Top Singaporean photographers take the iPhone XS for a spin

Time for a photo test!



For a lot of people today, cameras are the most important feature on a phone. The thing is, you can really only test a camera when you use it in real-life scenarios.

So some of Singapore’s top iPhone photographers took a photo walk, and here’s what they captured with the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Darren Soh


Darren’s pro tips: “Use iOS apps to the fullest of their ability.” He uses apps like SunSeeker, Halide camera, and Hydra.

Aik Beng Chia 


Aik’s pro tip: “Getting a subject to be comfortable in front of you is definitely one of the biggest challenges. Make sure your subject is comfortable so they can feel natural and be themselves as this will have an impact on your portrait. You can also use the Depth Control feature on your iPhone XS and XS Max to help the subject stand out and choose the aperture of the photo precisely.”

Yafiq Yusman


Yafiq’s pro tip: “To get interesting angles, try putting your iPhone horizontally and taking a panorama vertically to, for example, capture the height of buildings.”

Yais Yusman


Yais’ pro tip: “Also, my all time favorite apps are Snapseed and VSCO. The most helpful tools in Snapseed are definitely the Selective Adjustment and the new tool called Perspectives. I use VSCO to put on some filter and make sure that my photos are of similar tones.”

Javan Ng 


Javan’s pro tip: “Framing is essential! Use the elements of the space you’re in to create an interesting composition and experiment to discover what creates the greatest effect.”

Ivan Kuek 


Ivan’s pro tip: “To get the most from Portrait mode, make sure the background is a distance from the subject to create a better bokeh effect. Portrait mode is also very good for capturing not just popped images, but also food and other still life subjects.”

Ernest Goh 


Ernest’s pro tip: “Use the optical zoom to do close-up images to get amazing details or to make tight crops in compositions to get interesting patterns.”

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Tinder adds a panic button for dates that go wrong

Safety first!



Tinder is like a box of chocolates. You never know who you’re going to get: the girl next door, the workroom hottie, or (worse) the creepy stalker. Unfortunately, the popular dating app can lead to a lot of terrible nights. Bad dates are, of course, not the end of the world. Ending up with a psycho partner, however, can quickly lead to dangerous situations.

In a long-overdue move, Tinder is finally implemented a panic button for dates that go horribly wrong. The emergency feature will alert authorities and safety personnel if things go sideways. Additionally, it can keep trusted friends updated on where you are.

The panic button will come in partnership with a third-party safety platform called Noonlight. Once installed, the feature will coordinate with both apps. When connected, Noonlight will share updates through the Tinder Timeline.

The actual panic button is located inside Noonlight. When pressed, the button will alert authorities. Afterwards, connected authorities will start texting the individual. If unanswered, they will start calling. If it comes up unanswered again, authorities will go to the individual’s location.

Starting next week, the feature will roll out through a new Tinder tab called Safety Center. The launch will start initially in the US. After the initial launch, the panic button will come to Tinder’s sister services including OkCupid and

Besides the panic button, Tinder will also add verification methods to ensure truthful accounts. Users can get verification by recreating their account’s various photos. If the photos match, they get verified.

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Apple shot a film entitled ‘The Daughter’ using an iPhone 11 Pro

So raw, emotional, and honest



When tech giants create ads and films, you can expect it to be heartwarming. For instance, Apple released a Chinese New Year special, guaranteed to make you tearful and warm.

Entitled “The Daughter,” the short film tackled hope, love, and reconciliation featuring three generations of Chinese women.

It has the elements you need for a good cry — a realistic depiction of disagreement between a mother and daughter, a single parent’s determination to provide a good life, and a child’s curiosity, optimism, and innocence.

Apple Singapore brought together three talented individuals to create this emotional film. Oscar-nominated folks — director Theodore Melfi and cinematographer Lawrence Sher — worked with China’s top actress Zhou Xun in producing the film through an iPhone 11 Pro.

Once again, Apple proves iPhone’s prowess in the video department. There’s a reason why we held iPhone 11 Pro as the best smartphone for photography and videography — there’s nothing like it! Watch the video here.

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Smartphone photography 101: Capturing festivities

Keep those memories of celebration and happiness alive



The crowd, color, food, and impeccable decorations make welcoming the Lunar New Year so much fun and memorable. It only happens once a year, so it’s important to keep those memories of celebration and happiness alive.

Here are some tips from photographers on how you can make the most our of your iPhone during the festivities:

1. Shoot with your phone

Food stylist CR Tan demonstrates how easy it is to shoot a reunion dinner. Even if you have one, you wouldn’t really want to whip out your big camera to capture the fun and action over food. With good lighting, a little bit of styling, and added human element, you can achieve a great photo with an iPhone.

Follow CR Tan on Instagram: @xlbcr

2. Use Night Mode

Not enough light? Don’t let darkness stop you. Photographer Yudhi Aristan uses Night Mode to capture vibrant colors even in low light. Just hold still for a few seconds and see the magic happen.

Follow Yudhi Aristan on Instagram: @aristan89

3. Play with perspectives

Take your time to frame your shot. Photographer Jason Lim suggests playing around with the different lenses your iPhone comes with. The Ultra Wide Angle, Wide Angle, and Telephoto lenses can be used to create eye-catching compositions.

Follow Jason Lim on Instagram: @jsnjnr

Did you capture any photos in welcoming the Chinese New Year? Share them with us in the comments below! 📷

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