Lenovo IdeaPad S340 review: When both size and performance matter

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Life recently seemed like a dating adventure. After my laptop broke down last June, I started hopping from one laptop to another. In search of a potential GadgetMatch, I started exploring options and allowed myself to try new laptops so I can find the one.

In my quest, I stumbled upon the Lenovo IdeaPad S340.

Humongous, but also head-turner

The IdeaPad S340 is huge, despite being called “ultrathin.” It has a plastic build and an aluminum finish on the lid, which looks smooth and sleek. Despite the classy approach, this laptop is a magnet for smudge — something I really hate in every smartphone and laptop of 2019.

The unit I got came in Sand Pink. This color is a definite head-turner, especially if you’re a guy. However, there’s an adage that real men wear pink so don’t let this color halt you from flaunting it in cafes and in meetings.

If this doesn’t match your personality, the IdeaPad S340 is available in three more colors: Onyx Black, Abyss Blue, and Platinum Grey.

This laptop has a 14″ Full HD display. Despite the big screen, it has a wide bezel on its chin which is annoying to look at, unless you make your toolbar dark.

It uses an IPS panel that doesn’t present the colors accurately. I tried to fix the display settings in hopes that maybe there’s a solution to its color balance problem. After several attempts, I gave up and accepted the fact that my screen is either be bluish or orange-y.

Lots of ports to insert your cables to

Moving on to the ports and slots, the IdeaPad S340 provides what I need as an old-school guy. Unlike the Dell XPS 13 (2019) I reviewed which didn’t come with any USB 3.1 Ports, this laptop has what I’m looking for.

On the left side, it has a port for USB-C and HDMI, as well as a power connector input and a headphone jack. Sweet, right?

On the right side, you can find the two USB-A ports which made my life easy, and a 4-in-1 SD card reader, too! As a designer, my life depended on my external hard drive and a trusty, wired mouse I bought back in 2013 which comes in USB Type-A connectors.

People kept telling me to get a dongle, buy a wireless mouse, and get a new cable. However, I’m that type of person who doesn’t buy things he doesn’t need, especially when his stuff is still working. This is why this laptop is such a blessing for a slotty person like me.

Joyful to use for work

Some people don’t realize but your experience with the keyboard and a touchpad can make or break your experience.

The IdeaPad S340’s keyboard is evenly placed. It’s soft and responsive, which I find delightful to type at. For someone with little fingers, it’s joyful to type and write in big keys since I don’t encounter typos a lot. There’s also an option for a backlit keyboard, in case you need to type in dimly lit places.

When it comes to its trackpad, I’m not sure I have something good to say about it as it’s unresponsive AF. My fingers had a hard time sliding especially when it creates that cringey sound caused by friction, most likely because of its plastic build. It’s one of the reasons why I opt to use my trusty mouse, especially when I need to edit and design.

A big performer

The IdeaPad S340 presents itself as a laptop for work and productivity. Fair enough, it’s packed with an 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, and 128GB SSD storage. Additionally, it runs the latest 8th-gen Intel i7 processor.

As a designer, I was able to run Adobe Photoshop (to an extent, Adobe Premiere Pro) hiccup-free. The only thing that bugged me is its bluish tint interfering with my work. But its performance is really sweet.

For instance, while I was resizing photos, I was streaming music on Spotify, and I’m running Google Chrome as my browser with six tabs open mainly for Slack,, Gmail, Google Drive, Facebook, and Twitter. Despite multitasking, the laptop didn’t lag one bit.

However, my usage seems to be the limit for this laptop. Anything beyond what I did made the laptop heat up and I had to cool it down. On several occasions, there’s a delay especially when I run multiple tabs (like, fifteen?) on Google Chrome (which we know takes a lot of RAM).

Even in my line of work, it can’t handle heavy editing for graphics and video so I’m not suggesting to push this laptop beyond its limits. If you want to go for a multimedia laptop, this is just not it.

Get entertained wherever you go

Of course, it’s not all work and no play. The IdeaPad S340 doubles as a mini TV with its humongous screen. It may only run an IPS panel, but it’s capable of producing a theatre-like sound with Dolby Audio speakers.

The experience was immersive. I watched the trailer for Weathering With You by Makoto Shinkai and I got even more excited to see it. Anyhow, it’s not as great as any other laptop with calibrated screens meant for entertainment. But for its price, the IdeaPad S340 suffices.

It has all the juice you need

What I love about the IdeaPad S340 is its long battery life. It lets you work throughout the day without worry especially if you only do basic tasks such as browsing, emails, chats, and video calls. Add some entertainment and multimedia work, then you’re gonna have to bring the charger wherever you go. Fret not, it’s equipped with rapid charging technology so you can get the juice back up if it runs out.

True to its advertisement, the IdeaPad S340 can really last up to 10 hours, albeit my usage made the laptop lasts for only six to seven hours. Nonetheless, it has all the juice that I need. If this heavy and huge laptop lasts only for a short time, I’d be pretty disappointed.

Is this your GadgetMatch?

The IdeaPad S340 is an all-around laptop that gets the work done. It’s capable of running creative software and doing basic multimedia editing, providing theatre-like entertainment, and allowing its users to multitask.

For PhP 52,995, the price isn’t bad and if you’re looking for a speedy, work laptop then this might be your GadgetMatch. However, for me, this laptop is not the one. Due to my issues — and high standards — I can totally say that I need to find another one. Time to hop to another laptop — and dating — adventure.

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ASUS ZenBook 13: A portable all-arounder

Light, versatile, and long-lasting



The problem with ultra slim laptops has always been their lack of ports and generally shaky battery life. Such a problem does not exist with the ASUS ZenBook 13. 

It’s the latest on ASUS’ ZenBook line and it combines the portability of ultra slim notebooks with the port versatility and long-lasting battery life of typically larger laptops.

What’s in the box? 

Immediately after taking things out of the box, you’ll see how the ZenBook 13 is a complete package. It comes with two cables to compensate for the ones that you don’t find built in on the laptop.

There’s a USB to Ethernet port connector, and a USB-C to 3.5mm jack for your audio needs. Rounding up the packaging are the ZenBook 13 itself, your power brick, and a nice and sleek laptop sleeve.

So about those ports

Measuring at just 13.9mm and 1.07kg — this notebook is REALLY thin and light. Normally, laptops like these have one or two USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports. Well, this one, certainly has more.

On the right hand side is the USB port and microSD card slot

Over to the left you have TWO USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports AND an HDMI port 

The ZenBook 13 can draw power from either USB-C/Thunderbolt port and you can easily connect it to an external monitor through the HDMI port should you need to.

The microSD card slot and USB ports means you can easily transfer files from external sources.

Elsewhere on the laptop is the webcam — a must now that we have to attend virtual meetings.

Oh and it also has ASUS’ signature Ergo-lift hinge that remains satisfying to both look at and feel as you lift the laptop lead. A really nice touch and adds to that overall Zen feeling.

A workhorse of a notebook

Don’t let its slight build fool you. This notebook is tough and packs some serious punch to power you for work.

Inside is a 10th Gen Intel Core i5 processor with an 8GB LPDDR4x RAM and 512GB of  SSD storage. That’s the perfect combination for a laptop that can stay with you shuffle through Word documents, Excel sheets, Powerpoint presentations, and even Photoshop.

The keyboard is edge-to-edge giving you that full-size experience. It’s also clickety, giving a satisfying travel experience — crucial if you have to type on it for hours.

Speaking of full-keyboard, the trackpad transforms into a digital numpad at the click of a button. It’s a signature ASUS feature and if you’re the type who has to fill in numbers a lot, this should prove to be hugely beneficial.

Display for immersive viewing

What do people say again about all work and no play? It makes you dull. That’s why after work, the ZenBook 13, which promises up to 22 freaking hours of battery life, can also be your entertainment companion as you wind down.

It has a frameless four-sided NanoEdge display. This means no pesky bezels to get in the way of your binge-watching.

Whether that’s watching Karasuno win a match or catching up with Midoriya and Bakugo’s hero-in-the-making adventures.

A portable all-arounder 

Slim and light, versatile, long-lasting, and performs just as good as other larger laptops. All these make the ASUS ZenBook 13 an all-arounder that will meet all your work and winding down needs.

As we continue to deal with the stresses of the new normal, the ZenBook 13 is a handy companion that you can bring with you, wherever you are around the house.

As we hope for things to open up soon, this notebook is also ready to go out with you to give you all the productivity and play support you can ever ask for.

This feature is a collaboration between GadgetMatch and ASUS Philippines.

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ASUS laptops are discounted on Shopee 8.8 sale

ProArt StudioBooks and ExpertBooks join the sale



Perhaps you might be looking to upgrade your laptop as you continue working or learning from home. ASUS is participating in Shopee 8.8 sale. During the sale, you can score commercial laptops with up to PhP 2,000 off their retail price.

ASUS laptops participating in the sale include their ExpertBook lineup. Business-grade desktops will also go on sale. As for the sale, ASUS will offer a pre-hype sale which is happening from July 23 to August 7. The main sale event will happen on August 8 from 12 am until midnight.

Here is the complete lineup of laptops on sale:


Model Sale Price Retail Price
ProArt StudioBook 17 H700GV (Intel Core i7-9750H) PhP 137,995 PhP 139,995
ExpertBook B9450FA (Intel Core i5-10210) PhP 117,995 PhP 119,995
ExpertBook B9450FA (Intel Core i7-10510) PhP 147,995 PhP 149,995
Expertbook P1440 (14-inch, Intel Core i3-8130U, 4GB / 1TB HDD ) PhP 38,995 PhP 39,995
Expertbook P3540 (15.6-inch, Intel Core i3-8145U, 4GB / 1TB HDD) PhP 41,995 PhP 42,995
Expertbook P5440FF (Intel Core i5-8265U, 8GB / 512GB HDD ) PhP 71,995 PhP 72,995


Model Sale Price Retail Price Freebies
SFF D540SA (Intel Core i3-8100, 4GB / 1TB HDD) PhP 35,995 PhP 36,995 Mouse and keyboard
D340MC(Intel Core i5-8400, 4GB / 1TB HDD) PhP 40,995 PhP 41,995 Mouse and keyboard
D340MC (Intel Core i7-8700, 4GB / 1TB HDD) PhP 52,995 PhP 53,995 Mouse and keyboard
D540SA (Intel Core i7-8700, 4GB / 1TB HDD) PhP 52,995 PhP 53,995 Mouse and keyboard

Availing these laptops is as easy as heading over to ASUS Philippines’ official Shopee store. For more information about ASUS’ latest promos, visit their official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page.

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Honor’s first gaming laptop pops up in leaks

The Hunter is coming



While everyone is pushing for gaming smartphones, Honor has hinted at a different direction. In particular, Honor has previously teased an entry into the gaming laptop segment. Though the tease is substantial, the company maintained its silence on the matter. Now, Honor’s first gaming laptop pops up in leaks online.

Unbeknownst to Honor’s smartphone-focused consumers, the brand already has an existing gaming-centric lineup called Hunter. Currently, the lineup consists only a gaming router revealed earlier this year. According to @RODENT950, a Slashleaks contributor, the upcoming gaming laptop will expand this lineup.

In another leak, a Weibo user has posted teaser images of the laptop. Besides a repeating logo, the image notably contains a couple of hints at its design language: sapphire and supercars. According to the image, the laptop will have “sapphire cutting” and “sapphire shining.” In the technology world, “sapphire” historically pertained to sapphire screens. However, the laptop’s usage of the term will likely mean something else entirely. Could it pertain to the angular design or the finish of the chassis?

On the other hand, the supercar theming is more apparent. The laptop will explicitly get inspiration for its air vent from a supercar’s exhaust. The laptop’s monitor will also look like a supercar’s bonnet or hood.

If you’re in the market for a gaming laptop, Honor is definitely building its lineup for a launch soon. Two separate sources are certainly more substantial than the drip of information we’ve gotten about the lineup so far.

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