While lots of gadgets showcased at CES will grow up to become real products one day, others seem like they were dropped on Earth by alien spaceships.

A perfect example is the Toyota Concept-i, which is a concept car through and through. Just look at it; you can’t get anymore prototype-y than this!

Toyota Concept-i

Toyota Concept-i

Although the biggest attention-grabber is its futuristic design, Toyota is keen on highlighting its use of artificial intelligence to understand your needs and act accordingly.

The car’s software is called Yui, and it works a lot like Google’s Assistant or Apple’s Siri, but way better. It’s there for you to form a relationship with the car, according to Toyota. It’ll learn your behavior and driving patterns, then use that information to predict the best-possible moves.

Yui is geared more towards being a buddy, rather than a machine you command. By doing so, the driver’s bond with the car will be more organic and immersive, or so Toyota says.

Toyota Concept-i

In fact, it’s so immersive that there are biometric sensors on board to read your emotions. If you’re feeling angry or sad, the car can take over and drive you safely to your destination. A little creepy, huh?

The official website of the Concept-i is loaded with lots of ways on how the vehicle makes the driving experience a warmer and friendlier one. As an example, the headlights can wink at you — we’re serious!

On-road evaluations in Japan will apparently begin in the “next few years,” but expect to see this all over streets when your grandchildren have grandchildren, or maybe another few decades after that.

Toyota Concept-i

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