Samsung’s Galaxy J7+ ad will give you all the feels



The Samsung J7+ has just launched in the Philippines and with that comes a marketing campaign that pulls right at your heartstrings. 

The video starts with a couple who seem like they’re in a pretty sad situation…

Samsung Philippines Galaxy J7+ commercial
But first scene in, we say hi to this cutie pie and his adorable antics.

Samsung Philippines Galaxy J7+ dog commercial
The video progresses to happier — and most definitely cuter — times but, well, we’ll leave you to watch the video to see what happens next. (Consider this your first warning, so get your box of tissues ready!)

Samsung Philippines Galaxy J7+ dog commercial
Props to Samsung Philippines for the heartfelt video, but more props for knowing their audience. They tell me that the concept for the video was the product of customer insight — knowing that millennial pet parents love taking photos of their fur babies; a fact that should come as no surprise as studies have pointed to this generation as one that would rather own pets than have children or buy houses so that their pets live more comfortable lives. (Don’t believe me? Find a friend with a pet and check their camera roll ?)

And, since rear cameras (as opposed to front-facing selfie cameras) are better used to capture fantastic scenes like (ding ding ding!) your pet dog’s wonderful everyday life, Samsung Philippines thought it would be a good idea to demonstrate the capabilities of their newest dual-camera smartphone through a heartfelt video.

The nameless retriever that stole the show in the video was actually played by two beautiful dogs: Tony who is seven years old and Cú who’s eight months old.

Dog parents Cybele and Camille, who own the two dogs, were at the frontlines while their babies dazzled the cameras. Dog trainer extraordinaire Brad Feliciano was also on scene all throughout.

The film is directed by Joel Limchoc who also shot that tearjerker video ad from Globe.

You can watch the whole video here. Again, fair warning, especially to fur parents, there will be tears — lots of them.

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ASUS ROG, ACRONYM partner for Special Edition Zephyrus G14

Bringing together impressive power and top-tier design into one device




ASUS ROG pits its ROG Zephyrus G14 as its most all-around gaming laptop. It comes with powerful hardware in a sleek design, along with features fit for a personalized experience. In essence, it’s the ultimate laptop for gamers and content creators, alike. And apparently, ASUS isn’t the only one who sees it that way.

Errolson Hugh, co-founder of leading technical appparel company ACRONYM has his vision of an empowered user. He believes that more empowered users aren’t strictly just gamers, but is also a thinker and a creator. Since 1994, the company built an extensive portfolio of apaprel sourced from top notch materials.

These initiatives make ACRONYM an ideal partner for ASUS ROG, and it’s seen in their Special Edition Zephyrus G14. In terms of hardware, the Special Edition ROG Zephyrus G14 still carries the latest AMD Ryzen 9 CPU and NVIDIA RTX 2060 GPU. Now, ACRONYM infuses its own design philosophy and brings distinct visual features to the device.

Pricing and availability for the Special Edition ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 have yet to be announced.

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Samsung is shooting an 8K Korean film using the Galaxy S20

To release in 8K, 16:9 resolution



Are you ready for 8K entertainment? Ready or not, the next evolution in resolution is coming. In fact, today’s smartphones already have the ability to shoot 8K video, fitting perfectly well with the recent influx of 8K TVs. All that’s left is actual content. Blessed with a growing list of 8K-compatible hardware, Samsung is shooting an 8K Korean film using the Galaxy S20 series.

Announced through the company’s South Korean newsroom, Samsung will mostly use the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy Note 20 to shoot the short film titled Untact. The company will release the 8K film in select cinemas in South Korea. To ensure safety, the film will show for only small batches of people. Besides the small theatrical release, Samsung will also release the film through its YouTube channel.

South Korean director Kim Jee-Woon will helm the film. The director is most known for popular thrillers such as The Last Stand (featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger) and A Tale of Two Sisters. Meanwhile, Train to Busan’s Kim Joo-Heon and Kim Go-eun will star in the film. The film is a romance flick focusing on the effects of non-face-to-face communication.

Historically, Samsung isn’t the only tech maker foraying into the film business. This year, Apple also shot its own film using an iPhone 11 Pro, among other attempts.

Regardless of the obvious marketing for both companies, technology has undoubtedly progress far beyond the expectations of a regular smartphone from a decade ago. Amidst the rise of 8K entertainment, smartphones are rushing to catch up with modern filmmaking gear. Though the industry will always prefer filmmaker equipment, the smartphone’s capability is there and ripe for the taking.

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BLACKPINK is coming to PUBG and we’re excited

We can’t wait to find out more!



So both the official social media accounts of BLACKPINK and PUBG Mobile shared this:

Clearly, the K-Pop girl group is teaming up with PUBG for something but we still don’t know exactly what. Other than the image, no other details have been revealed yet.

The collaboration can come in many forms but the image suggests a BLACKPINK themed loot crate, vehicle, and other items. Whatever the case may be, you can expect BLINKS to start downloading the game right now.

We’ll update this space once we get more details. Until then, stream “Ice Cream” for clear skin.

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