Samsung’s newest darling has just launched, to the delight of Note aficionados the world over. The Galaxy Note 8, a follow-up to the hotly received Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy Note FE, dazzles with its sleek design.

But, what new tricks does the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 bring to the table?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with S Pen

For tactile phone users like me, the whole point of the Note series may seem a little less obvious. So, armed with the S Pen, I set out to see what it can do.

Live Messages

In today’s tech times, there’s premium in being personal and creative. Everyday conversations online may be made more fun and exciting with the Note 8’s Live Messages function.

Live Message on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

With the S Pen, you can write personalized messages, draw, scribble — the love letter possibilities are endless! The Note 8 preserves these notes forever by converting them into GIFs that you can then post or send to whomever you please.

Live Message sample from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Live Message sample

Quick notes

The instant note-taking function on the Always On display makes a comeback on the Note 8, but this time around, you get more blank pages to potentially write on.

Quick notes on Always On Display, writing on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

100 more pages, to be precise — that’s a lot of notes. 😱

Now, assuming you’re not off to write a novel on your smartphone, this is still a pretty useful function for the everyday life of those not so organized, like yours truly.

Translate sentences

Not well versed in foreign languages? No need to open a Google Search tab with the Galaxy Note 8!

S Pen translation on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The S Pen allows for instant sentence translations, all without having to pull up any new windows. Just set the pen to translate, highlight the text, and voila, Google will do the magic for you. It’s the most convenient way to understand a foreign language!

Convert units and currency

If you’re as bad at math as I am, this will be super convenient.

 Conversion with the S Pen on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The conversions are all at the tip of your S Pen. Just like that, you don’t have to solve for anything! This works for units and currency.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Live Message

Interestingly enough, my favorite S Pen feature is not any of the ones discussed above.

Aside from all these functions, my favorite is how the pen feels when I scribble on the phone. There’s still novelty in actually writing things down, even in 2017 — though a high-tech pen on Samsung’s most high-tech phone is definitely the best way to do it.

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