Countdown to Christmas Winners

We’re thrilled to be giving away some of the gift ideas featured in our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide.

And the winners are…

If your name is not on the list. No worries, you can still join this week’s Scavenger Hunt and possibly win a Moto Z smartphone.


Ye!! Stellar + 1193 Kryzhia Rodriguez
Native Union Night Cable 337 Maverick Sangalang
Game Vice 249 Janice Murphy
Sphero Sprk+ 750 Jinno Ernest Tenorio
Jaybird Freedom 451 An-son Longalong


For Men 43 Mita Dave
For Women 87 Neeha Agarwal
For the Traveler 21 Juanita May


Ungrip 701 Jenelyn Cardoza
Ungrip 756 Rhen Jasper Golveo
Ungrip 798 Rhona Revil
Ungrip 466 Grant Ramos
Ungrip 950 Darrel Jay Ignacio
Ungrip 967 BJay Adriano
Ungrip 1179 Akbar Apriansyah
Ungrip 632 Ralph Laurenz Si
Ungrip 804 Orestes Na-orbe
Ungrip 108 Lawrence Dave Alcantara
Ungrip 931 Argyll Loren Landagan
Ungrip 364 Haidee Chua
Ungrip 263 Joseph Christian Bacleon
Ungrip 919 Jeric Guillermo
Ungrip 830 Edelson Bandong
Ungrip 999 Bernardo Raquiza
Ungrip 396 Valerie Schlicht
Ungrip 67 Patrick Jariolne
Ungrip 420 King Dave Salazar
Ungrip 91 Yves Canto


PlayVox 178 Danilo Calda
PlayVox 190 Cindy Mae Tura
PlayVox 13 Precious Loja


Battery Wallet 170 Ron Brian Luceno
Battery Wallet 68 Andrhea Zantua
Battery Wallet 127 Desiree del Rosario