OPPO Factory tour! With Nicole of Mobilegeeks and Ayano of DIME

All smiles after the OPPO factory tour with Nicole of Mobilegeeks and Ayano of DIME!

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Dyson V8 Carbon Fibre cordless vacuum hands-on

The future of housekeeping



Made a mess? Dyson’s got you.

The V8 Carbon Fibre, the newest addition to Dyson’s renowned cordless vacuum line, has just been launched in Southeast Asia.

The new cleaning device utilizes the same technology from previous Dyson innovations, which ensures optimum performance of this lean, mean, cleaning machine. Certain features — like a better battery and a more powerful engine — are improved on this new vacuum release.

Dyson engineer Sam Twist explains what the V8 Carbon Fibre can do

Dyson engineer Sam Twist explains what the V8 Carbon Fibre can do

At the launch in Bangkok, Thailand, I got to go hands-on with the device. Quite literally, I made a mess and cleaned it up with the V8 Carbon Fibre. Here are some initial observations:

Easy to handle

What amazed me most is how intuitive this device is. There was no learning curve. I picked it up for the first time, pulled a trigger that’s perfectly positioned in the area where my hand goes, and voila, I was vacuuming!

Now, call me uninformed on the workings of a vacuum (and general housekeeping) but I always thought vacuums were heavy. At least I didn’t expect something with this power to be as light as it was.

Like their Supersonic hairdryer, the V8 Carbon Fibre is ergonomically balanced. Simply put, it’s designed in a way that ensures easier handling.


This engine, tiny and light as it is, isn’t just a load of hot air (pun intended).

This device has 30 percent more suction power than its predecessors. That capability was shown off in a curious exhibition, one that entailed a vacuum-sealed container and some water. Yep, this vacuum sucks, in the best possible way.

This device tests the vaccum’s suction power! You can see the water rising as the device is turned on.

From corn chips to oregano, sprinkles to baking soda; we tried the vacuum and another Isa-made mess was averted.

Leave no dirt in sight

And, if the newly cleaned surface isn’t enough proof for you, you can just take a gander at the dirt you’ve picked up in the vacuum’s compartment.

This machine runs on an improved battery that’s capable of 40 minutes of non-stop, cord-free cleaning on low mode.

Very versatile

Aside from the fact that it’s a pretty capable machine, this thing also works well on different surfaces and different scenarios.

Different Dyson-engineered heads allow for cleaning a variety of textured spaces. There’s a tool specifically designed for carpets, hardwood floors, mattresses, and even one for “mess-free dog grooming!” Various accessories also mean that you can modify your vacuum specifically for the spot you want to clean — imagine a multi-angle brush attachment that allows you to clean hard to reach areas.

An added feature is that these vacuums have a wall-mounted charging dock, which is the most convenient thing. I’m definitely reserving a spot for this device in my future hypothetical high-tech house!

Now, these are just my initial thoughts on the V8 Carbon Fibre, but it’s enough to get me excited over vacuuming — who would’ve thought?

Quite honestly, I’ve never really enjoyed cleaning up my messes, but this thing might just change that.

The Dyson V8 Carbon Fibre will retail for PhP 47,500 in the Philippines starting February 21. It will be available in Thailand come March.

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CES 2018

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