The Audi Aicon is something to look forward to

It will arrive sooner than expected



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Ever since we were kids, we’ve always thought of the future having self-driving or flying cars thanks to the movies we watched. For Audi and the Aicon concept, that reality might come sooner than we think. At least for the self-driving part.

The Audi Aicon was introduced back in 2017 but it’s over at this year’s CES that we got a glimpse of the company’s take on the future of transportation. The vehicle is capable of level five autonomous driving, meaning it can get from one point to another without any help from humans in navigation. It also promises to offer about 700 to 800km of range on a single charge which is double the usual range of most electric vehicles today.

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For a concept vehicle, it still looks like a fairly normal car — only more fluid and sleeker in design. Its windshield stretches to the top and all the way to the back. This, plus the wide unobstructed windows, provide passengers a better view outside.

What would likely catch your attention next are its front and back ends. The mesh-like grille is populated by lights that display information and warnings for pedestrians (think Cars but with digital eyes for conveying certain expressions).

There’s a seat for the rear passengers but we don’t think they’d be happy during long rides

Inside, the absence of a steering wheel is compensated by a wide panel that acts as the dashboard. And when we say wide, we mean wiiide. This touch panel extends all the way to the doors so one could easily navigate through the menu when the seats are reclined all the way back.

There’s an onboard personal assistant named PIA (Personal Intelligent Assistant) which you can ask questions to, like about a nearby restaurant or your next destination. Although it has a more interesting feature called the Gaze Selection. Basically, it’s a hands-free approach at navigating through the interface’s menu using only your eyes. Simply look at a certain menu tile for a few seconds to select it — almost like controlling the menu with just your mind.

It’s true that the Audi Aicon is not the first to show off a level five autonomous driving system. Having lights that communicate to pedestrians isn’t a new idea either. What makes this worth looking forward to is that it will be ready for mass production sooner than we think.

Audi has confirmed that they will be mass producing autonomous vehicles by 2021 and that’s already in two years. So even if we’re bound to head towards a sea of self-driving cars in the future, Audi is expected to be one of the firsts to offer this technology on a commercial level.


General Motors unveils a flying Cadillac taxi concept

Personal taxis of the future may look like this



CES 2021 continues to wow everyone with the launching of new products and the unveiling of concept products that could become a reality one day. One such concept product showed at CES is the flying Cadillac taxi concept by General Motors (GM).

The flying taxi concept is a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicle, eliminating the need for any runway. Based on the exhibit by GM, it is a single-seater with eight coaxial rotors on the side. The vehicle will also operate autonomously with an electric motor and a 90-kWh battery powering it. The motor also enables the flying taxi to speed up to 56 mph.

Further details about the Cadillac flying taxi are scarce beyond these basic specifications. GM says that this concept is part of its “multi-modal future”: the taxi will act as a personal ferry between two points. Upon arriving at these points, a person can take another electric vehicle to carry them to their destination.

The flying taxi is also a part of GM’s new Ultium platform, which is its in-house solution for EV fleets. As for real-world availability, GM hasn’t disclosed anything so the final product may look drastically different than this one. However, it still is a cool concept that could bode well in the future.

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Apple and Hyundai are partnering for an electric car in 2024



For years, the enigmatic Apple Car has popped in and out of the limelight. Merely because of the volume of reports, the company is certainly working on a vehicle for the future. Finally, the rumored vehicle gets some much-needed confirmation. After several reports, Apple and Hyundai are partnering for an electric car in 2024.

Late last week, an ambiguous rumor reported as much. According to a South Korean outlet, both companies were reportedly in early talks for such a partnership. At the time, the electric car was supposedly entering production in 2027. However, both Apple and Hyundai denied the rumors, casting the report in doubt.

Today, however, a new report has updated last week’s seemingly debunked rumor, as reported by Reuters. This time, Korea IT News, a South Korean newspaper, confirmed the upcoming partnership of the two companies. Apple and Hyundai will reportedly ink the deal by March this year. And, instead of a 2027 deadline, the Apple Car will enter production by 2024.

Again, both companies have refused to comment on the potential partnership. Soon after, the newspaper removed the 2024 anticipated date. According to the same report, Apple and Hyundai will create and release a beta version of the vehicle next year.

Besides their iconic iPhones, Apple has dabbled in other industries over the past few years. For example, the company successfully released an Apple Card, its entry in the fintech industry.

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Nissan offers exclusive discounts, low downpayment on select models

Save up to PhP 430,000 on your next Nissan purchase!



Getting your first car is tempting this holiday season. Nissan has just extended its Safer Drives and Deals promo until December 31, offering exclusive discounts and savings on select models.

You can avail of up to PhP 430,000 discount when you buy a brand-new Nissan Patrol, Nissan X-Trail, Nissan Terra, Nissan Sylphy, Nissan Urvan, and Nissan Almera. Through Nissan’s financing program, you can also benefit from monthly offers such as PhP 5,769 downpayment with 0% interest for up to 24 months, or free amortization for up to 6 months on select vehicles.

Select variants of Nissan Navara also come with cash savings of up to PhP 185,000. Also bundled on this exclusive offer is a free bedliner accessory. However, this exclusive offer is only available through Nissan’s financing program.

If you are paying through cash though, you can still take advantage of cash discounts for other Nissan models. You can save up to PhP 330,000 on select variants of Nissan Patrol, Terra, X-Trail, Sylphy, Navara, Urvan, and Almera.

Meanwhile, an all-in low downpayment option for as low as PhP 28,000 is available for Nissan Almera, Sylphy, X-Trail, Terra, Navara, and Urvan. Downpayment options are available through select partner banks of authorized Nissan dealers.

Tempted to get a Nissan car already? Visit Nissan Philippines’ website for more information on their latest promo.

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