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6 gift ideas for the skincare lover on your list

Great skin is in



‘Tis definitely the season to be jolly but also for gifting. Give the gift of a beautiful, healthy glow this season that will make the skincare lover in your life love you much more than they already do. Finding something specific for the friend who knows a thing or two about taking care of one’s skin can be quite a daunting task. But don’t worry — we got you. Here are six gift ideas for the skincare lover on your list.

Panasonic RF Facial Device

A gift that would equate to a smart investment is the Panasonic RF Facial Device. This nifty gadget helps prevent the premature signs of ageing. This, by using radiofrequency (RF) and ultrasonic technology to lift and tighten the skin with just 10-12 minute treatments. This also saves the user from having to go to aestheticians for RF facials that can rack up to hundreds of Euros at a time. If that’s not a great investment to ageing slowly and gracefully, then we don’t know what is.

Read our full review of the Panasonic RF Facial Device here. You can snag this device — just in time for the holidays — through this link.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Advent Calendar

A European Christmas tradition we are all on board with is the Advent Calendar. It’s a great practice run on patience and it also means we get 24 gifts instead of one. This year’s advent calendar of choice is Dr. Barbara Sturm’s 24-door masterpiece.

What I love about Dr. Sturm’s brand is its unique and scientific approach to skincare. She is, after all, a German aesthetics doctor who’s famous for her anti-inflammatory philosophy and her non-surgical anti-ageing skin treatments. She has successfully translated science from her clinical research and orthopaedic practice into the field of aesthetics and that’s something we’re totally all for.

Twenty-two of the items are deluxe-sized and you also get two full-sized products with a total value of over EUR 1,200. The calendar retails for EUR 450 and is now available at Dr. Barbara Sturm’s website.

Malin+Goetz Revitalizing Eye Cream

One of the first parts of the face to show ageing is definitely the eye area. So it’s imperative that it’s well taken care of, using gentle yet effective products. A recent discovery of mine is the Revitalizing Eye Cream from uncomplicated luxury skincare brand Malin+Goetz.

It depuffs, brightens, and hydrates, making sure all concerns for the eye area are addressed. It’s also gentle to the eyes and works with any skin type. I originally got into the brand because of their perfume called Leather and have been using it non-stop since. That has resulted to my being sniffed a couple of times in public and asked where I got it from. Now, I’m all for their eye cream as well.

LG Pra.L Galvanic Ion Booster

This device has changed the way I cleanse and apply my skincare products. The LG Pra.L Galvanic Ion Booster draws out impurities during the cleansing mode. During the application of serums, you can use its boost mode to make sure your products are absorbed better and faster. It’s a device that will work well with any skincare lover’s favourite products. For the full review, click here.

For a peeling option, there’s the Reclar Galvanic Ion Peeler. Recently seen at Global Sources, this device is from a new Korean company that went for an all-in-one product that uses water peeling, galvanic ions for product absorption, LED light therapy for collagen production and killing off bacteria, and gold therapy that has calming effects on the skin. See it in action in this video.

E.L.F. The Supers Regimen

For a more affordable option, there’s cruelty-free brand E.L.F. They came out with a range for troubled skin which includes a cleanser containing Vitamin B3 and lavender to calm any inflammation. There’s also a toner containing fruit enzymes for a bit of peeling, a Squalene-rich gel moisturizer, and a hydrating mask that also soothes the skin.

It’s for that friend who wants to improve their skin situation without breaking the bank. You can get the whole range via this link.

bareMinerals BarePro Foundation

Makeup doesn’t have to bad to your skin. bareMinerals’ BarePro Foundation is for that friend who wants to wear high-performance makeup but doesn’t want to compromise their skin barrier. It has medium to high coverage and dries with a natural, breathable matte finish.

It also has SPF 20 to help keep the UV rays at bay and has nourishing bamboo tree extract in the formula as well. The BarePro foundation works well for people with sensitive skin as it’s non-comedogenic and is free of oils, parabens, and artificial fragrances. It’s your (or your friends’) next go-to foundation.

The gift of great skin is definitely something your skincare loving friend will be thankful for. It’s also something that you should invest in for yourself. So, don’t forget to pick some of these up for your own stocking!


5 timeless gifts you can give to a mom anytime of the year

Bizarre gifts on their secret wishlists




We’ve seen it all: the kinds of gifts we need to give moms in our lives — whether they’re your mom, someone who’s a long-time mom, a friend who recently became a mom or a colleague that’s soon-to-be a mom. Every year, we get new ideas on how to celebrate them and how to make them feel special.

But this year, we’re taking it differently. We asked a few moms what’s secretly on their wish lists. And y’all, we didn’t expect these responses. Here’s a round-up of the bizarre gifts that we can gift every mom, Mother’s Day or not.

Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey albeit an arduous one. For Ana, 25, and a soon-to-be mom, body pain and finding comfort have been the biggest issues in her wonderful journey. While she gets excited to see her newborn, she finds it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. For her, having a pregnancy pillow would solve 99 percent of her body pain — which she experiences every day.

Buy here: Lazada

Sunset Lamp

Taking walks during sunset could be a therapeutic and beneficial exercise for soon-to-be moms. However, the pandemic imposed restrictions to keep us safe that resulted in a challenging situation where it’s difficult to cope and relax. Sunset lamps offer a good alternative; projecting aesthetically pleasing lighting similar to golden hour. All at the comforts of your own home.

Buy here: Lazada | Shopee

Self-care kit

When you’re a new mom, all your attention and resources shift to providing what your baby needs. To a point where you forget how to take care of yourself. For Lorraine, 31, and a mom to a 10-month old boy, self-care days are a must: getting a massage, going to a spa, having her hair styled, and other treatments to her skin, mind, body, and soul.

Given the dire circumstances, going out is dangerous for her and her baby, which is why she secretly wishes to be gifted by a self-care kit — a massager, hairdryer, hair straightener, and an epilator.

Epilator: Lazada | Shopee

Hair straightener: Lazada | Shopee

Massage Gun: Lazada | Shopee

Hairdryer: Lazada | Shopee

Space-saving and eco-friendly form of transportation

For Jean, 26, and a mom to a 4-year old boy, taking care of your health is more than just about the food you eat and the exercises you do. It’s also taking care of your emotional and mental health, and making a contribution to making the world a better place.

Through a foldable bike, she wishes to lessen her carbon footprint by using an eco-friendly form of transportation and save space, something that meticulous, organized homemakers want. Coincidentally, it’s also a good bonding activity with her kid. Think: mom and son biking on a Saturday afternoon.

Buy here: Lazada

A bigger TV

Having a TV is integral in keeping your family together. After all, it is a centerpiece for any home. Jenny, 48, a mom of four young adults, is always concerned about her and her children’s health. Although, secretly, she wishes to have her TV upgraded to a bigger one — at least 55- or 65-inch such as the Samsung Crystal UHD TV — to host movie nights and bond with her children, now that everyone is already having their own lives.

As a long-time mom, Jenny doesn’t like to splurge on what’s the latest gadget or appliance there is in. She wants the best value, and of course, something that lasts for a long time.

Buy here: Lazada | Shopee

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Couple co-op games to play during the pandemic

Loving from a distance




co-op games

It goes without saying that the pandemic has drastically altered our lives. And, for the lucky few who’ve found love amidst the global chaos or barely kept their love life while apart, playing games has become one of the best past time in quarantine.

Below are cooperative games you can play with your partners or friends. We’re open to all forms of love here. Also, note that this list won’t include classic multiplayer games like Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons because I’m assuming you and your partner or friends have already played these for an ungodly number of hours. Which, by the way if you haven’t, I recommend you start there.

Not included on this list are multiplayer online battle arenas(mobas) since that’s a whole genre of it’s own. And, I’m sick and tired of blatant sexting and flirting on moba team chats. Get your lives together or stay alone, yeah?

It Takes Two

Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, & PC

It Takes Two is a cooperative action-adventure platformer with gripping stories and game mechanics. You play as arguing parents at wit’s end stuck in doll form. The doll form bit is due to your daughter’s attempt to cope with her parents’ eventual split. Speaking of splits, it’s a split-screen multiplayer that allows you to play locally or online. The game mechanics and design are witty and eloquent–drawing you into the characters’ stories.

It Takes Two is a good game to play with your partner to see how well you work through obstacles together–in more ways than one. It Takes Two was developed by Hazelight Studios and published by Electronic Arts under the EA Originals labels.

Heave Ho!

Steam, Nintendo Switch, & GOG

Heave Ho! is a multiplayer co-op platformer where you and your partner or friends get through tough puzzles using your wobbly and dangly limbs. Grab on to each other’s hands, climb across dangling bodies, and swing your way into safety.

Heave Ho! forces you to work together by throwing the other, climbing over, and using our partner to get to the other side. It’s a quirky simple yet challenging game that have left players screaming desperate for hand grabbing. Heave Ho! was developed by Le Cartel Studio and published by Devolver Digital.

Overcooked! 2

Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, GOG

Overcooked! 2 is a cooperative cooking simulation video game. It’s the sequel to Overcooked! which had the same game mechanics just without the new and improved stages, mechanics, and features. Overcooked! 2 will make it necessary to yell at each other–which doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You work together as a team to prep, cook, and serve.

It’s the perfect game to play to break the ice, work together, laugh, and panic. Test your relationship, strengthen it, or break up over a silly game. Overcooked! 2 was developed by Team17 alongside Ghost Town Games and published by Team17.



Do two burly Vikings braving the elements sound like a romantic way to spend the night with your partner? No, of course not, but you’ll get hours of entertainment riding together with your nordic allies. Valheim is an explorative survival game. Build yourself a little home, roam the giant wilderness for resources, and hunt some trolls. If Minecraft doesn’t hit the same way anymore, this will probably fill that gap. But make sure you’re playing together, microphone on, and you’ll get lost in purgatory.

Valheim was developed by Iron Gate AB and developed by Coffee Stain Publishing.

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Ultrahuman: The essential app to get you through quarantine

Getting through isolation days through workout and meditation



Taking care of our physical and mental health is very much important now more than ever. With everything that has been going on in the world, it’s not surprising that people are taking extra steps to advocate and practice self-care.

One way to do this is by adding good habits everyday and being disciplined to sustain these habits.

With self-care as one of their ultimate goals this year, Martynne and MJ decided to try Ultrahuman: an all-in-one fitness app that includes all the good habits they are currently incorporating in their lives — from workout to meditation.

For a few weeks, they put the app to a test and this is their verdict:


Martynne: I am a huge advocate of meditation and it has been a life-changing practice for me, as someone who finds a hard time focusing and being in the present.

Ultrahuman has a wide range of course options that can match a specific mood or emotion. One of my personal favorites is the Managing Anger course, which helped me take a step back, consolidate my feelings and give compassion to myself throughout the process.

The Singles option with one-time meditation tracks helped me become more mindful and grounded whenever I feel overwhelmed in the middle of a workday. The productivity course, on the other hand, kept my eyes glued to my laptop screen until I finished what I needed to do.

The only thing I didn’t like about it, though, is the visuals seem basic to me, and the “dark” interface is much more fitting for the workout option.


MJ: When gyms are closed and home workouts aren’t fun anymore, how do you remain committed to your fitness goals? That’s what Ultrahuman did: Filling the gap by providing fun workouts and challenges that you can do in a span of weeks. It’s similar to how Nike Training Club presents their videos albeit more personalized.

The Ultrahuman app comes with guided videos from renowned trainers, and watching their instructions during your exercises felt like having a live session with a personal trainer. Unlike most fitness apps that offer video-on-demand workouts, Ultrahuman remembers that we are all beginners, offering a collection of videos through challenges that suit different levels.

After living a sedentary lifestyle, I knew I have to ease up when working out again. The app did wonders in helping me stay active by gradually increasing the difficulty of my challenges, without straining my body or having myself complain about how difficult a certain workout routine is.


Martynne: There was an instance that I had a bad case of insomnia and I needed something to put me to sleep.

I tried listening to Ultrahuman’s Bedtime Stories and it reminded me of the sleep podcasts I used to listen to on Spotify.

The voices are relaxing, and the stories come with meditation and sound effects, but I realized I can be impatient with slow stories. I resorted to the app’s soundscapes and brain music, and they helped a lot to relax my brain and finally shut my eyes off.

I don’t exactly know what’s the science behind brain music, but they really work sometimes.

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