When we wrote about the HTC U11’s launch last month, we were a little vague about what variants each region is getting. But thanks to a convincing leak, we can pinpoint a few countries getting the higher-end version of the HTC flagship.

Based on this Tweet by LlabTooFeR, nine countries are on the preliminary list of those getting the HTC U11 equipped with 6GB of memory and 128GB of storage.

So, those are mostly Asian countries.

This model is a step up from the more common version which has 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage, and will ship in Europe and around America.

While it’s nice to get the best of the best, the next concern is how much more these markets will have to spend for the clearly more expensive model.

The HTC U11 is already starting at $649 for the lower-end variant, and when you factor in shipping costs and import taxes, we’re looking at potentially eye-popping price tags for each of these regions.

Availability is still a mystery for most of the list, but rollout in the US has already begun.

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