Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II


Open Beta shows glimpse of Modern Warfare II’s multiplayer features

Innovative improvements



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIs massive Open Beta testing provided a comprehensive first look into the innovative multiplayer features of the upcoming multiplayer FPS game from Infinity Ward.

Here’s a deep dive into the improvements. These surely will get players well acquainted ahead of the launch on October 28, 2022.

Swimming and Aquatic Combat

One of the most significant improvements in Modern Warfare II is how the water-based combat has received technological advancements.

Action now happens above, on, and in water. The water physics captures the currents and rapids in rivers and large waves in oceans; the water conditions may vary from clean, murky, to even polluted with debris. As for vehicles, they can be driven into or on top of water.

These updates allow players to work around the water and use them as an escape or include them in their strategy.

Mantle and Ledge Hang Movements

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare II is building on the introduction of Tactical Sprint and Mounting from Modern Warfare three years ago.

Now, characters can Slide or Dive to the floor, depending on running speed. The new Dive occurs from a Tactical Sprint into a Crouch.

The Ledge Hang aids in vertical maneuvering as a natural progression from Climb or Mantle. Developers are also exploring the possibility of being able to pull up a pistol from a Ledge Hang.

For now, you can now Ledge Hang and Mantle out of a parachute descent. 

Vehicle Interactivity and Destructibility

For this aspect, Infinity Ward focused on more dynamic destruction and action-oriented maneuvers, particularly on the new vehicles.

Among new moves that one can be capable of executing are:

  • Leaning out of vehicle windows and shooting (both driver and passenger)
  • Mantling onto vehicle roof
  • Destroying vehicle sections (bumpers, doors using RPG or high-powered rifle)
  • Blowing out tires to slow down vehicles
  • Employ multiple ground, air, and water vehicles, depending on the game mode and map

The roster of all-new vehicles includes nine land-based ones, such as hatchback cars, SUVs, cargo trucks, and heavy tanks. Players may also take the Light Helo and Heavy Chopper airborne, or the Rigid Inflatable Boat and Armored Patrol Boat in the waters.

Tacticals, Lethals, Field Upgrades, Perks

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

More unique options have also been introduced to Tactical Equipment and Field Upgrades:

  • Tactical Camera (field upgrade): Can be thrown at a surface to activate a small camera and tripod to monitor the area, to be accessible by anyone on your team
  • Shock Stick (equipment): Depending on its environment, the Shock Stick sends out a burst of electricity that can harm opponents and destroy equipment or vehicles
  • Drill Charge (equipment): An even more lethal piece that can be thrown, the Drill Charge bores a hole and then launches a grenade for splash damage when lobbed towards a building
  • DDoS (field upgrade): This attack lets you know if there are equipment or vehicles in the periphery for you to deactivate them and disrupt enemy sensors
  • Inflatable Decoy (field upgrade): A dummy that rapidly inflates after throwing that doesn’t only fool enemies but also acts as a proximity mine

Aside from these, Perk Packages which consist of two base plus a Bonus and Ultimate which are earned during a multiplayer match at the 4- and 8- minute marks in non-round based modes may be utilized.

Gunsmith: Weapons Platforms

will be unlocked later on

With Modern Warfare II, Gunsmith weapon customization also receives enhancements. Unlike in the preceding Modern Warfare where every weapon is a separate family within Gunsmith, weapons are now grouped into “Platforms” for more control over the weaponry brought into matches.

Here’s how it works:

  • Rank up to receive base Weapons Platform
  • First weapon unlocked on a Platform is known by its Receiver, a core of the weapon that determines its primary use and strengths
  • Unlock more Receivers as you progress to access additional weapons within a Platform
  • Change a receiver and alter a weapon. It’s considered a “new” weapon when building a loadout but still stays within the same Platform

For example, the Open Beta Weapons Platform for the M4 unlocks the base M4 AR, as well as four Receivers. The additional M4 receivers will be unlocked later on. These are the M16, 556 Icarus LMG, FTac Racon Battle Rifle, and FSS Hurricane SMG.

Change the Receiver and you’ll build a weapon with different capabilities, like an AR, LMG, Battle Rifle, or SMG.

Players can also augment weapons via two pools of attachments, the Weapons Platform Attachments and Universal Attachments.

In the Vault Edition of the game, the FJX Cinder Weapon Vault which is free to use is an entirely unlocked Weapons Platform – with every attachment unlocked and ready to use. This is the Ultimate Weapon Blueprint which allows for immediate customization.

New Maps, Modes, Third-Person Perspective

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Lastly, a more refined design across MP maps and modes could also be seen particularly in the Battle Maps (up to 32v32) and Core Maps (6v6).

There are three new modes: Knockout Mode, Prisoner Rescue, and Invasion (Ground War). 

Knockout Mode takes elements from the 2v2 Gunfight and the final circle action within Warzone. Here, players eliminate opposing forces or hold the package to win – without respawns.

In Prisoner Rescue, players will have to locate hostages and get them out alive while defending them. All Players may also switch to a third-person perspective across the multiplayer and specific modes.

Meanwhile, the chaotic Invasion mode is a mayhem deathmatch. It’s a mix of players and AI fighting alongside and against each other. It can be condensed to as simple as eliminate or be eliminated.

Additionally, Special Ops has been brought back, giving players even more exciting things to look forward to.

Players who pre-order the Modern Warfare II through the PlayStation store will receive an exclusive operator at launch: Hiro “Oni” Watanabe, who will be playable in both Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0.


Doraemon farming game demo now up

Pre-order bonuses released



Doraemon Story of Seasons

The free demo for Doraemon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom is now available across all platforms.

The upcoming Bandai Namco title which is the latest in the Story of Seasons series is slated for a November 2, 2022 release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Steam.

Details of the bonus content available for players of the demo have also been released. This will be a start-up set which will help players in their tasks in Illuma once the game releases officially. It includes:

  • Soft Wood x 20
  • Normal Wood x 20
  • Hard Wood x 20
  • Stone x 20

Friends of the Great Kingdom

In the latest chapter of the Story of Seasons series, players get an upgraded feel of the game’s world wherein natural light, wind, and environmental sound effects have been added.

In addition to the quests found in the previous games such as raising crops and caring for animals, Doraemon-themed activities using the character’s famed secret gadgets – such as Farm Restaurant and Gro-Quick Powder – have been made available to enjoy.

There will also be an inspiring new story for the title. For those who will pre-order the Digital Version and Deluxe Editions of the game, bonuses are in store.


The Digital-Exclusive Pre-Order bonuses include:

Doraemon Story of Seasons

  • Summer Wear set
  • Home Furniture set
  • Sweet Seeds set

The Deluxe Edition includes:

  • Main game
  • Season Pass (Costume and Furniture Sets 1, 2, and 3)
  • Season Pass purchase bonus (Premium Crops Seeds set)
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Seasonal Vegetables Seeds set
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Cyberpunk 2077 is already getting a sequel

Codenamed Orion



Without a doubt, Cyberpunk 2077 faced one of the world’s most controversial launches for a video game. Though CD Projekt Red released several updates to fix the game’s reputation, the developer is already moving on to bigger projects. In a new tweet, CD Projekt Red has already confirmed development for Cyberpunk 2077’s sequel.

Earlier today, CD Projekt Red announced that the next Cyberpunk 2077 game will have the codename Orion. Unfortunately, the announcement doesn’t reveal much else about the upcoming project, except that it will “take the Cyberpunk franchise further and continue harnessing the potential of this dark future universe.”

Following a smattering of bugs and glitches on launch, Cyberpunk 2077 further progressed through its redemption story through patches and an upcoming DLC. However, that’s as far as the story goes. With the sequel’s development underway, it’s hard to imagine much more coming for the first game. Unlike No Man’s Sky (which suffered a similarly controversial launch), Cyberpunk 2077 is calling it early.

Besides the cyberpunk title, the developer also announced more updates for the future of the Witcher universe. The next major entry in the series is codenamed Polaris and will precede two more entries to create a new trilogy. Outside of the main series, the franchise is also getting Canis Majoris (a spin-off from the main series and developed by an external studio) and Sirius (a multiplayer game with a single-player campaign).

Finally, CD Projekt Red also teased a new franchise called Hadar. Unlike Cyberpunk or Witcher, Hadar will be an original setting, marking the developer’s first following the success of the preceding two franchises based on past properties.

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Horizon Zero Dawn is likely getting a remaster

For the PlayStation 5



How many remasters is too much? With newer hardware coming out, several developers have decided to update their old games to function more smoothly and gorgeously on modern consoles. However, there’s still an unresolved issue on where the industry should draw the line. Pending a resolution to that conundrum, here’s another remaster: Horizon Zero Dawn is likely getting a remastered edition.

According to sources in VGC and MP1ST, Sony is planning a PlayStation 5 remaster for Horizon Zero Dawn, the first game in the franchise. The upcoming edition will likely bring updated graphics and a few technical tweaks to the 2017 title.

For a while now, Sony has found a new obsession in remastering and remaking its old titles for the new console. The company has already released similar editions for the Spider-Man duology, for example. Besides remasters, PC ports are also making their way to Steam, creating a new market for Sony’s former exclusives.

Of course, one can argue whether Horizon Zero Dawn truly needs a remastered edition. For a 2017 title, the game still looks gorgeous even on newer hardware. Though there are graphical differences between the first title and its sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, Horizon Zero Dawn is still a beautiful game.

That said, the remastered edition is still likely coming, albeit at an unknown time. Also, the same source speculates that the franchise is getting a new multiplayer game sometime in the future. With the franchise’s success over the years, Sony is unsurprisingly going all-in on more Horizon titles, including a confirmed VR-exclusive game for the upcoming PSVR 2.

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