We’re getting used to wacky iPhone-related news — from hundreds of iPhones used to power click farms to a man smashing Apple products using a steel ball — but this one takes the cake.

A woman of unspecified nationality was caught by customs officials in Shenzhen, China for strapping on 44 pounds of expensive items around her waist, most of which were iPhones.

According to Chinese news outlet XMNN, it was when the officials noticed excessive bulges under the woman’s clothing that their inner alarms rang.

She allegedly attempted to smuggle 102 iPhones and 15 Tissot watches from Hong Kong into mainland China. That’s supposedly a record, because based on the same source, these officials have yet to see more than 80 iPhones carried at a time through security.

As of writing, there’s no word on the suspect’s background or what sort of punishment she’ll receive.

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