Someone claims to have hacked Apple’s Face ID, but not everyone is convinced.

Bkav Corporation, a Vietnamese security firm, says that they’ve cracked the iPhone X’s facial unlock feature with a 3D printed mask. In a video that supposedly demonstrates the feat, said mask is seen unlocking the iPhone X in one try.

According to Bkav, the US$ 150 mask was constructed in a week. They further explain: “It is quite hard to make the “correct” mask without certain knowledge of security. We were able to trick Apple’s AI… because we understood how their AI worked and how to bypass it.”

Not everyone is convinced, however. People are skeptical of the Bkav video as it’s very possible to have staged the whole thing — the mask itself could have been enrolled in the Face ID system, or a passcode could have been entered after a failed scan, which would’ve trained the iPhone to learn the mask.

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