The original PlayStation 4 has been available for nearly three years already, and fans have been clamoring for an upgrade. Blame it on being spoiled by the yearly successors smartphones and laptops have been getting, but now does seem like a good time to add some much-needed features to the old PS4. The PlayStation Pro and Slim are doing just that.

They look largely the same to their predecessor, but look more closely and you’ll spot the differences. The Slim is obviously a trimmed-down model, while the Pro has more horsepower — enough to output 4K resolution gaming. This should convince you to buy that Ultra HD television you’ve been eyeing, and enjoy much prettier visuals.

This isn’t to say the original PS4 is getting the boot, however. Price cuts and new peripherals are coming to loyal customers as well, and if you have an HDR-compatible TV, there’s a surprise waiting in the old PS4’s next software update.

The Pro and Slim variants are slowly being rolled out across the globe, so it’s about time we take a closer look at their highlighted features and pricing in each region. Our hands-on video above has all that information and lots more. If you’re interested in more gaming coverage from GadgetMatch, please, do let us know.