DJI finally made a compact and affordable drone, the Spark



DJI’s Mavic Pro drone got a lot of attention for being so compact and well priced for the sweet 4K resolution videos it could shoot from the sky. But at $1,000, it still wasn’t the go-to affordable choice. The Spark changes that.

This new product is the company’s smallest and cheapest drone to date. It’s about the size of a smartphone without its propellers, and with a starting price of only $500, casual users won’t have to rob a bank to purchase one.

The compromise compared to the Mavic Pro is that the Spark can only shoot 1080p video at 30 frames per second. That’s great for quick uploads to YouTube and social media, but it doesn’t really future-proof yourself for when 4K becomes mainstream. It still outputs the same 12-megapixel snaps as its larger sibling, though.

The rest of the specifications are comparable to popular selfie drones: 2-axis mechanical gimbal stabilization, 16 minutes of continuous flight at a time, maximum speed of 50km/h, and transmission distance of 2km.

But beyond the specs and features, what DJI promotes the most is the Spark’s ability to read gestures. You can frame your fingers to make the drone take a photo of you, and waving your hands in certain ways maneuvers it.

DJI uploaded a few videos to showcase the Spark’s abilities, but I like this one the most:

Adding $200 to the basic bundle nets you a remote controller, extra propellers, propeller guards, another battery, charging hub, and shoulder bag. Shipment begins on June 15 and colors include the following: alpine white, sky blue, meadow green, lava red, and sunrise yellow.

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Kentucky Flying Object is a drone from KFC India

Flies longer than a chicken can!



KFC really knows how to tickle our gadget fancy. Last year, the fast food chain produced their own smartphone; now, we’re looking at a drone you can assemble using the packaging of their latest chicken wings flavor.

For a limited time — from today until tomorrow to be precise — select KFC branches around India are offering the DIY drone for “select orders of Smoky Grilled Wings.” Although the website doesn’t specify how many are being given away, chances are you’ll have to fight for one.

Colonel Sanders would have definitely scratched his head at the thought of such a product, but we can’t deny that this is all sorts of awesome.

You can see it in action here:

KFC provides instructions on how to assemble the drone on their website. Once complete, you can control the KFO (yes, Kentucky Flying Object) through Wi-Fi using your smartphone and an app.

They aren’t kidding calling this “the most fly meal ever.” If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, make sure to lick your greasy fingers first.

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DJI launches new Mavic Air drone

It’s the size of a smartphone!



DJI is at it again with its consumer quadcopters.

The Chinese company has launched the new Mavic Air and it fits right between the Mavic Pro and the smaller Spark. Think of the Spark’s size but with the folding arms of its predecessor.

DJI says the Mavic Air is lighter by 41 percent compared to its previous model but receives the entire gesture system of the Spark — something that attracts consumers. This means you can make it snap a photo, make it move to a different spot, and call it back to land by simple hand actions.

Using your hand to manipulate the drone has a range limit of almost 6 meters (19 feet). Connect a smartphone and it bumps up the range to 80 meters, but using a dedicated remote will increase that to 4km.

Just like the Mavic Pro, the Mavic Air has a 4K video resolution, 12-megapixel image sensor, and three-axis gimbal. It also has HDR, and low-light shooting to help you achieve better photos in general. DJI also threw in a new software algorithm that lets users stitch together 32-megapixel shots for panoramas and photo spheres.

DJI added 8GB of internal storage to the Mavic Air. There’s also a USB-C port which is a bump up from the Pro’s micro-USB, although battery life saw a downgrade as the new Air has a maximum flight time of 21 minutes. In real-life usage, that means around 16 minutes.

Don’t let it dishearten you, since position tracking, obstacle avoidance, and the ventilation system have all been improved according to DJI.

Finally, and unlike the Pro, it comes in different colors. The new Mavic Air will be available in white, black, or red. Pricing will start at US$ 799 which is a little more expensive than the Spark but more affordable than the Mavic Pro. Pre-orders start immediately and shipping will commence next week.

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CES 2018

Pocket drone AirSelfie2 takes selfies to new heights

Take fly photos! This pocket drone is made for selfie lovers



In 2018, selfies are getting even better.

AirSelfie, the company behind last year’s pocket-sized selfie drone, is at it again. Let me refresh your memory:

Yes, more selfie drones are coming this year, and they’re even better.

Announced at CES 2018, the AirSelfie2 has significant improvements. The new and improved pocket drone owns a 12-megapixel camera as opposed to the original AirSelfie’s 5-megapixel shooter. It also comes with a longer battery life and bigger storage capacity that means more photos! According to their announcement, even the smartphone app will be upgraded with the new drone release. The best part? It will come in rose gold! (And three other colors, but we all know which color is cutest.)

This powerpacked drone is still teeny at around the size of a smartphone and weighs only a little over two ounces. It’s covered with an anodized aluminum casing which can, supposedly, withstand everyday modern life. The AirSelfie 2 can travel 60 feet from home base and is equipped with a vibration absorption system and an 85-degree field of view — those landscape #OOTDs will finally be doable by yourself!

The AirSelfie 2 will retail for US$ 300 and it will be available on airselfiecamera.com March of 2018.

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