Here’s an interesting read to cap off your day: A French man entered an Apple Store in his home country just to smash a bunch of Apple products using a steel ball. Oh, dear.

In a series of videos uploaded to YouTube, you can see the man ruin several Apple products until he gradually gets approached by security. He tries to make a run for it, but is soon captured.

Can you count how many iPhones were destroyed? The most expensive damage, however, was the MacBook towards the end of his rampage. But the scariest part is when he attempts to strangle one of the men in uniform. That’s really messed up.

Reports say that the man was demanding a refund and complaining about his rights as a consumer. What exactly he was so pissed off about, no one is really sure yet. Rest assured, he was arrested after the ordeal.

We doubt the reasons are related to the iPhone 7, since our review and recent iOS 10 reports have been largely positive.

Fortunately, no one was harmed. As for our advice to dissatisfied customers: Don’t be this guy. And don’t shoot vertical videos if you expect them to go viral.

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Source: The Next Web

Image Credit: Niels Epting