LG Red Fair: Holiday deals for everyone

Go all out on gift-giving with LG



LG is bringing attractive holiday deals from November 18, 2021 to January 2, 2022 through its LG Red Fair to have gift ideas for everyone throughout the festive season.

The LG Red Fair will include everything in the electronic company’s lines from beauty devices to home appliances and air care solutions, home entertainment and IT solutions in its promotions for Christmas shoppers to enjoy.

Additionally, customers who purchase any promotional items through authorized retailers during LG Red Fair can take part in the Lucky Draw and stand a chance to win prizes worth a total of over SG$ 7,000.

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Home entertainment promos



The LG G1 and C1 OLED TVs, which come in 77- and 83-inch screen sizes, will be the highlight of this Christmas. Powered by self-lit pixels, the OLED TVs deliver deepest blacks, riches colors, and realistic picture quality.

They also come with 100 percent color fidelity, Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos, HDR10 PRO and Filmmaker Mode to make for the most immersive viewer experience.

The next-level OLED G1 evo TV, meanwhile, combines art and technology and offers better luminosity for higher brightness and crisper images. With a sleek design, the TV becomes a grand centerpiece as well for any space.

LG Pra.L Home Beauty Care Solutions

For people who want to look their best during the holiday season, the suite of LG Pra.L beauty care devices can certainly help.

The Home Beauty Set comprises of four cutting-edge devices, each designed to target different skincare needs.

The Dual Cleanser comes with two interchangeable brush heads to cleanse the skin effectively: rotation of the fine fiber brush for deep cleansing and micro-vibrations of the silicone brush for gentle daily cleansing.

Its Galvanic Ion Booster offers two modes: a Cleansing Mode performs deep pore cleansing by applying thermal therapy to temporarily loosen pores and draw out impurities deep within the skin and a Boost Mode which aids in getting active ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin.

The Total Lift Up Care helps to achieve desirable and youthful skin through its tightening and lifting functions, and Derma LED Mask uses 160 LEDs (80 red and 80 infrared) to improve firmness and skin tone.

For the LG Red Fair Special, here are the special gifts with every purchase:

83” OLED C1 TV, 77” OLED G1 TV or 77” OLED C1 TV 1. LG TONE Free HBS-FN6 (White) Bluetooth Earbuds (worth SG$ 268)

2. Xbox One S (worth SG$ 428)

3.  3 Months of Apple TV+ subscription (worth SG$ 20.94)

4. Wall-mount Installation (worth up to S$200)

Home Beauty Set (for a promotional price of SG$ 1,888 from SG$ 3,026) 1. For online and in-store customers: complimentary grocery e-vouchers worth SG$ 150

2. For in-store customers only:

– su:m37° Secret 5-piece special skincare set (worth SG$ 348)

– 28” travel luggage (worth SG$ 89)

Information technology promos

LG gram 16-inch laptop

The ultraportable LG gram 16-inch laptop is packed with a long battery life of up to 22 hours, making it an ideal gift for anyone working on the go.

It features a high-resolution display covering 99 percent (typical) of DCI-P3 color space, providing users with crisp visuals and accurate colors for both work and play.

Best of all, LG gram laptops are Intel Evo Platform verified and powered by an 11th Gen Intel Core processor with Iris Xe Graphics and LPDDR4x memory, optimizing smooth and responsive performance for any multitasking needs.

LG UltraGear 38GN950 Gaming Monitor

The LG UltraGear 38GN950 gaming monitor brings both exceptional picture quality and high-speed performance.

Boasting 1ms Nano IPS Curved Display with a refresh rate of 144Hz, along with an impressive overclockable 160Hz limit for topnotch performance, gamers can get ahead with ultra-fast speed and respond faster in critical combat.

The 38GN950 offers 98 percent DCI-P3 color gamut, creating precise color reproduction with VESA DisplayHDR 600 for every game genre.

Compatible with AMD FreeSync Premium and NVIDIA G-SYNC, it reduces screen tearing and minimizes stutter for a smoother and seamless gaming experience.

For the LG Red Fair Special, here are the special gifts with every purchase:

LG gram laptop 16Z90P series (from SG$ 2,099) Complimentary VERBATIM 100W 4-Port with Type C PD and QC3.0 USB Charger (worth SG$ 99).
LG UltraGear 38GN950 Gaming Monitor (at SG$ 1,999) Logitech G512 Gaming Keyboard (worth SG$ 189)

Home appliances promos

LG CordZero Handstick Vacuum Cleaner

The new LG A9 LITE with AEROSCIENCE Technology comes with a Brushless Smart Inverter Motor that rotates at high speed, creating high air flow to generate powerful suction up to 160W for enhanced cleaning performance.

The A9 LITE features a five-step filtration system to filter fine dust and dust particles up to 99.999 percent to keep your home clean and welcome guests during the festive holidays without any hassle.

Useful features such as the four adjustable wands, removable and washable cyclones and filters, and three-way storage stand (wall-mount, floor-standing and compact options) make the vacuum cleaner a convenient device.

LG styler in White (S3WF)

The LG styler will allow holiday outfits to be refreshed, sanitized, and de-wrinkle just in time for various occasions throughout the season.

LG’s TrueSteam technology uses 100 percent water with no chemical additives and eliminates 99.9 percent virus and bacteria on fabrics and items that are tricky to wash, such as cushions and soft toys.

Both delicate fabrics and everyday wear can be placed in the styler, and a low temperature drying system protects clothes from shrinking and damage caused by heat.

LG TWINWash Washing Machine

For laundry convenience and efficiency, the LG TWINWash washing machine will be an ideal solution. Two loads can be simultaneously washed quicker with both the main washer (FV1450S2K) and mini washer (TV2402NTWB).

The FV1450S2K features AI DD function, which selects the optimized washing motion by detecting the weight and softness of laundry, providing 18 percent more fabric protection.

The TV2402NTWB mini washer, meanwhile, is perfect of small loads like baby wear or delicate fabrics up to two kilograms.

LG’s proprietary technologies like TurboWash 360˚ allows for clean laundry to be ready in 39 minutes and LG Steam ensures that there are fewer wrinkles and removes up to 99.9 percent allergens.

LG 478L Top Freezer Refrigerator (GT-F4781BL)

Of course, the holiday season will not be complete without sumptuous feasts. Stock up the GT-F4781BL refrigerator with festive food.

A trio of innovative features are designed to maintain the freshness of food stored in the refrigerator.

LINEARCooling and DoorCooling+ ensures cold air is evenly dispersed within the refrigerator and temperature fluctuations are reduced, and HygieneFresh+ which removes 99.999 percent of bacteria and odor in the fridge through a 5-step purification system.

LG QuadWash Dishwasher (DFB227HM)

After your holiday parties, cleaning up can be effortless with the LG QuadWash Dishwasher (DFB227HM).

The dishwasher comes with four Multi-Motion arms that rotate back and forth while spinning and offers powerful cleaning from multiple angles using its high pressure jets.

LG TrueSteam removes food scraps and cleans dishes with fewer water spots, while the SmartRack™ Plus system allows users to easily adjust racks to load as many dishes at once.

LG’s Inverter Direct Drive motor and advanced self-cleaning filtration system works quietly in the background too, so no noise can distract your Christmas get-togethers.

For the LG Red Fair Special, here are the special gifts with every purchase:

LG A9 LITE (at SG$ 599) Grocery vouchers worth SG$ 20
LG styler in White (at SG$ 2,299) Complimentary shopping vouchers worth SG$ 100
LG TWINWash Main Washer (FV1450S2K)

(at SG$ 1,599)

Complimentary laundry detergent sheet bundle
LG TWINWash Mini Washer (TV2402NTWB)

(at SG$ 849)

Complimentary Baby Detergent bundle
LG Top Freezer Refrigerator (at SG$ 1,499) Complimentary grocery vouchers worth SG$ 80
LG QuadWash™ Dishwasher (DFB227HM)

(at SG$ 2,099)

Complimentary dishwasher tablet bundle for 5

Air solutions promos

LG ARTCOOL, ALPHA+ Air Conditioners

The LG ARTCOOL and ALPHA+ air conditioners come with a dehumidifying and deodorizing feature to prevent the formation of bacteria and mold on the heat exchanger, providing a clean and healthy indoor air quality.

The LG ARTCOOL Air Conditioners also come with the Plasmaster Ionizer+ that releases over three million ions into the air to remove harmful bacteria and microscopic particles, resulting in 99.9 percent cleaner indoor air quality.

LG PuriCare Air Purifier Series

The LG PuriCare 360° Air Purifiers cleans air from all directions, thanks to its 360° air filtration system coupled with the Clean Booster that is constantly in motion to distribute clean air up to 7.5 meters.

The latest air purifiers employ a Safe Plus Filter, Deodorization Filter and an Ionizer to assure an aerial environment free from bacteria, viruses, ultra-fine dust, allergens and harmful gases.

For families with young children, the LG PuriCare 360° Double Air Purifier is a great choice as it increases the area of air flow with its dual towers and the Baby Care mode purifies the air closest to the ground to keep your little ones safe.

Even pet parents will have peace of mind with the LG PuriCare Air Purifier (Pet Mode with Clean Booster). It features a Photocatalytic Deodorization Filter to eliminate unpleasant odour, filtering out up to 35 percent more pet fur and hairs and dust.

LG 30L Dual Inverter Dehumidifier with Ionizer

Humidity levels in people’s homes can be managed all-year round with the MD19GQGA1. The dehumidifier’s Ionizer feature emits ions that eliminate airborne bacteria and micro-organisms and prevents mold growth on surfaces and clothes.

It is inclusive of two hoses: a spot dry hose and a Y-hose designed to reach into drawers and garments dry and for drying shoes, ideal for those with walk-in wardrobes, as well as sneakerheads.

LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier (2nd Gen)

Lastly, the improved second-generation LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier allows shoppers to walk with confidence.

Built-in with two H13 HEPA filters, fully automatic fan airflow control system and DUAL Fans, you can breathe comfortably and safely as harmful airborne matter such as bacteria and allergens are effectively removed.

Speaking while wearing the air purifier is clear and distinct with the VoiceON feature that utilizes a microphone and a speaker to ensure that your words are well-projected.

For the LG Red Fair Special, here are the special gifts with every purchase:

First set of ALPHA+ or ARTCOOL air conditioners (System 2 – 4) Complimentary grocery vouchers worth up to SG$ 150
Second set of ALPHA+ or ARTCOOL air conditioners (System 2 – 4) Complimentary grocery vouchers worth up to SG$ 200
LG PuriCare 360° Double Air Purifier (AS10GDWHO)

(at SG$ 1,499)

HEPA and Deodorization Filter worth SG$ 130
Purchase LG PuriCare 360° Single Air Purifier (AS65GDWH0)

(at SG$ 899)

HEPA and Deodorization Filter worth SG$ 130
Purchase LG PuriCare 360° Single Air Purifier – Pet Mode with Clean Booster (AS65GDST0)

(at SG$ 999)

Complimentary grocery vouchers worth SG$ 100
Purchase LG Dual Inverter Dehumidifier (MD19GQGA1)

(at SG$ 699)

Complimentary grocery vouchers worth SG$ 100
LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier (2nd Gen) in White or Black (AP551AWFA/ AP551ABFA)

(at SG$ 249)

Complimentary grocery vouchers worth SG$ 20

Terms and conditions apply for all promotions part of the LG Red Fair Special. Please refer to for the full terms and conditions.


Pre-order FF16 and meet the game’s producer

Has to be a Physical Edition



Square Enix and Sony PlayStation are going all out to promote Final Fantasy XVI (FF16). The latest campaign promises a meet and greet with game producer Yoshida Naoki (Yoshi-P)!

If you pre-order any physical edition of FF16, you stand a chance to be flown to Malaysia to meet Yoshi-P. The campaign is organized by Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore (SIES) and is open customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The Meet-and-Greet event will be held on Saturday, July 1. 2023 at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Malaysia.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pre-order any disc version of Final Fantasy XVI (Standard/Deluxe/Collector’s Edition) through authorised retailers in the Participating Countries/Regions
  2. Submit via Online entry form ( with all required personal information, proof of purchase (valid receipt) and answer the 2 questions in the form.
  3. Entries with the best answers will be selected as the winners. (Entries opens on May 25, 2023 till June 18, 2023)

For more details and Terms & Conditions of the campaign, please check the campaign form here:

Salvation trailer released

At the recently concluded PlayStation Showcase, FF16 was present showing off what might just be its best trailer yet.

Watch the ‘Salvation’ trailer. 

The latest round of previews from multiple gaming publications and content creators were also released. They got to experience around four hours of gameplay. Many heaped praise for the latest mainline Final Fantasy title, further upping the hype for the game.

SEE ALSO: Final Fantasy XVI: Everything we know so far

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Samsung Super Brand Day sale on Lazada: Up to 50% off

Time to stand out



Samsung Galaxy A54

Samsung’s newly-launched smartphones, TVs, and other electronic devices are getting up to a 50% off discount plus freebies for just one day – May 24 – as part of Lazada’s Super Brand Day 2023.

On May 24, Samsung’s Galaxy S and A series, its QLED and lifestyle TVs, smart monitors, and other home appliances, will all get attractive deals, including freebies from various brands.

Smartphone deals

The Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34 shall be bundled with a free battery pack, clear case, travel adapter, and an exclusive Kiehl’s skincare bundle worth PhP 1,900.

The Galaxy A24 will come with a free AquaFlask (22oz.) worth PhP 700, in either the Mint Gelato or Space Black color.

Every purchase of the flagship Galaxy S23 will get a free adidas bag.

Smart TV, monitor, soundbar deals

Meanwhile, Samsung’s entertainment devices get considerable discounts:

  • Neo QLED Smart TVs: Up to 36% off
  • Crystal UHD TVs: Up to 41% off
  • Lifestyle TVs: Up to 24% off
  • Sound towers, sound bars: Up to 36% off

In addition, the Odyssey G7 Smart Gaming Monitor and ViewFinity S5 Ultra-WQHD high-resolution monitors get up to 25% off.

Electronics deals

Even Samsung’s refrigerators (18% off), washer-dryers (29% off), and cooking appliances (20% off) get good price cuts.

There will also be free shipping vouchers in store on selected products via the Samsung Consumer Electronics store on Lazada. 

Lazada Lucky Draw

Lastly, on May 24, shoppers will also get a chance to win a Galaxy A13, Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, Galaxy Watch4, and Galaxy Buds 2.

Participants should spend at least PhP 20,000 worth of mobile products to qualify for the draw.

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Maya, Visa FIFA World Cup raffle: Trip to New Zealand at stake

Here’s how to join



Maya Visa

Filipino all-in-one digital banking app Maya and digital payment leader Visa have teamed up for exciting offerings for football fans.

Maya has introduced a limited-edition commemorative Visa card featuring Filipinas women’s football national team Inna Palacios, who is an official Visa endorser.

The Visa card is available exclusively on the Maya app for only PhP 250, while stocks last.

Those who avail of the card — new or existing Maya customers — will stand a chance to win a trip for two to New Zealand to personally watch the Philippines compete in the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Every PhP 200 online and in-store spend until June 15 earns users a raffle entry. The two winners will be drawn on June 19 and will each receive an all-expense-paid trip to New Zealand, inclusive of:

  • roundtrip flight tickets
  • hotel accommodation for five days and four nights
  • pair of tickets for a Filipinas game

Those who miss out on the grand prize will still get a chance to bring home something as 25 Maya users are also set to be given Visa FIFA premium merchandise.

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