Asus had already launched different variants of its Zenfone series. So it was time for their other products to take the spotlight. Enter the RT-AC5300 router.


Yes, this thing is a router. Not alien tech. It’s 8-antennas do more than make it look like a robotic arachnid from outer space. They let the RT-AC5300 offer super fast and “ultra-wide area coverage”.

Asus says it is capable of supporting 1Gbps connections over 2.4GHz and up to 2.167Gbps on each of two 5GHz bands. Of course you need a fast connection too.

Other than that, this beast of router seems like a pretty nifty piece of tech to have around. Could be a nice icebreaker too.

Asus Water Cooler gaming laptop

The RT-AC5300 isn’t the only beastly looking piece of tech Asus came out with. The Taiwanese company also unveiled the GX700 – a 17-inch gaming laptop equipped with a water-cooling system.

Gaming laptops tend to heat up easily which is why they are equipped with fans. Not the GX700 – we’ve seen water cooling on large desktop computers but never on a laptop before. Other key features include a Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics and a 4K display. Asus is keeping itself mum on other details of this gaming laptop. There could be a lot more going on here but to find out what they are, we’ll just have to wait and see.


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