Now that the Galaxy Note 7 crisis is behind us, and with Samsung Executives promising the Note line will live on, fans can now begin imagining what Samsung’s next stylus-toting smartphone will be like.

Obviously, we expect it to be called the Note 8 — but did you know that there’s already been a Note 8?

Yep! Back at Mobile World Congress in 2013, Samsung released an 8-inch tablet called the Galaxy Note 8.0.

The Note 8.0 was, for all intents and purposes, a phone in a tablet’s body. It came with a SIM card slot which not only let you surf the internet from anywhere, you could also use it to make phone calls and send text messages.

Of course, what gave it its name was its bundled stylus called the S Pen for sketching and taking notes.

Unlike previous Android tablets that were more rectangle in shape, the Note 8.0 was squarish like the iPad. It was in fact designed to rival the iPad mini — albeit in a less premium, plasticky form factor just like the rest of Samsung’s smartphones of that time.

Next week, Samsung will be announcing a new tablet, and it’s rumored to be releasing a stylus-equipped tablet like the Note 8.0 called the Galaxy Tab S3.

As for the Note 8, it isn’t clear how Samsung will differentiate its upcoming smartphone from the Note 8.0 tablet. It also isn’t clear what the Note 8 will look like; perhaps Samsung will unveil its much-anticipated foldable display concept device, and opt to call it something else.

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