Razer and Lazada partnered up to launch a digital game store

A little strange, but we’ll take it



Lazada and Razer just launched a new region-centric digital game store. Both brands revealed the huge news last April 11 saying they had been working on integrating a Razer game store on Lazada. Their obvious target? Gamers, of course. It’s no surprise that Razer is working hard to make their products available to their audience in Southeast Asia but this time, they’re expanding from gaming accessories to actually selling games from publishers themselves.

It’s a pretty big step for Razer since the store will allow their products and games to be tailored for regional markets at the set local currency. The Razer game store will have regularly offered promotions and in-app specials just like other brands on Lazada’s website. Its goal is to offer fans all across Southeast Asia instant access to hundreds of digital games.

Now, you might be wondering why Razer is opening a game store when you can essentially have access to these games and purchase them through Steam. I’m honestly wondering that myself, but they may be releasing something that will make the shop strike a difference for gamers.

Hari Vijayarajan, EVP and chief business officer of Lazada Singapore, claims that the Razer Game Store on their platform is the only official Southeast Asia-centric source of original digital games. He said he’s happy to be partnering with Razer to expand their store from gaming accessories to the games themselves.

Razer’s co-founder and CEO, Min-Liang Tan, added by saying that a gamer’s wish-list incessantly expands and that his company will keep a close eye on great deals to bolster their library. Tan said,

“Together with Lazada, we’ll bring the passion for gaming to even more fans in Southeast Asia, fueled by our unique ecosystem of hardware, software, and services.”

The store is only available in Singapore for now. Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines will follow soon.

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Instagram releases IGTV app for creators

Now capable of uploading hour-long videos



Have you ever wanted to upload a video longer than a minute on Instagram? You’re in for a treat as the photo-sharing company launched its latest product: IGTV!

IGTV comes with a stand-alone app that allows you to watch longer videos from content creators all over the world, and upload your own videos, as well. With IGTV, creators can upload a video up to an hour long. However, keep in mind that the videos have to be vertically oriented when you upload them.

“It’s built for how you actually use your phone,” according to Instagram’s business blog. Of course, newer accounts won’t be able to fully maximize this new feature as IGTV limits the upload time to ten minutes. However, Instagram is working on applying the one-hour limit to everyone in the future.

Much like a TV, IGTV features channels from different content creators from around the world. When you follow a creator on Instagram, you can access their IGTV channel through a button above Stories. Meanwhile, the IGTV app allows you to scroll through a list of channels according to your preferences. The app filters the channels according to who you’re following and the most popular creators on IGTV itself.

Instagram hopes to add more features to IGTV in the future to help content creators. These features range from advertisements in between videos to an option for monetization — something YouTube is doing right now. Instagram wants to give content creators another means to reach their audience while earning revenue from their content, too.

The IGTV app is now available for download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free! Integration with the Instagram app will follow suit once an update arrives.

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Facebook Messenger will soon autoplay videos in your conversations

Nope, we don’t want videos playing while chatting!



When using a free service, expect it to have ads. That’s what exactly Facebook is doing to keep their platform free of charges, but they’re running out of room for ads inside their main app, so they’re finding more places to put them. That’s why Messenger, Facebook’s messaging app, started to have ads for quite some time now, and it’s about to get more.

Currently, ads inside Messenger are static and they’re bearable since they don’t necessarily get in the way. As mentioned earlier, Facebook wants to put in more ads in their messaging app. Not just simple ads though, but autoplay videos. Videos are more valuable for the company since they sell higher to advertisers. But, can users deal with videos automatically playing while they’re chatting with friends and family?

Stefanos Loukakos, the one who runs Messenger’s ad business, says he’s aware how autoplay videos would feel intrusive and that the company will monitor user behavior to learn if these new ads turn people off. He did claim in an article by Recode that they’re not yet sure how things will work, but basic ads in Messenger didn’t show any changes with how people used the platform and videos may or may not have the same effect.

Autoplay video ads on Messenger will roll out early next week to select (and unlucky) users.

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Android Messages web client goes live and gets new features

Text, images, and stickers are all supported



Android Messages‘ much-awaited feature is finally available and it’s not the only new thing to try out. Google has five new features for users of Messages, from web support to smart replies.

The web version of Android Messages is now rolling out to users, allowing them to send and view messages on their desktop or laptop’s browsers.

Users may visit to access the Android Messages for web. They must also have the updated app on their phone to pair their browser with their phone. People can send stickers, emoji, and attach images aside from sending simple text messages.

The other new features of Android Messages include nifty smart replies for quick responses, instant preview of a link to an article in the conversation, built-in GIF search capabilities, and a useful shortcut for copying one-time passwords such as verification codes when logging into certain apps.

The new features, according to Google, are slowly becoming available to Android users and the rollout will continue throughout the week.

Source: Google

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