Despite the postponed reveal of the highly anticipated Galaxy S8, Samsung is still ready to unveil another flagship device at Mobile World Congress (MWC) later this month.

Samsung’s Twitter account had this to say about its press conference on February 26:

You can’t see anything but a portion of the gadget in question, but rumors claim this is the Galaxy Tab S3 Samsung has been developing for the past year.

As the successor to the Galaxy Tab S2, the Galaxy Tab S3 is expected to build on the same winning formula, involving a super-slim build and specifications you’d find on high-end smartphones.

In fact, the newer Tab may have an even thinner shell this time around, and as expected, we should find one of last year’s high-powered Qualcomm Snapdragon processors inside, as well as a sharp Quad HD display resolution and LTE connectivity.

With fewer options than ever in the premium tablet category — the only other serious one being the Apple iPad series — Samsung would fill in the gap left by several Android manufacturers. The only other major tablet launch in recent memory was done by ASUS, and it wasn’t even widespread.

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