It’s 2017, people! With the influx of information because of the internet and social media, it is expected that everything be smart — including your household.

All jokes aside, these days it’s pretty easy to set up your home. For those of you looking to start doing just that, here are a few devices that will jumpstart your journey to having a connected home.

Google Home Mini

Google’s latest smart speaker gives you all the smart assistant perks in a smaller and more affordable package. It retails for US$ 50 — way cheaper than the original Google Home — and comes in coral, chalk, and charcoal.

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Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum

This smart robot will take cleaning off your hands! The Xiaomi Mi Robot vaccuum uses sensors to map your house and vacuum every inch without you needing to lift a finger.

TP-Link Smart Plug

Use this plug to convert your “dumb” appliances into smart ones! This allows you to automatically power appliances on and off, or even set a schedule for when you’d want them to power on.

Samsung Family Hub refrigerator

Yes, people, it’s not crazy to talk to refrigerators in 2017. The Samsung Hub Refrigerator will not only keep your food stored and safe from spoiling, it’ll also take note of its own contents and be able to look up recipes online depending on what ingredients you have.

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Philips Hue

Mood lighting is everything! These bulbs can be controlled via a smartphone app and are capable of showing you a rainbow — literally.

Bosch X-Spect scanner

Doing laundry will never be the same again with the Bosch X-Spect. This tiny device is a scanner that allows you to scan your clothes to determine what material they’re made of; it can even determine what you spilled on it! All this information is then sent to your washer to makes sure you get optimum settings for your next wash.

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