Leaked Huawei Mate 20 copies from Apple and Samsung

Includes a wide notch and curved edge



Last week, Apple unveiled its latest lineup of iPhones to the world. With Apple off the table, the stage is set for the market’s next flagship launch. If our calendars are right, Huawei is taking up that time slot.

From their own official announcements, Huawei will hold an event on October 16 to announce the Mate 20 series. As with all major launches, rumors and leaks are coming out of the woodwork. With less than a month to go before the event, we already have a substantial idea as to what the Huawei Mate 20 will look like.

Now, a new photo reveals more details about Huawei’s new phones. Tweeted by infamous leaker Roland Quandt, two new photos depict a strange lovechild of design choices from Samsung and Apple.

Despite rumors about a smaller waterdrop notch, the two photos reveal a phone with a notch as wide as Apple’s. Curiously, the brand previously went for smaller notches. The recent P20 series featured a less obtrusive notch. It even came with a toggle. With the leaked photo, the Mate 20 might become a strange direction for the brand.

Image source: Roland Quandt

Besides that, the photos also hint at another new design choice. Instead of Huawei’s usual flat slab format, the supposed Mate 20 will have a curved edge. The design is reminiscent of Samsung’s iconic edge phones.

For what it’s worth, the edge hints at a minimized bezel. However, like its contemporaries, the phone has a small lower chin.

Reinforcing the photos’ integrity, the leak states that the images are intended for the series’ eventual promotional material. As far as leaks go, this set of images just adds to the mire of other leaks. Without an official confirmation, we’ll have to wait for October 16 before we get some real answers.

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Facebook employees walk out to protest against Trump

Some have threatened to resign



Besides other battles happening concurrently, US President Donald Trump is currently spearheading a war against the country’s most popular social media networks. After Twitter’s landmark moderation over Trump’s factually ambiguous tweets, the president signed an executive order to eventually regulate and control what social media can do for moderation in America. Naturally, Twitter went on the defensive, calling out the measure’s implications for liberty. However, Facebook is taking a different approach.

Though Mark Zuckerberg ultimately expressed wariness towards the executive order, he still called out Twitter as an unnecessary “arbiter of truth.” His stance naturally implies Facebook’s passivity towards potential false news posted on his platform. However, despite his stance, Facebook’s employees are much more divided.

On Monday, Facebook employees staged a virtual walkout in protest of Zuckerberg’s stance on Trump’s misleading information, as reported by The New York Times. Because the company is still working remotely, the protesting employees simply refused to work or automated email responses to indicate that they were protesting. Some have even considered resignation amidst internal turmoil.

Lately, Trump has posted antagonistic messages on his social media platforms regarding the brewing protests against George Floyd’s murder. Whereas Twitter has moderated Trump’s tweets fairly, Facebook has allowed Trump’s posts to slide. Facebook’s internal protests are targeting this lackadaisical approach to moderation.

If anything, the network’s protests marks a good change coming for the social media network in terms of moderation.

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Microsoft replaces journalists with AI for its news service

Part of the company’s push towards using AI for its services



These days, we often hear of AI or artificial intelligence and computers taking over the jobs of people. The latest company to join the party is Microsoft. The Redmond-based company is now replacing its hired journalists with AI to curate news for MSN and Microsoft News.

The move comes after a company-wide reshuffling this month. Microsoft is slowly building its artificial intelligence capabilities like other Silicon Valley companies. As such, MSN and Microsoft News will increasingly rely on AI for news curation and recommendation. This doesn’t mean, however, that Microsoft will stop dependence on human curators and editors. Currently, it employs more than 800 editors around the world.

The layoffs are not only affecting those based in the US. There are also reports that Microsoft is also letting go of people in the UK as part of the broader push towards AI.

Microsoft is no stranger towards using its own AI for its services. As a matter of fact, it is already using AI to scan news content and process it. It is also using AI to suggest photos that a human editor can pair with another one. The company has also been pushing for the use of AI to news publishers and journalists.

Source: The Verge

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Apple patches out the latest way to jailbreak your iPhone

iOS 13.5.1 rolls out today



Last week, Apple experienced a sudden blast from the past. The Unc0ver team, a renowned hacking team, successfully jailbroke the latest iOS version, marking the first time in years that a jailbreaking tool caught up to the operating system in such a short time. Though skirting the fine edge of cybersecurity, the latest hack celebrated the former glory days of jailbreaking.

As you might expect, Apple has diligently worked on a fix to patch out the vulnerability. Today, the company has released a minor update to the current iOS version. Rolling out today, iOS 13.5.1 carries a small but ambiguous changelog. “iOS 13.5.1 provides important security updates and is recommended for all users,” the update said.

However, Apple’s website contains more revelatory details. The update specifically names the unc0ver vulnerability as “an application [that] may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges.” It will roll out to the iPhone 6s and later models (as well as several iPad and iPod models).

Naturally, the update will roll out to users that signed up for automatic updates. If you haven’t received the update yet, it is available through Software Update in your device’s settings. If you still want to participate in the recent unc0ver vulnerability, you can opt to steer clear from the iOS 13.5.1 update. Still, jailbreaking remains a security risk regardless of how anyone views the hacking tool.

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