Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold with Liquid Lens, now official

A big leap for the Mi experiment line



Mi Mix Fold

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix line really went from a sliding phone all the way to a folding one with the official reveal of the Mi Mix Fold.

Xiaomi’s first official foldable doesn’t look too different from the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. They both fold in and share a pretty similar look. But of course, the differences are in the details.

Unfolded, it’s slightly larger at 8.01 inches diagonally vs the 7.6 inches on the Galaxy Z Fold2. The outer display also has also slightly bigger measuring 6.52 inches compared to the 6.2 inches on Samsung’s foldable. The Mi Mix Fold also doesn’t have a cutout or punch-hole in the inner, larger display.

Mi Mix Fold

Gaming, videos, and performance

Xiaomi says the Mi Mix Fold is fantastic for content consumption. When watching regular 16:9 videos, 75% of the screen is used. The experience is also aided by four Harman Kardon tuned speakers.

Mi Mix Fold

They also showcased how MiHoYo’s breakout game of 2020 Genshin Impact looks on the Mi Mix Fold. It fills up the whole screen while playing and the foldable had no problems running the game. This is because it’s also powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip.

But the company says its true potential is unlocked when used for productivity. It has multi-window support that seems to be expected now of foldable smartphones. But the Mi Mix Fold takes things further with what they call a Desktop Mode or PC Mode.

The user only needs to do a three-finger swipe on the large display to enter Desktop Mode. The mode resembles that of a Windows desktop with a button on the lower left edge of the screen to launch apps nestled on a task bar. It behaves just like a Windows desktop that’s why they’re calling this the “PC at your fingertips.”

Supporting all these functions is a 5020mAh battery with support for 67W fast charging.

Liquid Lens, camera chip

The Mi Mix Fold has a triple camera setup but with a twist. The main camera is a 108MP lens, then there’s 13MP ultra-wide angle lens. Lastly is the 8MP liquid lens that functions as both a telephoto lens with up to 30x Zoom and a Macro lens that’s capable of the gimmicky microscopic shots also seen on the OPPO Find X3 Pro.

Xiaomi says the Liquid Lens functions like the human eye in that it’s a smaller lens that is able to focus faster and more accurately.

Xiaomi’s new foldable smartphone is also home to its proprietary Surge C1 imaging chip. It’s an imaging processor independent from the Snapdragon SoC. It’s supposed to process faster auto focus, provide better white balance and give higher dynamic range.

Pricing and availability

The Mi Mix Fold will come in three configurations with the third one being a ceramic Special Edition. Pricing and configurations are as follows:

Mi Mix Fold

12GB + 256GB — CNY 9999 (around US$ 1521)
12GB + 512GB — CNY 10,999 (around US$ 1673)

Mi Mix Fold Special Edition

16GB + 512GB — CNY 12,999 (around US$ 1973)


Twitter now allows mixing videos, photos, and GIFs in one tweet

A more creative way to post



Twitter India

Throughout the years, we’ve seen how Twitter has evolved, from having a lengthier character limit to replacing squares with circles in its overall page and app layouts.

Now, the popular networking site has come up with a new update which will allow users to post videos, photos, and GIFs all in one tweet.

This change has been tested in the last few months with popular creator and brand accounts across the sports, music, and entertainment industries.

Here are some examples:

Starting today, all users on the platform may now be able to take advantage of the ability to mix different media in a single tweet.

There will still be a maximum of four media in one tweet, but the change definitely gives users more room for creativity in their posts to standout and be more engaging.

Judging from the examples above, the posts kind of mimic Instagram content; it might lessen the need for Twitter threads too.

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Instagram will start to put ads on a user’s profile

And on the Explore page



Ads are everywhere. Several platforms are testing where and how much they can put without raising a lot of fuss from their users. On a few occasions, a platform can cross the line, prompting a wave of reprisals. Instagram, for example, backtracked on a controversial decision to pump out more recommended posts and ads after massive backlash. Despite the recency of the controversy, Instagram is back again with another ad-fueled decision: ads on user profiles.

This week, Meta announced that two more types of ads are coming to Instagram. The first type is a natural extension of what the platform already has. Instead of hiding video ads deep within the Explore section, these short videos will start popping up right on the section’s landing page. Since the section already has ads, it might not be as intrusive, especially when compared to the second type.

Besides a new spot in the Explore feed, Instagram is also adding ads to a user’s profile. Likely to a lot of users’ dismay, it is what it says on the tin. Offering some consolation, the platform won’t spoil a profile’s grid with an ad. Instead, when a user clicks on a post on the profile, the vertical feed, which usually shows a timeline of the profile’s content, will contain spots for ads.

Instagram has not officially confirmed which users will get the feature. However, the company is currently testing it for select creators. It also assures users that it will come only on public profiles, not private individuals.

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YouTube might ask users to pay to watch in 4K

In testing phase



Despite offering a mostly free service, YouTube is finding new ways to monetize parts of its platform. Now, ads are a lot more prevalent while watching videos. A less popular way is gating some features behind the platform’s YouTube Premium banner. YouTube is trying it once again, though. The platform is currently testing whether to keep 4K viewing behind a paywall.

With the capabilities of displays today, YouTube and its creators can offer content in stunning 4K resolution. Though not everyone can enjoy the feature, 4K viewing was a welcome one.

However, as spotted by some users on social media (via TechCrunch), the video-sharing site is reportedly making the viewing option exclusive for Premium users. The company has not officially announced any change yet. However, YouTube’s other accounts on Twitter replied to some concerned users on the site, citing an “experiment” to test what works for Premium and non-Premium users.

The company is still gathering responses to the experiment. However, if the initial social media response is any indication, a good chunk of YouTube’s users isn’t pleased with having to pay more to enjoy high-quality content.

Currently, YouTube Premium comes at US$ 11.99 per month for interested customers. The paid subscription offers ad-free viewing and offline viewing. If the company sees some progress with the experiment, they might ad 4K viewing to Premium’s mix.

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