Xiaomi is known as a jack of all trades; it has ventured from the smartphones we all know and love, to televisions, laptops, action cameras, fitness trackers, air purifiers, robot vacuums — we could go on and on. What matters now is Xiaomi just launched a full-fledged electric scooter, and it’s called Mijia.

This isn’t the first time the Chinese company released a vehicle; last June saw the QiCycle, a folding electric bike. The Mijia sets itself apart by being more lightweight and affordable.

Xiaomi Mijia

That’s made possible with the use of aluminium alloy for the main frame and a 280Wh battery that’s good for 30km on a single charge. If you take advantage of its 25km/h max speed, you should have enough juice for a little over an hour of riding.

To lengthen the travel time, there’s this thing called Kinetic Energy Recovery System, or KERS for short. By converting kinetic energy into electric energy during your ride, some battery life is saved for the 500W motor.

It’s relatively safe too, thanks to a dual-braking system that can halt the scooter within four meters. If all else fails, the scooter weighs only 12.5kg, so you can lift it out of harm’s way with ease.

Xiaomi Mijia

But really, this wouldn’t be a Xiaomi product without some kind of smart device integration. Download the mobile app for your phone, and you can monitor the battery’s condition and even update the scooter’s firmware.

The Mijia will be available beginning December 15 for a fair price of CNY 1,999 or about $290. You have two colors to choose from: white or black — no rose gold, sadly.

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