3 things to remember before packing your sensual gadgets

Keep these in mind so they don’t get confiscated



Having a sex toy is not a crime, at least in several countries. Up until this moment, sex toys are still considered taboo, despite being packed with technology that they’re easily deemed as personal gadgets for self-pleasure.

During the pandemic, the shipments for sex toys rose since both singletons and couples are locked up — finding ways to quench their thirst and hold their libido in order to be safe from the rampaging virus.

Now that the world is starting to open up for domestic and overseas travel, people are starting to book their flights to make those long-overdue trips materialize into reality.

With the changes in behavior regarding self-pleasure, it’s easy to slip your favorite toys into your luggage so that you can bring your vibrating companion wherever you go.

But before you pack these travel companions, here are some things to remember:

Check the country you’re visiting

Not every country is willing to bat an eyelid at the sight of your beloved companion. That’s probably the case for the United States and the United Kingdom where sex toys aren’t illegal.

Countries like India, the United Arab Emirates, and the Maldives classify sex toys along the same lines as firearms, explosives, and weapons under the category of illegal pornographic material. This is the same for most Islamic countries.

If you don’t want your toy to get confiscated, or worse, find yourself behind bars and get persecuted, take the time to research the laws surrounding sex toys in your desired destination. Just to be really safe, keep them in your bedside drawer while you’re on holiday.

Always keep it small

Good things come in small packages. That’s particularly true for sex toys when you pack them inside your luggage. If the country you’re visiting allows you to bring your beloved toy, there are still restrictions you’ll need to check. For instance, the United Kingdom states that tools in carry-on baggage must be under 6cm.

If you don’t pack a compact device as your travel companion, it’s bound to be confiscated. Luckily, there are small, discreet, yet powerful bullet vibrators that you can bring with you anywhere you go. Such an example is the We-Vibe Tango X.

For men, the Arcwave Voy is a compact stroker that you can bring anywhere if you aim to level up your masturbation game.

On another note, if you’re still ancient and use battery-powered toys, don’t forget to remove the batteries to avoid them going off in the X-ray machine.

We love it quiet

On certain occasions that your toys started vibrating in your suitcase, it’s important that they remain quiet. To avoid cases like this, it’s important to look for devices with travel settings.

If my beard trimmer can stay locked while in my luggage, your sex toys should, too. For instance, the We-Vibe Melt comes with a travel lock feature so that it won’t turn on by itself once activated.

Other toys that you might want to check out are the We-Vibe Chorus (if you’re coupled up) or LIBERTY by Lily Allen which comes with a travel cover.

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Apple AirPods Pro 2 Review

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Nomad launches Ultra Orange cases for iPhone 14 Pro

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It’s never too late to accessorize for your new iPhone 14 Pro. With Apple’s price tags still as high as they are, it’s important to protect your investment for the next few years. Unfortunately, a lot of rugged cases don’t prioritize fashion. If you’re looking for the perfect blend of glitz and protection, look no further than Nomad and its new Ultra Orange lineup.

The new lineup of cases — built specifically for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max — are delectably minimalist. The orange polycarbonate frame with a PET backplate can both protect your new phone and dazzle while on the go. Plus, durable TPU bumpers saves your hardware from drops of up to 15 feet.

Meanwhile, dual lanyard slots will add convenience if you need both hands for something else. Also, if you’ve bought into Apple’s wireless charging system, the Nomad case is still compatible with the brand’s MagSafe products.

To complement your phone, the collection also has an Ultra Orange sports band for the 45mm Apple Watch and Watch Ultra. The band is both lightweight and durable to provide comfort and durability throughout the day.

The Nomad Ultra Orange iPhone 14 Pro case will retail for US$ 49.95. Meanwhile, the Ultra Orange Sport Band will retail for US$ 59.95. Both are limited edition and will start shipping in November. Pre-orders will grab an additional percent discount.

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