It’s been four months since the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. As we go deeper into the year, we’re already in the season of a new Galaxy Note. Last year’s release was met with a predicament due to faulty batteries, so Samsung has to keep its best foot forward this year.

Here’s what we know, so far, about the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

Infinity Display comes to the Galaxy Note series

The Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series go hand in hand in terms of features. What the new Galaxy S gets, the new Galaxy Note will have it — especially the display. Samsung introduced its new “Infinity Display” with its extremely slim bezels and with the Note 8, it’ll come in a slightly bigger package. We’re expecting a panel larger than 6.2 inches (the size of the Galaxy S8+) fitted into a similarly sized body for another full-screen phone with an 18.5:9 aspect ratio.

Bumped-up resolution for VR

Now that the Note 8 is getting the Infinity Display, we could expect the phone to sport extra pixels to make it more suitable for virtual reality. From a QHD resolution, it’ll have 4K just like with the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. Samsung has introduced an improved Gear VR set that comes with a controller; hence, better VR content is coming to mobile.

Awkwardly placed fingerprint sensor

Okay, this one is super obvious: just look at the S8! It’s unlikely that Samsung will be able to solve this problem even though Vivo and Qualcomm were able to introduce a built-in fingerprint reader under the display. Using the fingerprint sensor on the large S8+ is already cumbersome — what more with a Note?

Dual rear cameras

The Note 8 could be the first Samsung phone to feature dual rear cameras. With the launch of new ISOCELL camera sensors that include a sub-brand called “Dual Sensors,” no doubt it’ll make its debut on the new Note. New case renders confirm this rumor while additional details include two 13-megapixel shooters consisting of RGB and monochrome sensors. It’s a comparable setup to the Huawei P10 Plus.

Same processor, higher memory

Based on previous releases, the Note 8 should have the same 10nm processors found on the S8 and S8+. It could be Snapdragon or Exynos, depending on the region. But of course, the Note 8 should get an advantage over a phone that was released earlier and that’s where the higher memory comes into the picture. It could have 6GB of RAM as standard — not just a special edition.

Improved S Pen

Galaxy Note 5’s S Pen versus Note 7’s S Pen

A new Note phone must come with a new S Pen. We did like the stylus found on the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 before Samsung asked the units to be returned. It’s kinda hard to think of what to improve on the S Pen every year. Let’s just say that with every release, it feels closer to an actual pen input.

Launching sooner than you expect

Now that we have set our expectations for the new Samsung flagship phone, when is it coming? Multiple sources point to multiples dates. The earliest is sometime in August while the latest we’ve heard is in October. We’re betting it to arrive in August, just before the next iPhone arrives.

Most expensive Samsung phone to be released

Samsung Galaxy S8

What about the price? Shocking as it may seem, the Note 8 is foreseen to be the most expensive Samsung phone to be released at US$ 1,000. The new S8+ is already at US$ 840, so just go figure when it gets an S Pen, dual rear cameras, higher memory, and a bigger display.

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