Stop whatever you’re watching: Samsung has just launched the newest TV technology in the Philippines.

The QLED TV is top of the line in Samsung technology, an improvement from last year’s OLED TVs. This means brighter colors — yes, Samsung is claiming darker blacks and deeper reds — and I must admit this made sense (finally) when the tech was demonstrated to me at the earlier conducted Samsung Forum (there really was a difference!). The new TV also offers wider viewing angles which means an optimum watching experience for more people.

Included in the Philippine launch are Samsung’s swivel and easel mounts, because it’s not enough that the picture in the TV is pretty, the TV itself has to be pretty.

The QLED TV with the easel stand

Samsung’s Chief Marketing Officer Chad Sotelo says, “It’s a paradigm shift.” Everyone designs their living room around the TV but Samsung has created a TV (and a stand) which allows you to shape your own space.

The swivel stand that swings 40 degrees in either direction

“Filipinos always want to get a bang for their buck. You pay quite a high amount of money for a TV, you want to make sure you get the best quality possible. We’re confident that with the picture quality you get from our QLED TVs that they’ll be very happy,” says Sotelo.

The QLED’s clutter-free one-wire system also helps in this aspect.

Samsung’s QLED TV will be available in the Philippines with prices starting at PhP 169,999 for the 55-inch Flat QLED model and going up to PhP 279,999 for the 65-inch Curved QLED version. In India, prices start at INR 3,14,900.

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