Samsung might launch brighter colors for the Galaxy S10

Copies the iPhone XR’s strategy



Remember when old mobile phones sparkled with brash and loud colors? More than a decade ago, Nokia users traded their phone’s boring rear panels for more decorative ones.

After the arrival of the smartphone, companies started pushing metallics as the future. Soon, smartphones varied between similar blends of black, gray, and white. Color died throughout the years.

Now, the rainbow is slowly making a resurgence. Premium smartphones are becoming more colorful as of late. This year, the trend is headlined by the Huawei P20 Pro’s iconic gradient. Also, of note, the new iPhone XR comes in brighter colors. Besides the traditional Apple colors, the more affordable iPhone includes blue, coral, and yellow colors.

Next year, Samsung might embrace the trend themselves. According to popular leaker @OnLeaks, the upcoming Galaxy S10 will come in black, gray, blue, red, green, and yellow.

Of course, Samsung has always included a black or gray variant. The highlight here lies in Samsung’s more colorful options. Previously, the company dabbled in blue and green (or emerald, as it was once known) before. However, the design philosophy’s focus on metallic finishes gave blue and green a strange tint.

Presumably, Samsung’s new lineup will re-engineer this veneer. The new colors are close to Apple’s colors for a reason. If they do include more colorful options, expect a brighter future from Samsung.

Right now, Samsung is sitting on a multitude of potential developments. These include a fully integrated screen, an all-screen fingerprint reader, a foldable screen, and a holed screen. While brighter color options are tamer by comparison, they are still part of Samsung’s (and the smartphone world’s) possible futures.

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Samsung is collaborating with a Supreme rip-off

Announced in China



Historically, tech companies have not usually paired with lifestyle brands. Being lifestyle objects in their own right, smartphones have collaborated with other brands only for incredibly premium promotions. That said, they can surprise us sometimes.

In Samsung’s case, the surprise comes in two packages. Recently, Samsung China announced a startling partnership with lifestyle brand Supreme. In lifestyle circles, the red-boxed brand is a haven for hypebeasts.

Samsung’s new collaboration is not with that brand. Instead, the Korean tech company has partnered with a known Supreme knock-off. Strangely, both the original Supreme and Samsung know this fact.

Naturally, Supreme’s popularity has spawned dozens, if not hundreds, of knock-off brands. Supreme Italia, Samsung’s partner, is one of those brands. Earlier this year, Supreme Italia was embroiled in a legal battle with the original Supreme based in New York City. In a rare outcome, the fake brand triumphed over the original. On inception, Supreme Italia trademarked its properties in its homeland, Italy. The move perpetually protected the fake company under Italian law.

During Samsung China’s launch event for the Galaxy A8s, Supreme Italia announced the collaboration. Apparently, the fake brand is expanding its operations in China, enlisting Samsung as an official partner. The original Supreme does not have rights to sell its products in China.

Funny enough, all three parties — the original Supreme, Supreme Italia, and Samsung — know about the knock-off.

“Supreme is not working with Samsung, opening a flagship location in Beijing, or participating in a Mercedes-Benz runway show. These claims are blatantly false and propagated by a counterfeit organization,” the original company said in a statement to Hypebeast.

Likewise, Samsung China confirmed the issue. In a deleted Weibo post, Samsung China digital marketing manager Leo Lau said: “We are collaborating with Supreme Italia, not Supreme NYC.”

Ironically (or appropriately), Samsung has been in similar patent issues before. Months ago, the company lost a patent infringement battle with its rival, Apple.

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9 live action adaptations to watch right now

Let’s look back at those that have come and gone



With the release of the live action adaptations of Aladdin and Mulan, among others coming in 2019, we wanted to look back at some of the best live action adaptations out there already. Below are nine titles from across the years that you should check out (if you haven’t already).

Casper (1995)

This movie takes the beloved 1945 character and puts him in a movie that’s both really funny and amusing, but also incredibly heartwarming and dramatic. It’s one of those titles that adapts a classic cartoon, but creates a new story that stands on its own. It’s definitely worth watching, plus human Casper is also one of the dreamiest characters ever, and when he whispers “Can I keep you?” I melt every time.

101 Dalmatians (1996)

Cruella de Vil is one of the best villains in the Disney-verse, and Glenn Close’s performance in the live action adaptation is forever etched in my memory. I remember feeling really bad for the puppies and scared of the lady that wanted to skin them. This is one of those features that is bound to give you nostalgic vibes.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

This is one of those movies that pops in my head when I hear the word “Christmas,” and I don’t think a year passes by when I watch it at least once during the holidays. This is the classic Dr. Seuss tale brought to life in a way that still stays true to its origins. It screams Whobilation and celebration, and watching it is bound to give you warm fuzzies and laughs.

Scooby Doo (2002)

This one’s admittedly a weird one. It’s the live action storytelling of the classic Hanna Barbera cartoon, and the execution of it is so close that it’s like you pulled the characters out of the cartoon and made them 3D. The plot was also reminiscent of the cartoon, but with twists that you might not expect. It’s pretty interesting and worth watching at least once.

Transformers (2007)

2007 gave us the first of a long string of movies based off of a cartoon series (and popular toy line) in the late 90s. Transformers explores the time-old conflict between the Autobots and Decepticons, and Michael Bay executed it with a huge bang — literally. This movie, with its great sound design, action sequences, and use of practical effects, is definitely a treat to watch.

Speed Racer (2008)

Speed Racer may not have been the most well-received of movies but when you compare it to the 1967 show, you’ll be amused by the resemblance. All the cheesiness of the show — the megalomaniacal villain, the overly dramatic storylines, the kooky transitions — makes for a fun watching experience. On top of that, this is probably one of the trippiest movies out there which adds to the overall experience.

Paddington (2014)

Paddington is one of the most critically acclaimed adaptations out there (with a 98 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes), and it really captures the essence of what made the books and animated series so popular. Much like the character himself, the 2014 movie is full of charm and fun with family at the core of it all. It’s a blast to watch and is bound to be a good time for all ages!

The Jungle Book (2016)

The Jungle Book is nothing short of an achievement in filmmaking. Adapting a classic is hard enough as it is, but to do it almost entirely with CGI is a miracle. The visuals may be great but the acting in the movie was nothing to scoff at either. Aside from the star-studded voice cast, child actor Neel Sethi did a phenomenal job considering it was his first time acting and he had to act against a mostly blue set.

Christopher Robin (2018)

Watching the trailer for this film will give you chills from nostalgia, and some of the original Disney voice cast being on board only adds to this. This film pulls you back to childhood as you once again spend time with these Hundred Acre Woods characters who are as lovable as ever. This take is more serious and mature, but it also somehow retains the carefree-ness of the original story.

There you go! Nine movies to add to your binge list, just in time to plan pajama nights with your loved ones. It would be nice to look back at some of the greats before plunging deeper into the new generation of live action films.

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Her GadgetMatch

Exercising with the Fitbit Charge 3: Workouts you can do while traveling

Just how good is this new Fitbit?



I’ve always had a soft spot for Fitbit — after all, I started health tracking because of a Fitbit. But, as we enter the age of better-looking smartwatches and more advanced wearables, how do Fitbits fare?

In this article, I work out … and test Fitbit’s latest wearable, the Charge 3.

Warming up

Before anything else, it has to be said: The Charge 3 is a health tracker and not a smartwatch. This means that its main function is tracking your health stats. But, because it’s 2018, it, of course, does more than that. Paired to your phone via the Fitbit App, it also gives your smartphone notifications for calls, messages, and some apps — but that’s about it.

On Android devices, you get the luxury of quick replies from the watch but nothing fancy like voice typing or replies other than what you’ve pre-set on the app. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; this thing is for fitness purposes and is not to be used as another shiny thing to distract you from the ultimate goal which is exercising.

The Charge 3 as part of my outfit

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The best wearable is one you enjoy wearing so much that you keep it on your wrist, which means it can actually do its job and track the fudge out of those calories you’ve burned and steps you’ve taken. To do that, it has to look good enough, or in some cases, discreet enough so that it stays on you.

The Charge 3 looks like your typical fitness wearable and it’s pretty thick to be unnoticeable on your wrist but different strap options help with that. The special edition that I tested came with a black strap that’s great for casual looks and a fresh white band that looks sporty but oh so good.

Of course, there are many other strap options available; you can literally mix and match to suit your mood. And speaking of trackers that stay on your wrist, you’ll rarely have to take it off for charging, as the battery lasted me almost a week with heavy use. Now, on to the actual exercising!

Let’s go!

The Charge 3 boasts a wider screen than its predecessor’s and no physical buttons. It’s responsive enough and the wider surface area gives a better feel when swiping through. The default screen shows you the time, your steps, and your heart rate. Though you can pick different themes, most of them are pretty basic and give you the same info. You navigate through the menu with swipes on the screen and an inductive button on the screen’s left side. Swipe down for notifications, swipe up for stats, and swipe right to get to exercising!

This wearable will automatically record any activity you do. Ideally, you keep it on all the time so you get a complete picture of your fitness progress with all the information at hand. You can also start your exercises depending on a number of pre-set activities like running, treadmill, weights, workout, or even yoga.

Picking a particular exercise session means the wearable will guide you through your chosen exercise with updated stats like time, calories burned, and your heart rate. For science, I worked out. If you’re a frequent traveler, feel free to save this routine for your next trip. 👍🏽

1. HIIT exercise

I did a 10-minute HIIT routine with jumping jacks and high knees. For this type of exercise, it’s especially great to have timer notifications on your wrist instead of having to stop and use a timer on your phone — a gentle vibration just lets me know when it’s time to move on to the next set. This quick and easy routine is a great way to get your heart pumping.

2. Basic exercises with exercise bands

When I travel, I work out with fitness bands: They’re so portable and weigh next to nothing so you can bring them anywhere. It’s a great way to stay fit while on the go. On the Charge 3, I tapped “Workout” under “Exercises” and just allowed it to alert me every time I burned 100 calories. (It’s a great motivator. 😂)

3. Beginner Yoga

Trust me, this exercise is not only good for the body; it’s also great for your mind. Yoga is included on the list of pre-set exercises you can track. This time around, I set my goal on the Fitbit at the 20-minute mark. Now let me warn you: I’m no pro at this but I sometimes do Yoga workouts as a way to meditate and stretch. I’ve found these sessions to be therapeutic.

Because it’s a basic wearable, you don’t see actual workout tutorials on the band as you go (something the Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa offered). And, though useful, that’s a feature that I’ve only ever used once because if you want to follow along to exercises, you will, most definitely, just end up watching on your phone.

Findings were: Fitbit, as always, does a great job of tracking activities. It even lets you decide how to track your exercise — either via calories burned or time elapsed; it also gives these updates in real-time. There are exercise summaries after each activity that help give you a picture of how many calories were burned and real-time heart rate checking throughout to make sure you’re not literally dying during exercise. This activity told me that I wasn’t as fit as I thought I was — multiple exercise takes to shoot this video killed me. 😅

Cool down

No doubt about it: The Fitbit Charge 3 is a great fitness tracker and awesome workout motivator. For those who want a basic wearable that you can trust, this is a great option.

I also love how easy the Fitbit interface is. Even beginners will be able to figure this out. Trust me, I didn’t know crap when I tested my very first Fitbit. Another great function, which not a lot of wearables have, is the built-in female health tracking: a period tracker that’s finally integrated into all your health data.

All in all, the Fitbit Charge 3 is a great way to make sure you’re on track to meet your fitness goals. Just remember that wearables can only do so much. It will give you all the data you need but without you getting off your butt to do the heavy lifting, your nice fitness tracker simply becomes a high-tech bracelet.

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