Aside from the Mi 5X, Xiaomi announced another gadget called the Mi AI Speaker. After having a number of smart home products, Xiaomi has finally launched its very own smart speaker to compliment the rest of the line.

This is Xiaomi’s first take on battling the likes of the Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, and Google Home. Even before we go into detail, we’re going to disclose the price — just CNY 299 in China or around US$ 45. Interesting, right?

At first glance, the Mi AI Speaker looks like your usual smart home speaker, because it is. It’s got six microphones designed to pick up commands even from afar. The smart home speaker can control Xiaomi-connected devices such as the Mi TV, Mi Box, and Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. It’s not limited to its fellow Xiaomi products, as it will accept third-party apps, too.

The Mi AI Speaker also serves as a personal assistant to monitor weather, traffic, and a few calendar reminders. The artificial assistant living inside this white cylinder doesn’t have a name, yet.

The first thousand beta testers in China will be able to get this for a single Chinese Yuan, but they’ll have to be part of Xiaomi’s test phase to improve its new smart assistant. While the device is meant for China, for now, you can still grab one through multiple channels, but you have to understand Mandarin first.

I think our own Google Home is feeling threatened: “Okay Google, what do you think of Mi AI?”

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