How the We-Vibe Melt helped with my insomnia

And fulfilled my sexual needs



The following is intended for readers 18+

Ever since I was introduced to the world of sex toys, I have always used them for the obvious reason: sexual pleasure. As an advocate of sex positivity, sex toys allowed me to know myself and my body more, which helped me boost my sexual confidence.

But it was not until I owned a clit stimulator that I personally experienced the other benefits aside from fulfilling my sexual needs.

Sex toys promote good health

I was experiencing insomnia in the past few weeks and despite purposely tiring myself in the day or even increasing the dosage of my melatonin supplement, I still can’t get my eyes shut.

Studies suggest that masturbation/having orgasm helps in releasing hormones that can aid sleep. In my quest for natural remedies, I decided to give it a try.

So when I got my hands on We-Vibe’s Melt, a clit stimulator that uses air pressure technology, I tried using it mostly before bedtime. True enough, it took just a while to help me finally doze off.

How does We-Vibe Melt work?

Compared to other sex toys, the We-Vibe Melt is pretty discreet: it uses innovative pressure wave technology to arouse a woman’s clitoris or C-spot. Since it uses air for stimulation, the sound that comes off is not as loud as a vibrator.

The product is very easy to use–just place it right above the clit. It has 12 intensity levels, and it can be controlled with + or — buttons in the device, or through the app We-Connect. It looks small, but it guarantees big orgasms that will make you melt.

While it is advertised as a toy for couples, it can also be used for self-pleasure–a wild treat for those with a very sensitive clit a.k.a. me.

Perfect for beginners

The very first sex toys I owned are vibrating dildos, and I admit they can be intense for a first-timer, especially for those who are still intimidated in trying sex toys.

When I tried the We-Vibe Melt, I really thought: “Where have you been all my life?!” I wished I knew about it sooner.

We-Vibe Melt is the brand’s first dedicated pressure-wave/suction toy. It is less invasive yet very powerful. Perfect for beginners who are not comfortable with penetrative toys yet but want to achieve a mind-blowing orgasm. Yup, this little thing can blow your mind.

It looks and feels premium 

This is the most expensive toy I have owned to date, and I can say that you really get what you pay for. It’s silky smooth and has an easy grip. The quality is superb, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to malfunction any sooner. Not to mention, it’s also easy to clean and dry.

The buttons are easy to navigate too, and it comes with a magnetic charger that’s easy to remove.

One of my favorite things about this We-Vibe Melt is it’s waterproof–so yes, it’s safe to do the deed in the shower!

It’s a great option whether you’re single, or with a partner

While the product description says it’s made for couples, it’s satisfying enough for a solo sesh. I got multiple orgasms after using it for several minutes, and I didn’t even get a penetration!

The app also has a “Connect to Partner” feature, which is great news for LDR couples. Through this feature, the partner can control the We-Vibe Melt, whether they’re beside you or they’re on the other side of the world. There’s also a wide range of pressure levels to choose from, and believe me, it’s fun exploring the different sensations.

Is this your PlayMatch?

For the high-end quality, guaranteed sexual satisfaction, and of course, its health benefits, We-Vibe Melt is a must-buy.

The only thing I didn’t like about it is isn’t as quiet as it claimed to be. The higher vibration modes can be quite loud. But if you’re worrying someone might hear you from the other room, here’s a tip: turn up your room’s air-conditioning/electric fan plus air purifier and their sounds will overpower the sound of the device.

We-Vibe Melt is priced at US$ 149.00, quite pricey compared to other brands that provide similar products in the market, but for a product that will last long, the extra bucks won’t hurt.

Overall, We-Vibe Melt is a premium product that I would definitely recommend to my friends. I am actually excited to try other lineups of We-Vibe after this because when it comes to quality and aesthetics, the brand really delivers well.

Shop it on We-Vibe’s official website.


Tinder now lets friends and family choose matches for you

It’s called the Matchmaker feature



An essential part of the Tinder experience is getting your friends’ usually constructive critique of potential matches. If you’re someone who seeks a friend’s approval before swiping right, the dating service is making the experience official. Tinder users can now ask friends and family for matching suggestions.

Dubbed the Matchmaker, the feature will let a user’s close circle interact with their profiles in a meaningful way. Using the feature will generate a link which users can share with up to 15 different people. They don’t even need a Tinder profile to start recommending. Anyone, even those without Tinder, can participate in a Matchmaker session.

Once created, a session will last 24 hours. Participating matchmakers will go through a series of profiles for the user. As always, they can swipe right on profiles that they think will match well with their friend. After the 24 hours, the original user can review who their friends recommended to them. Recommended profiles will show up with a label. Notably, rejected profiles will still show but without any sort of mark.

To be clear, the Matchmaker feature will not replace the original user. No matter how many profiles a user’s friends recommend, only the user themselves have the final say on whether they swipe right or engage in conversation with the recommended profile.

At its best, the new feature gives users an additional filter when selecting a potential match on the platform. At its quirkiest, it allows family members to vet matches for their single loved one. And, at its worst, it’s still a bit of fun to come up with funny matches for a friend.

The Matchmaker feature is available now in 15 countries around the world.

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Meet your music match with Bumble, Spotify

Looking for a fellow Swiftie?




Bumble Spotify

Music is one thing that can bring potential couples together. With that in mind, Bumble has teamed up with Spotify so you can meet your music match.

The app has long let its users connect their profiles to their Spotify accounts. They’re taking it a step further by showing if you are musically compatible through your Top Artists.

If you’re looking for a fellow Swiftie or want to go to a TWICE concert with another ONCE, Bumble is trying to make it easier for you to connect with someone who share a similar taste in music.

“Discovering that you and a potential romantic partner love the same artist is a fun and fast way to establish common ground, plus it provides a natural segue to start other important conversations around each person’s priorities and passions”, said Bumble’s Sex and Relationships Expert Shan Boodram.

You can also share your favorite music genres right on your profile with Bumble’s Interest Badges. As of March 2023, “Rock,” “Electronic,” “Pop,” “Jazz,” and “Hip Hop” were some of the top music genres adopted globally.

Bumble is the women-first dating and social networking app. They’ve built their platform around kindness, respect, and equality — and their community plays an important part in that. Bumble holds its users accountable for their actions and strives to provide them with an experience free from hate, aggression, or bullying.

Spotify is home to over 100 million tracks and over 5 million podcasts titles, for free. Users can also opt to upgrade to Spotify Premium to access exclusive features for music including improved sound quality and an on-demand, offline, and ad-free music listening experience.

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Photo ideas to soft launch your new relationship

Using the newest vivo V27



vivo V27 soft launch

If you’re running out of creative ideas on how to announce to the social media world that you are in love (without revealing who your new S/O is AKA soft launch), we got you.

We recently got our hands on the newest vivo V27, which features a 50-megapixel main camera — just the perfect phone to bring on date nights.

This newest vivo phone also features a 50MP selfie camera, and additional 8MP wide-angle + 2MP Triple Rear Camera that easily detects and enhances ambient light.

We reenacted some of the cutest soft launch entries from the internet, so we hope you take notes. 

Get creative on your dates and keep your followers intrigued with these soft launch ideas using the newest Vivo V27.

A mirror selfie, of course!

Perhaps one of the easiest shots: a mirror selfie with your faces covered. It’s fun and easy to get creative with this one. Just look for a full body mirror or a blind spot mirror (they’re quite the popular choice). Post this on your story and intrigue your friends.

The photo on the left was taken inside an establishment with low, warm lights. I loved how the camera still captured the true colors of the place.

The right photo, on the other hand, was taken using 2x zoom. The Vivo V27 camera can capture up to 10x zoom, and the photo quality is impressive. You can take a photo of a restaurant menu from afar and still read the text!

The color is still crisp even in low light environment, and you can adjust the light settings accordingly.

Mirror selfie… through another phone camera

If a mirror selfie sounds cliché for you, you can level up your creativity with a mirror shot… through the lens of both your phone and your SO’s.

What I noticed with Vivo V27 camera settings though, it automatically adjusts the color sometimes. The photos above were taken consecutively, and the color change is easily noticeable.

Again, this photo is taken in a low light environment, but the colors are still popping.

The “no cameras, please!” shot

POV: you are your SO’s biggest fan. 

Trust us, this shot would look great on your IG feed. Try to capture this with one of vivo V27’s signature feature — the aura light mode.

vivo V27 soft launch

L: Aura Off | R: Aura On

Vivo V27 Aura Light looks like a mini ring light at the back of the phone. What I loved about this feature is how the light doesn’t overpower the subject and the photo in general, compared to the normal flash feature of other phones.

The aura light looks very bright on the outside, but when I saw the photo outputs, it gave just the right amount of light to give emphasis to the subject of the photo.

Vivo V27’s portrait mode is also pretty impressive. These shots were taken after sunset, and yet the photos are still bright and clear.

The “stolen” back/side profiles

Don’t want to be included in the shot? You can take solo photos of your S/O during your date… still without showing the face.

vivo V27 soft launch

Perhaps my favorite vivo V27 camera feature, the Super Night Mode is great for your date nights. As someone who also takes night photos using a DSLR camera, I can attest that the vivo V27’s night mode is like using your professional camera without the need for soft box lights. 

This phone is definitely a low light and night mode beast. For the photos above, I can’t tell which one I liked better because both shots looked great.

The vivo V27 also features a super wide mode, which adds more character to photos. 

Western Movies Filter

Macarons Filter

Having a hard time finding the right filter to match the vibe of the place? Vivo V27 has a total of 11 filters for you to choose from. My personal favorites are the Yogurt and Macarons. Which one do you think fits the soft launch photos above? 

The movie poster style

vivo V27 soft launch

Set up a self-timer with your vivo 27 and recreate a romantic movie poster for your soft launch! Or if you’re brave enough, ask a stranger to take a photo of your sweet moment with your S/O. 

I loved how the tree lights are captured well in the photos above. Finding the focus wasn’t hard either, so safe to say that Vivo V27 is a super reliable date night companion.

The minimalist shots

vivo V27 soft launch

A photo holding hands, or an eye-level shot below the face will surely make your friends DM you asap. It’s like wanting your relationship to be lowkey, and yet you want everyone to know. 

Check out the samples above. Both are taken on normal camera modes.

Compared to other android phones, what I like about Vivo V27 is the camera easily adjusts to difficult lighting. 

In the photo above, the subject is against the window light. I was impressed when the camera easily adjusted the focus and lighting and the subject didn’t turn out shadow-y.

Shadow selfie

Whether it’s by the street or by the beach, shadow selfies are cute photos to show everyone you’re taken.  

vivo V27 soft launch

Vivo V27’s Super Night Mode captures solid shadow photos as seen above, so no worries in achieving that Pinterest-like shot.

The ‘lowkey flex’ shot

vivo V27 soft launch

This one’s pretty common on Instagram stories — you flaunting a photo of your drink.. or wait, are we seeing something else?

vivo V27 soft launch

You can also take selfies for this shot! vivo V27 also features Bokeh Selifes — it’s like taking portrait except as selfie. You can choose the blur level of your background. 

I am personally not a fan of this feature, but it helps give emphasis to the photo subject especially when the background is busy. 

Take as much selfies as you want, since the camera features a 50-megapixel HD AF

Matchy shoes!

You know everyone would scream “couple alert!” when you post a photo of matching shoes.

If you want to take a less subtle one, try taking mirror shots with matchy clothes (while still covering your faces, of course).

Want to take more soft launch photos with a new phone? The vivo V27 is now available in the Philippines. It runs on 8GB RAM and 128GB memory so you can store as many date photos (and even videos) as you’d like! It retails at PhP 24,999.

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