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Foreo Luna fofo review: How does a smart cleansing brush add to your skincare routine?

Yes, I actually tried it for a week



Call me a caveman but a cleansing brush has never been part of my skincare routine. Granted, I’m relatively new to the skincare game. (Only around a year in, a habit brought about by the sudden onslaught of adult acne.)

I’ve always been curious about these devices but my sensitive skin kept me from trying one. I was scared that it might bring about a bad reaction like other supposedly mild cleansers that didn’t mesh well with my skin type have.

But, dear reader, life as a tech reviewer entails risks so in the interest of public knowledge, I decided to see what all the fuss is about. Of course, when I go in, I go all in — not only am I trying out a cleansing brush, I’m trying out a smart one. For science!


This cute thing is the Foreo Luna fofo. It might seem like your typical toy but a plaything it is not.

On one side are silicone bristles, this is the side that touches your face when you cleanse. The tiny puck also vibrates as you use it — T-sonic pulsations that help cleanse and massage your face.

The cute backside isn’t just for show. Those two “eyes” are gold-plated sensors, the things that will scan and actually analyze your skin.

It’s honestly so simple, it’s dumbfounding. You connect the Luna fofo to the Foreo app, follow the instructions which will ask you to place the sensors on four areas of your face (right cheek, left cheek, forehead, nose) for a few seconds, and the app will tell you your skin score.

More importantly, based on this info, the Luna fofo will automatically sync a cleansing program tailored for your skin type.

Actual use

Pressing the power button on the Luna fofo starts up a cleansing session. You basically cover the four different areas you scanned with the fofo in light circular motions. The device will pause vibration to signify it’s time to move on to the next area.

Even without the phone or the app, the Luna fofo will work. It’s powered by actual batteries inside so you won’t really have to charge or do anything at least until after 400 uses (according to Foreo). This is honestly pretty convenient and it makes the Luna an ideal trip companion.

Of course, this isn’t an actual photo of me cleansing because posing with all that on my face would’ve been a bad idea for my skin, tbh

To use it, you need to wet your face and lather in that facial wash and you can proceed to actual use. For my skin type, I was advised to wash twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Each session takes a few minutes, not much longer than, say, just washing your face with your hands.

This is great because I can be lazy and it helps to know this extra step isn’t costing me more time. Rinse and repeat until you scan your face again and the Luna fofo recalibrates based on the newer info.

Me in my most vulnerable state: With only a raw face

It took me two washes to realize I was being a bit harsh on my face and that you need not brush the fofo on with a heavy hand. That lesson cost me a slightly raw face for a few days but nothing more. Light circular strokes after that worked out for me well.

There were also no pimple breakouts despite introducing a new thing into my routine which I thank heavens for. The Luna fofo also helped with exfoliating which is a definite weak point for me. I’m pretty sure I should work on this step more but this is a start.

Final thoughts

I loved what the Luna fofo is doing to my skin. After a week or so, I felt that my face was more nourished, fresher, and brighter. The tiny things I notice about my skin, most people rarely see. Granted, they don’t stare at my face as much as I do. (I really, really do because this skincare obsession is eating me alive.)

This time around, though, a friend actually commented on my skin and how good it looked; and mind you, it was a long-time guy friend (take note, he was a dude who knew nothing about beauty) who’s seen me in my worst skin moments so I felt it was a skincare victory that validated the Luna fofo.

Longtime friend and clueless about skincare bro CJ who said my skin looked 👌🏽

My ultimate skin goal is to be able to prance around sans foundation (which I have been doing anyway) and have flawless skin. The Foreo Luna fofo is not some miracle device that will give you that but it is definitely moving me towards the same direction — that and my arduous skincare routine, that is.

Off to an event with a fresh face: Just sunscreen, my brows, and lipstick

One of the best features of the Luna fofo is one you barely notice: The sensors and its smart capabilities. Imagine what damage I could’ve done but didn’t precisely because of this feature. Just the pressure of holding the device to my face alone, I miscalculated — imagine what I could’ve done had I needed to choose pulsation strength instead or brushing duration. Point is, the fofo knew better and here I am reaping the results.

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How to wear nude: The perfect summer to fall transition

Look chic this transitional season with a color you most probably have in your closet



The combination of cool breeze and sunny skies can only mean one thing: summer isn’t completely over but autumn is almost here. Dressing during this transitional season can be tricky — sweaters and boots can still be too warm during the day, yet the wind can easily blow your favorite summer dress up.

And then there’s color. Summer whites and bright colors have to slowly start taking a back seat to give way to fall’s earthy tones. My go-to during this summer-to-fall transition is a closet staple all of us should already own: nude. All 50 shades of it. Here are some styling tricks you can take note of before heading out this month of September:

Layer with linens

Linen-blend paperbag shorts from & Other Stories

There are very few things more comfortable than linen during the summer. On days when temperatures fluctuate more than usual, wearing layers with a linen piece can be your go-to. Combine it with something warmer like a cotton sweater. You can also throw a blazer on top if the weather permits.

Slip into a slip dress

Slip dress from ARA

Who says you need to give your slip dresses a break this season? You can keep wearing those silk pieces as you transition into fall with a warm turtle neck sweater underneath or over it to turn it into a skirt.

Keep calm and carry the mini bag

Leather mini bag from Looks Like Summer

Mini bags may be the it accessory this summer, but it doesn’t mean you have to wait until next year to keep using them. Neutrals like nude will work with your outfit when styled appropriately for the season, even when the item is no longer trendy.

Power dress with an extra long coat

Nude trench from & Other Stories

Sweating underneath a powerful outfit is neither attractive nor commanding. Power dressing when it’s hot and humid out is not easy, especially when getting to work involves a lot of walking or subway rides. During this summer-to-fall transition, you can bring that light-colored coat from spring and wear it over your work outfit when needed. Plus points if your smartphone (or its case) doesn’t ruin the look, but actually matches with it.

There are many other ways to survive the summer-to-fall transition as stylishly as possible, but there’s nothing like sticking to pieces you most probably already have in your wardrobe — and styling them for the season — instead of buying more pieces that you won’t be able to wear until next year. There is, for sure, something nude in your closet that’s begging to be worn. It’s a staple that works with almost anything, may it be summer or fall.


How to wear red: 3 stylish pairings to try
How to wear pink: 4 ways to look chic and grown-up

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Elodie unicorn diffuser: Adorable lamp and humidifier for your baby’s nursery

Keep cold and flu viruses at bay with this super cute unicorn humidifier



Infants and toddlers are especially vulnerable to sickness-causing bacteria that thrive in dry air so it is important for parents to be aware of the humidity level of their homes. This is why a diffuser is an essential item in many moms’ checklists, including mine, to add healthy moisture to every home.

A humidifier, night light, and a cute unicorn accessory all-in-one — the Elodie Unicorn LED Diffuser 2.0 by Smoko makes a perfect addition to your baby’s nursery.

“It can continuously change colors on its own if that’s the magical show that you wish to achieve.”

How it works

Using ultrasonic vibration technology, the machine breaks its water particles into cool mist. The amount of mist that comes out of its golden horn depends on the humidity, temperature, and air flow in your room.

Its full tank capacity of 200ml should last for up to 6-8 hours although it only lasted for 4 hours, in my case.

You can choose to set the duration to one hour, two hours, or to stay on until the machine automatically shuts off when it is out of water. The water tank is pretty big which allows for easy refill.

This unicorn can also light up with 8 different colors: red, violet, blue, light blue, green, yellow, white, pink. It can continuously change colors on its own if that’s the magical show that you wish to achieve.

Low maintenance

It’s important to regularly clean any diffuser to prevent the buildup of mold. With Elodie, maintenance is a piece of cake.

Just empty the tank after 5-6 uses and wipe with a clean, soft, and damp cloth. If you choose to use essential oils, you’ll want to clean the tank before using a different one.

When not in use, just keep the tank dry. You wouldn’t want idle water to attract bugs or insects.

Is it any good?

At US$ 65, this isn’t some smart high-tech humidifier, but it does the job of doing exactly what I need it to do: add moisture to the nursery I’m building for my baby, and more.

It also doesn’t make any noise, neither does it leak nor scatter water droplets. It’s simple but with added unicorn cuteness other diffusers don’t have.


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7 songs from The Bold Type to inspire you to be bolder and braver

Get that confidence boost!



Image credit: Freeform

After watching Freeform’s The Bold Type, everything that I’ve been doing recently is a gamble when it comes to work, love, and life. As a young millennial, I was able to relate to the TV series’ three millennial women who are on their quest to discover who they are and what they want. Young millennials usually have trouble navigating their lives, identity, relationships, and career, and more importantly, speaking up for what they deserve.

While it’s easier to voice our opinions through the internet, we still find it difficult to be bolder and braver in real life. The Bold Type is the perfect millennial TV show that reflects the pressing social and cultural issues we face now. On top of that, it inspires and empowers you with its powerful moments and confidence-boosting anthems.

If you want to feel a surge of confidence in your body, here are songs from the TV show to listen to that will surely pump you up. I’m also giving a tip on when you should listen to which song and make it your soundtrack, especially when the world feels like your runway. Time to show ’em who’s the boss!

‘Black Car’ by Leon Else

Burn baby, burn baby
Can’t you feel my heartbeat?

Featured during the entrance of Jacqueline Carlyle, Scarlet magazine’s editor-in-chief, ‘Black Car’ by Leon Else gives you a blood-pumping beat that makes you hold your head high as you walk on the bullpen. Listen to this when you’re about to enter a room full of wolves aka during a meeting.

‘Phoenix’ by Olivia Holt

You got the heart of a phoenix
So let them see you rise, hey-ey-ey, hey-ey-ey

Played as an accompaniment when Scarlet writer Jane Sloan overcame her fears on being vulnerable in publishing her article, this song is worth listening to when you have a proud moment in your life and/or career. It gives you the feeling of being reborn with a renewed sense of strength and confidence. Time to feel good and lift your spirits to the highest level!

‘She sets the city on fire’ by Gavin DeGraw

I’m going up, I couldn’t get much higher
She sets, she sets the city on fire

Setting the scene for Scarlet magazine’s 60th-anniversary party, ‘She sets the city on fire’ gives a cheerful vibe when celebrating an achievement. The song feels like a man’s admiration of a woman’s strength and capacity to lead and be victorious on her own.

‘Someone to you’ by BANNERS

And if you feel like night is falling
I wanna be the one you’re calling
‘Cause I believe that you could lead the way

This emotionally charged song played when Sutton Brady fights to get her dream job in the fashion department. ‘Someone to you’ is the perfect anthem to play on repeat when you’re prepping for a job interview, fighting for your dream job, asking for the salary you deserve, or just negotiating your worth.

‘Scars to your beautiful’ by Alessia Cara

You should know you’re beautiful just the way you are
And you don’t have to change a thing, the world could change its heart
No scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful

When Scarlet magazine’s social media director Kat Edison embraced her sexuality and confessed her feelings to Muslim photographer Adena El-Amin, the two kissed beautifully with ‘Scars to your beautiful.’ The song felt like an anthem to the different kinds of beauty and loving someone regardless of who they are. Whenever you feel like confessing to someone, don’t forget to listen to this song and carry its message and sweep your prospect off of his/her feet.

‘Quiet’ by MILCK

I can’t keep quiet
For anyone

On the last episode of The Bold Type‘s season 1, a stripped version of MILCK’s ‘Quiet’ played when Jacqueline Carlyle stepped up and revealed how she’s a sexual assault survivor. It’s a shocking yet powerful scene to see a woman in power being vulnerable, ready to speak up and stand up for people who are suffering like her. As a survivor of sexual assault, too, this song is extremely empowering and moving since it pushes me to talk about my trauma in hopes of making people feel they’re not alone in their struggles. Listen to this song when you’re ready to share your pain to the world.

‘Living out loud’ by Brooke Candy ft. Sia

Just thinking out loud
Screaming so loud
Foolish and proud
Living out loud

When you feel like the only way is to go up or move forward, this song will be the perfect soundtrack to accompany you. ‘Living out loud’ played when The Bold Type‘s main characters decide to go after what they want in life: Kat Edison realizing there’s more to life than social media and heads out to travel, Sutton Brady enjoys her dream job and takes another chance at love, and Jane Sloan leaving her comfort zone to pursue something that will make her grow. Listen to this song when you want to make the most out of every moment in life.

Catch up with The Bold Type

If you enjoyed the empowering moments and anthems played, give Freeform’s The Bold Type a chance by binge-watching it on Freeform app or Hulu. If you love their playlist, stream the songs and maybe give them a follow on Spotify!

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