The most anticipated announcement of this year’s Mobile World Congress was not about the newest high-tech smartphone — it was about the modern version of an old cellphone favorite, the Nokia 3310.

Sure enough, a worldwide audience sat in curious excitement as Nokia executives talked about the global release of the Nokia 6 and the new Nokia 5 and 3. As the program was about to end, people from all over the world screamed in exasperation as it seemed that the old Nokia favorite from 2000 was nowhere to be found.

But then he mentioned one more thing…

The new Nokia 3310!

It’s as cute as we imagined it to be!

It has 22 hours of talk time…

… and one month of standby time. ONE MONTH.

It has Snake and the Nokia ringtone

All the memories!

Here’s GadgetMatch’s first look at the phone

By the way…

Snake will also be available on Facebook messenger!

BRB, I am freaking out! The 90’s kid in me is crying happy tears.

Nokia 3310 Hands-On