Here’s an interesting bit of news while IFA is happening: Xiaomi sent out invitations for an event they’re holding on September 11. It’s for the launch of their next flagship smartphone.

As stated on the invite, we’ll be seeing the Mi Mix 2 — successor to the trendsetting Mi Mix of last year — at the event.

Here it is in its original form:

As of now, all we know is Xiaomi will trim the bezels even more than what we’ve seen on the first Mi Mix. Chances are we’ll also see a high-end Snapdragon 835 chipset inside along with lots of memory and storage. A large battery capacity would naturally follow.

And if you’re thinking it: Yes, the launch is happening right before the expected unveiling of the iPhone 8 on September 12. Why Xiaomi would risk having its pride and joy get overshadowed by one of its biggest rivals is a mystery, but it may also be a sign of confidence that nothing can take over the Mi Mix 2’s spotlight.

We have less than two weeks before finding out for sure.

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Source: Android Pure