Samsung didn’t have time for yet another smartphone at IFA 2016 in Berlin, Germany, although the Korean giant did have a new smartwatch up its sleeve. This time around, the latest Gear model is more in line with conventional timepieces, in that it looks more like the genuine article than a fitness tracker.

Apparently the story this year is about design and making a standalone wristwatch that doesn’t need a phone, and the result is the thing you see before you: Samsung’s Gear S3. Big and attractive and packed to the gills with new sensors and connectivity features like GPS and LTE, it could very well be the smartwatch for discerning enthusiasts, as it combines technology with the aesthetics of a luxury sports watch.

But enough about words; we know you’re curious to see the Gear S3 in action and all that it can do, so be sure to watch our hands-on video above.