5 free apps that every beer lover should have



How do I love beer? Let me count the ways… ?

Whether it be a locally branded ale, a craft brew, or a well-known international brand, a good, cold beer mug in my hand is something I always look forward to.

Aside from often being on the lookout for the next good pint to try, I try to find ways to optimize my drinking activities with technology. (Duh, I work for GadgetMatch. Tech mingling with everyday life should be expected!) I’ve picked out my favorite drinking apps so that you, dear audience, will have the same fun and fulfilling tech-assisted hazy beer adventure. You’re welcome.

iBeer Free

For times you want to drink beer (which is probably most of the time) but can’t. This app simulates beer on your smartphone and allows you to chug it down, complete with sound effects. Because, why not.

This app simulates beer on your smartphone and allows you to chug it down, complete with sound effects.

Download on iOS; Android


If you’re tired of pretend drinking on your phone, it may be time to get the real thing. Get friends to join you via this no-nonsense app. Beer?! allows you to send invites and set drinking dates with one quick gesture: tap to send “Beer?!,” tap to reply “Beer?!”

Drinking plans were never this fuss-free.

 Beer?! allows you to send invites and set drinking dates with one quick gesture

Download on iOS; Android


If you’re in no mood to go out for beers, you could pop open a few bottles at home and have a shot ? at this virtual game with friends. Drink-O-Tron is beautifully designed and, more importantly, a surefire way to get more fun out of those beer-filled mugs.

have a shot  at this virtual game with friends with Drink-O-Tron

Download on iOS; Android


Imagine a social media network like Facebook — but for beer. That’s what Untappd is, sort of. This app allows you to rate and review different beers, check where your drinking buddies are at, or scan beer barcodes to pull up details on your drink. Best part: It can book you an Uber, because we all know that drinking and driving isn’t cool.

This app allows you to rate and review different beers, check where your drinking buddies are at, or scan beer barcodes to pull up details on your drink

Download on iOS; Android

Drunk Mode

We all have our beer-fueled moments, and this particular app is a godsend in that department. Manage your emotionally charged, alcohol-powered drunk-calling confessions with this very useful app. It allows you to block certain numbers for a period of time — yes, as long as you need for your night out — and it asks you to answer a complicated equation when you try. Additionally, it can track your location and send it to your (hopefully not equally drunk) buddies in case you’re a drunk wanderer like yours truly.

Really, what a time to be alive.

Drunk Mode allows you to block certain numbers for a period of time

Download on iOS; Android 

Who needs an occasion to drink beer? Well, certainly not me! I welcome a sweet, sweet pint (or three) anytime — especially with these apps safely downloaded on my phone.

Cheers, ladies and gents! Drink moderately, or at least make sure you download that last app.

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Digimon ReArise: A new Digimon mobile game!

It comes with an exclusive Digimon!



Bandai Namco Entertainment just posted a teaser video for its new and upcoming Digimon ReArise mobile game. The text in the video reads, “Here is the story where your Digimon becomes a reality.”

The teaser doesn’t say much but Digimon ReArise will be a free-to-play mobile game where you’ll be working closely with a Digimon to battle against “Spiral,” — a mysterious and unexplained power. The development team describes the game as both “the adventure story of tamers and their Digimon” and “a game for looking after and training Digimon at any time.”

On top of all that, Bandai Namco finally revealed the exclusive starter Digimon you meet in the game. Created by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, the new Digimon is named Erismon (エリスモン). He’ll be the main focus and will be your main companion in the game. Erismon is apparently an electric hedgehog whose attacks shoot out static needles from his back.

Digimon ReArise will be out this year in Japan. While this game is in the works, you can give Digimon Links a try. Digimon Links was launched in Japan in March 2016 and in English last October.

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Spotify plans to create their own smart speaker

Is this the Apple HomePod killer?



As smart speakers emerge from all sides, Spotify is no longer satisfied with being “just” a streaming app. New job listings confirm that the music giant is working on its own device for the future.

Based on a new job opening recently posted on its site, Spotify is looking for an “Operations Manager — Hardware Product.” The listing states that “Spotify is on its way to creating its first physical products.”

Image source: Spotify Jobs

Besides an Operations Manager, the company is also looking for a Senior Project Manager and Project Manager on the same team. All three openings confirm that dedicated Spotify hardware is in the works.

Without its own hardware, the music-streaming app relies on third-party devices to distribute its services. This business model has been Spotify’s go-to since its inception. To its credit, this model works. Spotify still rules the music-streaming food chain atop competitors like Apple Music, Google Play Music, and Amazon Music.

However, as competing brands develop their own smart speakers, the need for a Spotify-exclusive device gradually turns into a do-or-die situation. Some smart speakers today don’t even offer Spotify as a default player. If Spotify hopes to survive into the future, they have to create their own hardware brand where they don’t have to play second fiddle to the competition.

As of now, the job listings are still open. They also clarify that Spotify is still in the process of creating the team. Given that it’s still in its infancy, this mystery device remains unknown. Besides a smart speaker, it could even be a wearable. For sure, it’ll still be a while before we even get a whiff of what Spotify is cooking.

For what it’s worth, Spotify offers information that the mystery device “will impact the way the world experiences music.”

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Uber plans to sell Southeast Asian arm to Grab

In exchange for Grab’s stakes



A massive deal is brewing in Southeast Asia. After a rocky 2017, Uber is gearing up to sell its Southeast Asia operations to Singapore’s Grab.

Despite posting a whopping US$ 7.5 billion in sales last year, Uber reported an even more surprising US$ 4.5 billion in losses. Uber’s worldwide demand couldn’t offset the costs that it incurred throughout the previous year.

This makes the rumored deal between the two ride-sharing apps a timely one. Further, reports indicate that Uber is also preparing for an eventual IPO sometime next year.

Should it happen, Uber will receive a substantial stake in Grab’s company. Currently, Uber hasn’t finalized the deal yet. Reports don’t include a timeline on when (or if) this deal will conclude.

The strategic move works in favor of Uber as a business. However, it remains unclear how this will affect commuters.

Southeast Asian commuters heavily prefer the convenience of Uber and Grab, compared to the bustle of traditional public transportation. The two apps share similar popularity ratings across the region.

For its popularity, Uber is pummeled with more controversies than Grab. The earlier has already suffered from multiple cases of drivers raping passengers, taxi protests, and a recent attempt to stifle autonomous driving. The company’s long-standing CEO Travis Kalanick also resigned last year.

Despite the mounting scandals, Uber remains one of the world’s preferred ride-sharing service. Regardless of whether the proposed sale will push through, Uber continues to be a watchword in today’s transportation economy.

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