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What we need in our homes right now: The LG Styler

A home appliance that sanitizes clothes while making the look and smell brand new!



Now that we’re on the pandemic‘s second year, we’ve slowly eased into new routines. Routines that should be helping us avoid disease — hopefully. From more frequent handwashing, mask-wearing, and more, there are extra tasks throughout the day. But as long as it keeps us and our families safe, we’re all for it. Korean tech giant LG, which brought us appliances and wearables that help keep the air we breathe clean during this time, has come up with another home solution to minimize exposure to the virus. This, by keeping our clothes virus-free with the LG Styler.

It may seem like a chic closet from the outside but it’s actually so much more.

Clean, sanitized clothes without the damage

In the past two years, we’ve been changing clothes more often and doing more cycles of laundry. Every quick trip outside means a shower and a change of clothes the moment we get in. After all, we don’t want to bring in the nasties we picked up with our clothes to our families. This means our clothes are exposed to more damage. Each cycle of laundry and each run in the dryer both contribute to fabric losing some of its longevity

Our clothes are exposed to more wear and tear as we give them a full wash. It seems like such a waste when our clothes aren’t even stained or if you didn’t spend more than an hour wearing them. Good thing there’s a way to clean and refresh our clothes without having to subject them to a full-on laundry cycle. The LG Styler, using its patented LG TrueSteam technology, sanitizes our clothes without the use of detergent and chemicals. If you have kids at home, you can also use it on their toys which will come out sanitized and free of allergens.

Clothes look and smell brand new and you also get to save on dry cleaner bills as it can clean high-end clothes that can’t go into your regular washer and dryer. From silks, furs, and even filipiniana pieces.

Pressed clothing without the stress of ironing

Personally, ironing clothes is one of my most dreaded chores — especially if I have to iron chiffon! It’s a backbreaking nightmare. I recently got a steam iron that has helped immensely with such a task. I do love it but I’d love it even more if it just did the task for me. It will definitely save me a lot of time.

Well, the LG Styler seems to be presenting itself for the job. It can also press clothes using steam, taking away all the wrinkles your clothes acquired in your closet. For pants, you only need to place them in a special section of the styler to add those crisp crease lines.

Helping the community

Knowing the need to efficiently eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses in the community, LG also recently donated a Styler along with Wearable Air Purifiers and hygiene kits to the local government of Pasig City. The company’s local HQ is located in Pasig and since the pandemic began, they’ve been quite active in helping out in their community. They’ve donated washing machines, refrigerators and digital signage displays to help out city front liners and constituents. 

LG Philippines Managing Director Seungjae Kim shares that the LG Styler is yet another home appliance that can keep Filipino families and their communities safer during this time. “The LG Styler provides a fast and easy way of disinfecting your clothes, which is crucial in the time of COVID,” he said. “It is also a perfect addition to any household, whether you’re living alone or with a family.”

What about its energy consumption? LG Philippines says it will only cost Filipinos four pesos per cycle, making it a practical addition to any home. Here at GadgetMatch, we’re all for appliances that help make daily life easier and save us more time.

The LG Styler currently retails for PhP 139,000 (SRP). You can order yours via the LG Official Flagship Stores in Lazada and Shopee.

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Remote work with the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Carbon 2022 [Shorts]

Power and portability




yoga slim 7i carbon

I get a lot of “what does a freelancer’s day really looks like?” so here’s a glimpse of my day. I usually adjust my schedule depending on what’s on my plate. Portability is so important to me especially when working outside. Thankfully, i get to work with the newest Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Carbon.

I bring this anywhere when i decide to settle in for a few hours of work. It’s super handy and ultra slim. It fits in my 13-inch handbag. It’s tiny but has all the power that i need! It’s designed with an emphasis on portable productivity, just how i like it.

I find early morning time to be my less productive hours. I just check my email and messages while having a quick brunch. I have most of my energy during mid-day and this is the time when i usually set meetings and presentations.

It has a compact 13-inch QHD resolution lay-flat display. And not just that, look how stunning it is with its moon-white color. Really love it!

I do more content editing in the evening. For some reason, the internet connection is much faster during this time.

While bigger can be better, i prefer lighter. As they say, good things come in small packages. The yoga slim 7i carbon is tiny but powerful and it’s perfect for my life as a freelancer.

With its long battery life and innovative features, i’m not worried about my efficiency despite juggling multiple tasks.

Having the right laptop for what i do means getting optimum results. It combines peak performance, ultra-portability, and smarter features. With it, i’m pretty sure i can slay any task that comes my way.

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Uniqlo’s Fall/Winter 2022 Collection: Here are our favorites!



As we approach the cooler months of the year here in the tropics, Uniqlo’s Fall/Winter 2022 Collection also arrives on our shores. Pieces that you can layer up on a stormy afternoon or when you decide to hop on a plane to experience lower temperatures elsewhere.

Giving a whole new meaning to the classics, Uniqlo has updated some of the most well-loved items that have stood the test of time, holding up against trends that come and go.

Jackets can actually be warmer without taking up too much space in one’s suitcase and easy to stow away in a backpack when the sun does decide to shine. Knitwear drapes more beautifully on the body with the use of technology called WHOLEGARMENT which creates their 3D Knit line. 

On the sustainability front, Uniqlo is also producing jeans that require less water, jackets that are made from recycled down, and fleece spun from plastic bottles. 

Designers Ines dela Fressange and Hana Tajima continue to release collaborations with Uniqlo for this season. For Tajima, tea-length dresses in jewel tones dominate her line. Dresses that can be worn on a gloomy day and taken directly to an evening event.

Meanwhile, dela Fressange returns to the idea of the uniform, creating classic pieces with a modern feel that one can wear over and over again. And who says florals are only for spring? A long-sleeved, collared dress in one of dela Fressange’s signature French blues features red and white flowers.

The UniqloU line is coming up with a collection of genderless essentials. Outerwear in boxy silhouettes and roomy proportions that would look flattering on just about anyone. The U Pocketable Long Coat in a neutral camel shade is a minimalist’s dream come true.

For their graphic T-shirt (UT) line, Uniqlo is re-launching a collection from its releases over the past two decades. This, in recognition of their timeless appeal.

UT was first launched in 2003 and as the line nears its 20th year anniversary, we’ll also be reunited with well-loved designs we will now have a chance of owning again. Shirts that feature art from Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat are among the 18 designs that are making a comeback in stores.

The Uniqlo Fall/Winter 2022 collection hits branches in the Philippines this Friday, 9th of September.

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realme Pad X: Great all-around companion

Master your hobbies!



If I were to rank my gadget priorities, a tablet is somewhere in the middle to near bottom of my list. When it comes to purchasing gadgets, I consider myself an essentialist. I thought there wasn’t a very solid reason for me to purchase one.

But then, realme reached out to (hopefully) change my mind. Enter, the realme Pad X.

First impressions

When the realme Pad X fell into my lap, I was initially impressed with the sleek aluminum alloy body design. I wished they had more color options (realme currently offers two: Glacier Blue and Glowing Grey), although this blue colorway looks elegant.

The button placements were kind of confusing at first, especially coming from a phone layout but it doesn’t take too long to get used to.

There are four speaker grilles on the top and bottom (if you’re in portrait mode). I got excited to use it, especially when I saw that the audio is equipped with the famous Dolby Atmos technology.

Workout buddy

I love doing home workouts. I usually start my mornings with a yoga practice from one of my favorite YouTube channels; Yoga With Adriene using my personal laptop.

Setting up a laptop seems a little tedious to do first thing in the morning, so there are days when I slack off and skip my exercise.

When I started to do my morning routine using the realme Pad X, I noticed that I was able to stay consistent even during busy days.

The realme Pad X is very light and easy on the hands with its 7.1mm Ultra Slim Design. It doesn’t take too long to set it up and position a little above my yoga mat. In fact, it can be easily placed anywhere wherever the best angle is.

Perfect for creative hobbyists and multitaskers

During my downtime, I take conscious effort to learn new hobbies. I recently bought my first guitar and I have been studying my favorite songs through the realme Pad X. Whenever I pick up my instrument, I treat my tablet like Kindle — but for guitar chords.

I can also play some music while running different apps in the background, thanks to its power-efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G Processor. The device also comes with two Cortex-A78, six Cortex-A55 Cores and paired with an Adreno 619 GPU, so it’s also pretty steady for multitasking and casual gaming.

An audio champ

Perhaps my favorite feature, the realme Pad X is equipped with Dolby Atmos Quad Speakers with Hi-Res Certification and Adaptive Surround Sound. It gives a sound experience like no other.

As a heavy podcast listener (especially while doing house chores), I enjoyed streaming through my realme Pad X, most especially the video podcasts. The sound is very crisp and immersive, no need to connect the tablet to a Bluetooth speaker!

Bigger screen, yay!

Streaming my favorite shows through the realme Pad X gives an almost full cinema experience. The device features a 10.95” 2K Full View Display. The colors are bright and neat, and there’s a bigger screen to match. Not the best display out there, especially for 1080p and 4K videos, but still okay for a decent watch.

I love a big screen partnered with high quality audio — a great binge buddy whether I’m watching while sitting on my desk or while I’m snuggling in bed.

Is this your GadgetMatch?

Overall, the realme Pad X is worth it as an additional device. It’s a great everyday companion as I juggle through different hobbies.

One thing I noticed, though, it somehow fails in the camera department. I don’t expect much in tablets, but the video quality didn’t deliver much especially during online meetings.

Regardless, it’s a great media device for people who want the combined advantages of a phone and laptop in a sleek, convenient package. And oh, did I mention it has 6 GB RAM and 128 GB memory? Yay for storage!

The realme Pad X is available starting today, August 26. It retails for PhP 15,999.

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