Let’s face it. Clickbait does exist and everyone should be extra cautious with what they share online.

Here are some tips from our YouTuber friends on how to spot fake news.

This video was made in collaboration with YouTube to celebrate Safer Internet Day. It aims to show users online safety tips as well as educate them on responsible digital citizenship.

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How To: Low-light photography, videography on an iPhone

Take out your lightsabers and record Star Wars-themed content!




Gone are the days where our smartphones struggle from shooting when there’s a lack of proper lighting. Nowadays, most smartphones — flagships specifically — can record amazing videos and stunning photos in low-light conditions.

For instance, FightSaber Singapore, a premier Lucasfilm-recognised lightsaber performance organization recorded a Star-Wars themed video using only the iPhone 12 Pro Max. FightSaber Singapore used lightsabers from SaberMach, Singapore’s first and only professional combat saber company, to highlight NeoPixel blades that astonishingly lit up the room.


Nonetheless, taking gorgeous stills and videos in low-light situations is now possible using just your smartphone. Fret not, you don’t need to be a pro; you just need to follow simple tricks.

Tips and tricks

First, make sure to turn on High-Efficiency Image File Format before you start shooting. Next, adjust HDR (high dynamic range) on your camera settings which will help you capture vibrant stills in high-contrast situations. If you plan on capturing light streaks, set your settings to 4K with 24 FPS. For smooth movements, adjust it to 4K with 60 FPS.

When you start shooting, lock the exposure and maintain auto-focus. Tap the spot on your screen that you want to adjust. On iPhone, you can also press and hold on the screen until you see AE/AF lock to keep the focus and exposure in the same spot.

Moreover, you can create a quick whip zoom effect while recording by tapping on the individual lenses. No need for post-production!

On a non-technical tip, don’t forget about varying your camera angles. Low-angle shots tend to add drama while high-angle shots provide an overview of the scene.


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4 tips to make sure your air fryer lasts longer

A reminder to take care of your home essential



Illustration by Kris Blanco

When living in fast-paced environments, it’s easy to indulge in everything quick and instant; ordering take-outs instead of having home-cooked meals. Having an air fryer can handle all the cooking for us while we go on with our daily lives.

But having an air fryer isn’t the end-all-be-all. A little nurturing goes a long way, especially for home essentials we consider as investments. Assuming you have an air fryer now, you’ve probably cooked recipes you found on the internet and/or local Facebook groups. The question is: Are you taking care of your air fryer properly?

Maintenance doesn’t always have to be tough, here are a few reminders on how you can make your air fryer last for the years to come.

Prepare your toolkit

First things first, daily rinsing could lead for the screws to loosen up. Make sure you have a mini screwdriver handy. After that, prepare the following cleaning essentials: sponge, dish soap, and degreaser. If you’re asking, yes, you don’t really need a lot when cleaning your air fryer.

What to do after every meal cooked

If you cook food that secretes oil like pork belly, which requires more cleaning after use: remove the oil pile up, spray with degreaser (optional), and scour with regular dish soap and sponge. Wipe or air dry before putting the tray back to the base.

For cooking less oily food like French Fries, all you have to do is wipe your cooking basket and cooking tray thoroughly after use.

On maintaining it for the long run

The base also needs to be cleaned two to four times a year. You can use a degreaser, wet wipes, or just basic wiping. Turning it upside down also helps especially when cleaning the burner. Make sure it’s completely dry before using it again. It’s best to avoid using it for 24 hours after cleaning.

Little things that might affect the way you prepare your meal

Avoid stacking your food and use a skewer rack if needed, for it may cause uneven cooking. At some point, smoke will come out of your air fryer which is usually caused by food touching the burner on top or too much oil build up on the cooking tray.

There are a couple of accessories specifically designed for air fryers available online for more convenience. But they’re not necessarily needed. As long as you have an air fryer, you’re all set.

Our favorite air fryers that you might want to consider

Shop: XTREME HOME 3.5L Digital Air Fryer (PhP 2,995.00)

Shop: Hanabishi HAFEO-23SS (PhP 6,190.00)

Shop: Russell Hobbs Cyclofry Plus 22101-56 (PhP 9,399.00)

Shop: Philips HD9238 (PhP 14,246.25)

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4 ways to maximize your income for Shopee’s sale

Spend your hard-earned income the right way!



Shopee’s next sale comes this March 15 — the Payday Sale. In order to get the most out of your hard-earned income, Shopee has come up with five tips on how to maximize your income for the sale even you don’t want to miss.

1. Always check for free shipping 

Before checking out, double-check if free shipping vouchers are available. Your favorite shops on Shopee also often offer free shipping vouchers on select items. This Payday Sale, you can enjoy all-day free shipping with no minimum spend from thousands of participating shops.

2. Avail of cashback rewards

Shopee Coins are cashback rewards you can use to get discounts on your next purchases. Every peso counts, so try to earn as many coins as you can while shopping. To earn more, click on the “Daily Check-In” button on the Coins Rewards page, rate and review your purchases, play Shopee Games, and watch live streams. You can also shop during the Payday Sale to enjoy all-day 15% cashback, capped at 200 coins, with no minimum spend!

3. Go cashless with ShopeePay for more perks

Shop, buy load and pay bills with ShopeePay — Shopee’s built-in mobile wallet — to enjoy safe transactions and rewards. Use ShopeePay during the Payday Sale to enjoy all-day sitewide free shipping and 15% coins cashback.

You can also enjoy PhP 1 deals from Jollibee, Dunkin’ Donuts, and McDonald’s with ShopeePay. Plus, you can buy PhP 10 mobile load for only PhP 6 all day, and enjoy bigger discounts on select time periods. You also get 20% cashback when you pay your bills using ShopeePay for the first time.

4. Get exclusive discounts on Shopee Mall

Check out the Payday Sale to enjoy up to 90% off on top Shopee Mall brands such as Penshoppe, L’Oréal Paris, Logitech, Unilever Homecare, Unilever Foods, Omega Houseware, Xtreme Appliances, and Huggies. You can use the code MALLPAYDAY15 on all Shopee Mall items to enjoy 15% cashback, capped at 200 coins, for PhP 500 minimum spend. For more discounts, you can also apply multiple shop vouchers per order.

Bonus: Shopee Prizes for more exciting rewards

You can also score big prizes by playing Shopee Prizes. Play Shopee Hourly Prizes to win gadgets bundle worth PhP 15,000; Shopee Farm for a Nintendo Switch; Shopee Candy for a pair of Galaxy Buds; and, Shopee Bubble for a Huawei Matebook Bundle.

With these tips, you can get more out of your own income during the Shopee Payday Sale. For more information on the sale event, visit this website today.

This is a press release from Shopee Philippines

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