We got teased about this last week, and we’re not disappointed by the actual news: Vivo now has the technology for placing a fingerprint scanner right under a smartphone display — no more need for separate sensors!

Made in collaboration with Qualcomm and shown off at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai, the technology is called Under Display Fingerprint Scanning Solution, or Under Display for short.

If this sounds like old news to you, you’re not alone. This has been talked about in years past, but it’s only now that a smartphone manufacturer is applying it to commercial products.

Watch the trailer below:

So much hype!

As you can see, this is unlike anything we’ve seen before. The concept phone shown in the video may not reflect an actual product just yet, but anything close to that bezel-less design would be amazing.

Interestingly, the scanner could also be accessed through a metal back cover or frame. This is made possible by Qualcomm’s latest fingerprint-scanning tech, which uses ultrasound to go through 1.2mm-thin materials.

Advantages include being able to unlock the phone while wet, removal of physical home buttons with traditional fingerprint sensors, and creating a truly full-screen smartphone.

Vivo and Qualcomm haven’t given an official date for when the first batch of mass market products would arrive, but whatever the case, we’re simply glad to see this feature finally making its way to our hands!

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