Top 2017 Google searches in the Philippines



What shaped 2017? Google can tell you! The world’s biggest search engine has released information on what was searched most on Google in the Philippines, and the results may shock you.

From sports and pageants to hot song lyrics, here are the overall top searches in 2017.

10. FIBA Asia Cub

Filipinos love their basketball! The FIBA Asia Cup is the tenth most Googled topic in the Philippines. Unsurprising for a country whose favorite pastime is shooting hoops.

9. Perfect

Getting a little sentimental, Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” makes the list at the ninth spot.

8. Baby Shark

Admit it, this got stuck in your head, too. Originally marketed towards children, the kiddie song went viral and soon, everyone was singing it. The catchy tune of “Baby Shark” is number eight on the list.

7. 13 Reasons Why

The controversial Netflix show makes the list and takes the seventh spot. Starring Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford, 13 Reasons Why is an American drama series about a young girl’s suicide and the circumstances behind it.

6. The Voice Teens

The local spin-off of a widely popular singing contest takes the sixth spot on the list. The Voice Teens featuring voice coaches Lea Salonga, Bamboo Mañalac, Sharon Cuneta, and Sarah Geronimo is a hit TV show in the Philippines.

5. Xander Ford

Local online celebrity Xander Ford trended in the Philippines a number of times this year. Love him or hate him, he definitely got people’s attention online in 2017 — enough to get him on the fifth spot!

4. Lucia Joaquin

A short story about a man’s scary online encounter with a girl named Lucia Joaquin made number four on the list. Fair warning, this is not for the faint of heart!

3. Miss Universe 2017

Miss Philippines Rachel Peters may not have bagged the Miss Universe crown, but that didn’t stop Filipinos’ insatiable thirst for all things pageant! Miss Universe 2017 takes the third top spot this year.

2. Versace on the Floor lyrics

This is definitely a country that loves to sing! Bruno Mars’ “Versace on the Floor” was a favorite, making it the second most Googled thing this year.

1. Despacito lyrics

Whether people were actually intent on singing this song with the actual lyrics remain unkown, but people surely wanted to know what Justin Bieber was saying when he performed this song at one point in 2017. So much so, that “Despacito lyrics” was the top Googled phrase in the Philippines this year.

For your enjoyment, I leave you with the song:

I bet that got you Googling the lyrics, as well.

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Sony products are discounted this Christmas

Discounts and cashback for the holidays



While Sony keeps struggling in the smartphone market, it still remains one of the top products for digital imaging. Its line of mirrorless cameras is one of the best in business. Plus, Sony is doing well in home and personal entertainment, with its line of TVs, speakers and headphones remaining the best in their category.

Sony Singapore is offering discounts and cashback for select cameras, TVs, speakers, and headphones. Here are the discounted products:



  • A9G (55″ 4K TV)  — SG$ 5,799 after SG$ 2,200 cashback

Headphones and earbuds


The promo runs from November 1, 2019 to January 5, 2020. The discounts are available on all Sony stores across Singapore. For more information about the promo, visit Sony’s website.

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These Coke bottles have lightsabers that light up



Image source: Coca-Cola

It’s December now. You know that means. It’s Star Wars season all over again. As you might expect, Star Wars-themed merchandise are bursting from out of nowhere. Check out the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Star Wars edition. Or this extensive list of Star Wars-themed lifestyle products.

However, even with the deluge of movie tie-ins, you haven’t seen the best one yet. Coca-Cola has just released the ultimate collectible bottle for Star Wars fans. These two No-Sugar bottles feature the current trilogy’s main characters, Rey and Kylo Ren, with fully illuminating lightsabers.

Created in collaboration with German startup Inuru, the limited-edition bottles use specially customized OLED technology. The labels contain a complete circuit and a printed battery. The circuit activates whenever someone presses on the label. The battery can reportedly last for up to 500 activations.

Additionally, despite the added technology, the smart label is still ecologically friendly because it uses rare earth metals as materials. Like those used in smartphones today, the labels can be recycled easier than normal plastic. (Unfortunately, this likely doesn’t carry over to the actual bottle.)

So, how do you get one of these things? Unfortunately, the special bottles will only ship in Singapore between December 6 to 22. Further, Coca-Cola will produce only 8,000 bottles for the promotions. The company is also hiding the bottles’ locations under cleverly hidden clues.

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24 Hours Series

24 hours in Mövenpick with the Honor 9X

I didn’t want to leave




I know you must feel strange to be hearing back from me writing another travel article when last time I tried, I preemptively said that I was horrible at writing about my adventures. Well, you guys might have to deal with reading my silly little travel psychobabble again because I went to Cebu for a weekend and I brought the Honor 9X with me.

Feeling beachy

Okay, this is technically not fair since Cebu is like home to me at this point. I luckily grew up visiting Cebu a lot. My older siblings were born there, so that’s not much of a surprise. On this trip though, my parents opted out of staying in a hotel in the middle of the bustling city. We decided to stay by the beach at Mövenpick. We have never been to Mövenpick before. So, it was going to be pretty interesting to explore the place.

The view was stunning. I didn’t even know what to capture first. It was that gorgeous. When we arrived, the staff were lovely enough to let us roam the area despite not having checked in yet. Mövenpick is pretty. The moment you get dropped off at the lobby, the place instantly assaults your senses with everything beach. It smells, sounds, and feels like you’re at the beach. 

That’s obviously because a few steps farther, you’re already at the beach. The place is well designed to have the ocean breeze flow from the bayfront to the resort lobby. It’s open-spaced.

No such thing as fasting at breakfast

This is the only photo of food I managed to snag before inhaling it. I’m not going to apologize for being a little hangry considering I hadn’t had a meal for hours and I stayed up all night. This is Mövenpick’s poached egg breakfast. Was it good? Yes. I mean, look at it. How could it not be?

I think off the bat, that how the food tasted may have shifted a little considering I was zoning out because of the view. It’s really pretty and honestly, it testing my writing skills (if I have any) to try and find more synonyms to great, pretty, and lovely. 

Dinner at the Ibiza

No, I didn’t take a pill in Ibiza. And yes I know, nobody asked. Mövenpick has this by-the-bay restaurant and bar called the Ibiza. They have live music and good food so if you’ve booked a room, this is the place to be at night. There’s food, an amazing view, and live music. Is there anything more I could have asked for? No. It was perfect.

The Ibiza is open in the morning too. If you want to have your breakfast there, you can soak in the early morning ocean breeze while eating.

Here come excuses

Alright, I didn’t take many photos while in Cebu, at least, not as many as I would like to. I wanted to savor every stunning moment there. I haven’t been back in ages and I’ve barely spent time at the beach. Not to mention, I rarely get to see my little nephew. 

I guess as much as this article is about bringing the Honor 9X with me to show off how the phone is capable of capturing every lovely moment of your travels, it’s good to sometimes be in the moment. It isn’t on the Honor 9X for uncaptured moments. It’s totally on me for leaving it in my bag. Having said that, I think it was good to have eased off bringing the phone along every single second of the trip. I’m more than happy to have lived those quiet undocumented moments.

I’m not saying you should drop taking pictures altogether. It’s nice to have documented moments of a trip especially when it’s somewhere stunning. It’s nice to have something to look back on and to remind us of good times. I suppose it’s just nice to sometimes wean off of being so obsessive with what you can capture and instead, be in the moment.

All photos are taken with the Honor 9X

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