While Apple keeps a strong image of being a widely used computer brand with their MacBooks, they are not the leading brand of personal computers around the globe. It’s actually another American manufacturer with a Chinese technology company not so far behind.

According to preliminary estimates of the International Data Corporation (IDC) for Q3 2017, HP is the world market leader of PCs with a 22.8 percent share on shipments of 15.3 million units. In second place is Lenovo with a 21.6 percent share and 14.5 million units shipped.

HP Envy 13 folded

HP Envy 13

Both companies were able to keep the PC market stable with just a 0.5 percent year-on-year decrease in shipments, which is better than IDC’s early prediction of a 1.4 percent decline.

In the third spot is Dell with their 16.1 percent share and 10.8 million shipped units. Apple got fourth place with its 7.3 percent share and 4.9 million units, while the fifth spot belongs to ASUS with a 6.2 percent share and 4.2 million shipments.

Lenovo Yoga 910

The five big names in the PC market remains the same based on the report of another research firm, Gartner, but has a more concerning global year-on-year decline of 3.6 percent.

For Gartner, HP has an estimated 21.8 percent global share with 14.6 million shipments, while Lenovo secured a 21.4 percent share with 14.3 million shipments. It’s a much closer race for the top spot.

Dell is still trying to make a dent with their 15.2 percent share and shipments of 10.1 million.

It’s interesting that ASUS ranked fourth in Gartner’s estimate with a 7.3 percent share and 4.9 million units, while Apple is behind at 6.9 percent and 4.6 million units.

As always, the emerging regions are business opportunities for companies to keep the PC market stable, despite the slow and declining growth. According to Gartner, the shortage of dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) is still ongoing, which is likely to continue until next year. Final pricing of PCs is still unaffected, for now.

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