Staying safe during a pandemic with LG’s Wearable Air Purifier

And new air conditioners



We’ve been so excited here at GadgetMatch since South Korean technology giant LG’s Puricare Wearable Air Purifier was announced. Finally, it’s now commercially available in the Philippines. Good timing too, with the rising Covid-19 cases in the country, every extra layer of protection counts.

One of the most coveted pieces of wearable tech since it was announced and went viral last year, the PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier, together with its case, was showcased today on the brand’s live stream along with their new LG line of air conditioners. The new air-conditioners are also set to keep your homes clean and virus-free with the use of their UVnano technology. 

L-R: LGEPH Senior Product Manager Mr. Mayer Mendoza, LGEPH Brand Ambassador James Deakin, and LGEPH Product Manager Mr. Jave Enriquez at today’s announcement of new, LG air-purifying products.

Here are their new launches announced today:

PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier

A personal, all-in solution for clean air, it provides thorough air protection with HEPA filters that take out 99 percent of harmful particles for clean, fresh air. Using medical-grade parts like HEPA filters and complete with certificates from trusted medical associations, this wearable air purifier is proven to filter out viruses and bacteria as well as pollen and other allergens.

It also has DUAL Inverter fans to aid in your breathing, plus a sensor that detects your need for air and adjusts the fans accordingly.

The mask retails for PhP 8,699 (US$ 179.06) and got sold out the moment it was released on the LG Flagship Stores in both Lazada and Shopee. No need to worry, though. We heard there’s going to be a major re-stock this week so better add to cart or your wishlist ASAP. It’s also currently being sold at a discount — 10 percent off for the Lazada birthday sale.

You can also get a separate charging case for the Puricare Wearable Air Purifier. The sleek case incorporates UVnano technology to help keep your mask clean as it juices up. It can remove up to 99.9 percent of bacteria in 30 minutes. The case can be controlled using the LG ThinQ app on your smartphone. Here, you can check usage history and the status of UVnano mode, Drying mode, and filter life. The charging case retails for PhP 6,999 (US$144.07) and will be available in the country soon.

LG’s New Line of Air Conditioners

As we’re spending more time at home these days, it’s best to keep our surroundings clean and safe. LG’s new air conditioners utilize their new Aircare Complete system, a multi-step filtration process with UVnano tech to reduce allergens and harmful bacteria in your home.

The filtration process traps big dust particles, ultra-fine dust, and particulate matter. Have allergies but also love pets? The new air conditioners also have allergy filters. Pair it with the mask and you can spend more time with furry friends, for sure. With their UVnano tech also making sure the air conditioner’s fans are bacteria-free, the result is pure, clean air that’s free of 99.99 percent of germs.

The new line of air conditioners has models that start at PhP 53,999 (US$ 1,111.54).

LG PuriCare 360

An air purifier tested and certified by the British Allergy Foundation (BAF), Korea Air Cleaning Association (CA), and Korea Asthma & Allergy Association (KAF),  the PuriCare™ air purifiers remove over 90 percent of airborne allergens.

The unique purification method promotes 360 degrees of clean air delivery, including areas low to the ground, making it safe for infants and toddlers who are on their exploration mode at home. The multi-filter system using a true HEPA filter, captures six different types of particles. It also removes odor, smog, and airborne chemicals from the air you breathe. It’s safe for families with younger members and those who love their sleep. This, as it operates on sound levels as low as 25 decibels.

Photos provided by LG Philippines.


How the Galaxy Watch4 Classic helped me build better habits

And break old, bad patterns



Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

Smartwatches rarely stay on my wrist for a long period of time. Not because I don’t like them, but because I have to test wearables every month or so.

Having a job that requires you to test different smartwatches from several brands might be a dream come true for some people, but I find it highly cumbersome especially when I’m still trying to build the lifestyle that I want.

After I reviewed the Huawei Watch 3, I decided to slap the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic on my wrist. Permanently. After all, I’m neck-deep in the Samsung ecosystem. It makes so much sense to use a smartwatch that will work with all my other devices.

Breaking and building habits

For a quarter, I made a pact to myself that I will build the lifestyle that I want. And boy, after months of using Samsung’s latest smartwatch, I realized I turned my life around using a small, functional accessory.

I never realized I’ve been changing my habits — which I consider the building blocks of a lifestyle, based on what I learned from a transformative book called Atomic Habits — through this nifty device.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably curious why I keep blabbering about turning my life around with just a wearable. And you’re probably skeptical, thinking I’m just selling an idea. But, trust me, this is a personal account of my transformation.

While changing my beliefs, mindset, habits, and learning more about myself are the main factors to consider, having a smartwatch helped me attain my goals in little, simple ways.

And based on Atomic Habits, change starts in the little things you do within yourself and your surroundings. (I won’t spoil you, so go ahead and read the book. It will change your life.)

Using my smartphone less

Like many young adults, I struggle with using my smartphone too much. With a job revolving around the latest gadgets, particularly these high-tech slates, it’s easy to fall into the rabbit hole of building an automated life.

But everything’s within your reach, right? Yes. Except I also deal with cranky mornings dashed with a little rush from all the emails and messages. I’m certain I’m not the only one bombarded with notifications as soon as connecting to the Wi-Fi. On top of that, I’m exposed to too much blue light — smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions, and portable gaming consoles.

The dream is to lessen the time spent holding my smartphone and create a balanced life of being connected through my devices while being in tune with my physical surroundings.

Streamlining reliance on gadgets

Having had the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic for more than a quarter now, I found appreciation for its basic features, especially when they all work seamlessly without delays. I answer calls, respond to chats, and check important messages at a glance.

I stopped using my smartphone for alarms, and instead of reverting to an old-school alarm clock, I just customized the smartwatch to ring and vibrate in a way that would really wake me up.

And there are a lot more features to enjoy; things we take for granted because we don’t know how to incorporate these features in our lifestyle simply because we don’t have to.

Years of covering smartwatches made me realize that these wearables are already advanced and have everything we need. People just really don’t know how to maximize these features to make their lives more efficient. And I, regretfully, fell in the same trap despite being able to test the latest smartwatches regularly.

Nevertheless, the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic still stood out among the smartwatches that came across my wrists, especially in 2021.

To reserving my brainpower for more fruitful activities in life

Change my mind: Google makes navigating your digital life easier, especially if you’ve been with the Android ecosystem for years. This is why I still prefer using Samsung over Huawei — especially with the loss of Google Mobile Services. Surely, the Galaxy Watch4 Classic is the perfect Android smartwatch right now.

I’ve had my fair share of Huawei’s smartwatches (Yes, I do love them), and while they all pack unique tools in a robust build with flagship-rated power and a long-lasting battery that lasts for several days — they still require brainpower to seamlessly integrate the smartwatch to your devices and your day-to-day life.

And that isn’t something I don’t want to welcome in my life, moving forward. I prefer to make things simple and efficient. I prefer to use the last of my brain cells by doing things that are meaningful to me e.g. reading a book, playing a strategy game, doing more architectural sketches and gouache paintings, and learning new hobbies that make life more exciting.

If a device calls itself smart, it should be able to figure things out on its own so I can live my life to the fullest without worrying about how things work.

Compatibility is so important — in relationships or smartwatches

The experience with Galaxy Watch4 Classic, as compared to Huawei’s flagship Watch3 and Watch GT3, is much easier for someone with only three brain cells left functioning. One instance is when connecting the device and using the Samsung Health app — even on a non-Samsung device.

I’ve had trouble navigating Huawei’s Health app and connecting the devices to various smartphones, even with the likes of Honor 50. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch4 Classic works well with any smartphone. Although to maximize the device to the fullest, it’s best to use a Samsung smartphone — even if they’re old like the Galaxy S8 or an affordable one like the Galaxy A52.

Using apps that are appropriate for my lifestyle and compatible with my devices

One reason why we believe the Apple Watch is still considered the gold standard when it comes to smartwatches is because of its ecosystem, plethora of compatible apps, and plenty of straps and designs that match different personalities and lifestyles.

While the Galaxy Watch4 series isn’t enough to rival the Apple Watch, Samsung holds the crown when it comes to Android smartwatches.

Samsung really did it right, collaborating with Google for WearOS. Now, I get to route my map before heading out for a drive using Google Maps. And everything I download on my smartphone, if compatible with the smartwatch, gets automatically downloaded.

I get to respond to annoying Viber messages, control my music playback on Spotify or YouTube Music, and even use apps that help me continue the fitness journey that I started a year ago.

The Galaxy Watch4 Classic lets me track my progress during my Indoor Climbing session at Climb Central Manila

And there’s a reason why most of my friends use the Galaxy Watch4 series as well. It’s compatible with fitness apps we deem important in our lives. There’s Google Fit, Strava for my cyclist friends, adidas Running app for those who have a lot of will to run, Calm for my meditative chicas, and myFitnessPal which I also use for tracking my nutrition intake.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

Overcoming the love-hate relationship with fitness

I used to have a love-hate relationship with smartwatches when they used to look like workout gears. It made it impossible to wear it in casual settings, which is counter-productive for those who aim to make fitness their lifestyle.

When I was still training with my coach, we came to a conclusion that it’s easier to make fitness a lifestyle when your space, clothes, and accessories are all workout-ready. I had to install dip bars, make the exercise ball and dumbbells visible right when I wake up and use a rubber mat to create a conducive space for my physical activities.

In the same way, the Galaxy Watch4 Classic was always ready to join me in my conquests. Aside from the health and fitness features it possesses, I like how it’s unassumingly a fitness-oriented device since I can sport it while wearing a dress shirt. And when used to accompany me in my workouts, it brims with features that will make the most out of your workout.

Living an active lifestyle

While it’s hard to be consistent when you live in an erratic, hectic schedule, the Galaxy Watch4 Classic reminded me to stay active. It asks me to move around, or perform stretches while I’m working consistently, sitting for hours. Even without its alerts, subconsciously, I get reminded to choose situations that will require me to be active.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

Morning runs with my celebrity best friend

I used to take my electric scooter to move around the neighborhood, or use the car even when going to run my errands — which are sometimes within a kilometer or two away from home.

I struggled, of course, but the visibility of a lifestyle companion made me walk despite the unbearable, scorching heat. That, or I take the bicycle.

When I forget to choose the walking mode among the workout options, the Galaxy Watch4 Classic is smart enough to record your movements, and automatically switches to workout mode.

My forgetfulness is somehow saved by the highly perceptive sensors found on the smartwatch. And that high-tech functionality is what I welcome in my life.

Paying more attention to my health

I’m no stranger when it comes to a smartwatch’s health features. Every smartwatch I’ve tested has the same monitoring features to help you pay more attention to your health.

With my experience working with smartwatches, it’s the last habit I have to change. I’ve been paying more attention to my health ever since I slapped a smartwatch on my wrist.

But it’s still worth mentioning how you can solidify the habit you’ve started. It’s easy to forget stuff when you’re overwhelmed — tracking your health included.

The Galaxy Watch4 Classic’s rotating bezels made it easier for me to monitor my health. You can customize the tiles depending on your priority, but from the get-go, they have the necessary features presented accordingly.

At a glance, you can check the steps you’ve taken, the minutes you’ve been active, and the calories you’ve burned. I know, you’re already familiar with this one. These data are also accessible depending on your watch face.

Then, there are also tiles for heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen, stress levels, food and water intake, and even cycle tracking for women. Having easy access to these important data made me more aware of what changes I need to do.

To better night routines

There’s also Sleep Tracking which also coordinates with your phone, tracking your sleep through the snore or sound you make. Sometimes, I forget to wear my watch and leave it charging on the dock

There are days where you just really hit the snooze button and shut down from the world. Those times made my smartwatch and smartphone work together to record my sleep.

It won’t be able to check my pulse though. This is why I learned to take my smartwatch off when I’m taking a shower and doing my night routine. I get to pamper myself while my smartwatch recharges, so it’s ready to monitor my sleep and heart rate when I’m asleep.

That may be the only thing I didn’t like about the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic. The shorter runtime could’ve been longer so I don’t need to recharge time and time again.

Anyhow, it helped me to really make an effort to perform a self-care routine. Even when I’m dead tired from a long day at work.

Working on my ideal body

It’s also worth mentioning how the Galaxy Watch4 Classic takes the spotlight with its body composition tool.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

The new feature uses a technology called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). They’re basically little charges shot through your body to tell how much is fat and how much is skeletal muscle.

When you’re working on your dream body, knowing your body composition is essential to understand what changes you should make to your fitness program and diet.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

Weekly, I check my body composition through the tool. It helps me decide how to adjust my lifestyle so I can reach my body goals. It can be tiresome to stay on this journey, but I’ve committed to taking better care of myself. And I’m elated that the smartwatch is well-rounded enough to accompany me in everything I wanted to do.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

Designing the lifestyle I’ve been dreaming of

Frankly, I know I’m not yet there — living the life I’ve always dreamt about. A routine that works perfectly with my activities and schedule. A body that I can confidently flaunt across the cameras.

I’m still susceptible to the big changes in life that can shake my foundations, or push me back to square one and revert to my old, bad habits.

But I know I’m also far from where I’ve been. When I look in the mirror, I see a new version of myself. I jokingly state how I’m now in my version 2.4.9 as if I was a smartphone update. Although, it’s also true that I do get better over time. Because that’s what I intend to do with my life.

When you recognize the habits you want to change and take necessary actions to improve, you’ll get the results. Anything can be a tool to accompany you, as long as it fits the lifestyle you want to work for.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

It just happens to be the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic. And I’m happy to have it on my wrist and stay with me as long as it works.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic retails for PhP 17,990 for the 42mm variant, and PhP 19,990 for the 46mm variant. Both sizes are available in Black or Silver colorways. You can purchase it in Samsung’s Online Store, official stores, and authorized retailers nationwide.

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Stark Fitness redefines local fitness landscape in the Philippines

High-quality equipment and accessories within reach



Having a home gym setup has been a coping mechanism for some Filipinos. To stay sane, healthy, and fit, especially during an ongoing pandemic. The demand to invest in high-quality equipment and accessories soared in nearly two years of being under community quarantine.

Stark Fitness, a rapidly growing startup fitness brand established in 2020, aims to redefine the local fitness landscape in the Philippines. It has expanded from e-commerce, mounting its first-ever physical store located at the 5th level Bridgeway in SM Megamall.

The fitness brand brings high-quality equipment — adjustable dumbbells, home spinning bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, and other fitness accessories.

But they’re not stopping their rapid growth. Stark Fitness aims to open 10 more branches in Metro Manila for 2022. Subsequently, the brand will eventually broaden its territory — penetrating the provincial market in key cities and regions.

Currently, Stark Fitness offers easy payment options for its products. Customers can avail of a 12-month installment to pay plan with 0% interest. For BPI and BDO cardholders, there’s a Buy Now, Pay Later option.

Welcoming its arrival

On its opening day, key executives spearheaded the ribbon-cutting and store blessing.

L-R: SGC Vice President Mr. Kevin Lim, SM Supermalls President Mr. Steven Tan, Stark Fitness Managing Director Ms. Isabelle Lim, SGC CEO Mr. Richard Lim

Isabelle Lim, Stark Fitness Managing Director, raised a toast after the ceremony. “We, at Stark Fitness, aim to be a trusted brand of Filipino, especially to health and fitness enthusiasts. More than a brand that offers premium quality products, we want to envision Stark Fitness as a brand that is inclusive to all genders and sizes.”

“This is the route we want to pursue — to cater to everyone’s needs and preferences and to create a space for everyone where they can be the best version of themselves.”

Stark Fitness’ opening day was also attended by a star-studded guest list. Celebrities like Kris Bernal, Ashley Ortega, Max Collins, Michelle Dee, Will Ashley, Meg Imperial, Argel Saycon, Kira Balinger, Nikko Natividad, Devon Seron, and Teejay Trinidad were seen throughout the event.

Beauty queens have also graced the ribbon-cutting ceremony, with Miss Aura International 2021 Faith Garcia, Miss Earth Philippines 2019 Janelle Tee, Miss Supranational Philippines 2021 Dindi Pajares, and Reina Hispano Americana Filipinas 2019 Katrina Llegado turning heads among the crowd.

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FOREO LUNA 3 Men: How to get clean and clear skin

Start your own skincare routine with 3 important steps



A lot of folks ask me, “Hey Michael Josh, how do you manage to look so young?”

As much as I wish I had the location to a super secret fountain of youth, to be honest, it’s probably good genes. As I get older, I’ve also made sure to take better care of my skin.

There are three essential steps to a good skin care routine, and it’s not that complicated:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Moisturize
  3. Apply lots of sunscreen

For the first step, I’ve been using the new FOREO LUNA 3 Men.

While washing your face with your hands does the job, T-Sonic pulsation technology on the LUNA 3 Men does it better by helping you remove dirt and impurities.

This high tech skin care gadget has silicone bristles that really get in there and cleanse your skin—ridding it of pollutants and sweat.

I had also been a lot more active lately so these things build up on my skin after a workout.

The bristles on the LUNA 3 Men are bacteria resistant, too, so you don’t introduce anything nasty onto your skin.

While I don’t grow that buch of a beard, I’ve also found that using my LUNA 3 Men before shaving helps prepare the skin for a smoother shave.

Over the last few months of using it, I’ve noticed that my skin does feel smoother and refreshed after.

Beauty gurus recommend a wide variety of products to put on your face, but none of them will be able to do their job unless you have a clean face to start with. So cleansing is a very important first step.

If you have serums that you’d like to apply, you can use the other side of the LUNA 3 Men to give you a firming facial massage.

Its back side has concentric ridges, so after applying serum to your face, gently glide it in an upward motion across your cheeks, forehead and chin.

After that, gently apply your go-to moisturizer and sunscreen.

The FOREO LUNA 3 Men is made for all skin types, and it retails for US$ 169 at, Sephora PH, Lazada PH.

This content is created in partnership with FOREO Sweden

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