I’m a 28-year-old girl living in 2017.

I’m unattached but unfazed. In true millennial fashion, my interests include finding the next big adventure, the politics of gender equality, social media, its implications, and framing the perfect Instagram photo.

Until last year, I believed I was going to grow up to be a lawyer (I was in law school, but before that I believed I’d be a journalist and before that, a star — though on some days, I’m deluded enough to believe I already am one).

In an almost complete 180, I now work for a startup. I (almost) live in a suitcase and I jump at every chance to travel (which is why and how I found myself in Singapore for the 2017 Samsung Forum).

At precisely the same time yesterday, I was on a plane ecstatic at the prospect of leaving Manila. I write this again inside an airplane; this time on the way back, but now with dreams of building a home — white picket fence optional.

All it took was a few hours at a tech forum and my mind is made (at least in the meantime).

I imagine myself with my future hypothetical husband and my future hypothetical kids living a beautiful life in my future hypothetical home. More importantly, I imagine myself filling this future hypothetical house with very real appliances I discovered at the Samsung Forum that made me want said house in the first place:

The Family Hub 2.0

The Family Hub is a beautiful (I mean, really, I never thought I’d use beautiful to describe an ice box but here we are) four-door refrigerator with a built-in touchscreen panel. Now get this: You can talk to the fridge and have it shop for you or look up recipes online depending on what products are inside. It has built-in cameras which allow you to see what’s inside via the touch-screen, and you can even label each food item. The fridge also alarms when food is about to spoil!


The latest in TV technology, Samsung claims that the new QLED TV is even better than the already amazing OLED TV. In so many words (and at some point charts and graphics), it was explained to me that the QLED is capable of producing color the predecessor TV’s color spectrum doesn’t reach.

Simply put: I stood in front of both televisions, and the QLED TV definitely has brighter, more vivid color.

The QLED TV also connects to everything else (and I mean everything) with only one wire coming from the set, which means my future hypothetical living room will be legit Instagrammable, sans hundreds of those pesky input/output TV wires.

The Atmos Soundbar & Sound system

I, personally, have no regard for sound systems/sound quality, but I stood inside the demo room watching a rainforest reel and the ambient sounds made me believe I was, in fact, in the jungle. Handy for when I get an itch to travel but am unable to, or for binge-watching a series (and even, God forbid, for Netflix and chill).

The POWERbot VR7000

This dandy thing has so many built-in features, there was a whole video about it. Fortunately or unfortunately, the only features I needed to be sold on this thing was that it was a robot, it cleaned, and it moved around by itself like a cute, teeny toy car.

The Wind-Free Airconditioner

How in the world a cooling system can work without air blowing out from the unit is beyond me, but this was the whole selling point of this machine. There was no wind — not a breeze — and I was cool. What sorcery is this technology!

The HotBlast Microwave

This is no ordinary food heater! The HotBlast not only warms your chicken nuggets, they heat them up a certain way which results in nuggets that are crispy on the outside but moist on the inside! I know, because we were made to try said nuggets, and if I loved them my future hypothetical kids will, too.

Those were the bright, shiny things which caught my eye and made me change my mind about living life as a nomad. Suddenly, building a home seems like a very appealing idea. Just like that, I am convinced.

You see, this is the beauty of being a millennial. Fickle, probably. Head in the clouds, definitely.

Having grown up in a time when the impossible actually became possible — in terms of technology, development, even politics — there is now nothing we believe to be unattainable. We don’t see what is there; we see possibility and we open ourselves to it.

I am a millennial, and we are not simply fickle. Truth is: We adapt and accept. Surely, some from older generations wouldn’t believe so, but they also believed refrigerators would never talk.

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