Apple starts the year with a bang in their latest revenue report

All thanks to the iPhone 11 Series, wearables, and services



Remember when Tim Cook said he’s confident enough that Apple will achieve a significant sales boost because of the iPhone 11 series? Their first quarter report has exceeded Cook’s projection.

In the latest revenue record reported by the tech giant, they achieved a total of US$ 91.8 billion in revenue. It’s a nine percent increase compared to last quarter’s revenue report. 61 percent of the total revenue came from sales outside the US.

Around US$ 25 billion were returned to shareholders — US$ 20 billion went to share repurchases while the remaining US$ 3.5 billion to dividends and equivalents.

With last year’s holiday season, people were expected to buy consumer products. The huge demand for the three iPhone 11 models, wearables, and services all fueled the boost. It even surpassed over 1.5 billion in sales around the world.

The amount of sales further prove that Apple has a satisfied consumer base. Tim Cook also added that customers’ loyalty is a great driver of their company’s growth.


OPPO enhances in-store measures to ensure consumers’ safety

The company doing its part



With rising cases of COVID-19 in the country, OPPO is enhancing its in-store measures to protect customers. These in-house measures are necessary as businesses continue their normal operations in Singapore and some parts of the Philippines.

First among the safety measures that are in place is store disinfection. Disinfection will now happen twice a day in all OPPO experience stores.  The disinfection process will focus more on demonstration units, where most customers interact with an OPPO demo device. Plus, the company is now requiring every customer to sanitize their hands before entering a store.

OPPO is also requiring its employees to wear surgical masks when interacting with customers. Plus, employees must submit to health checks before beginning their shifts. If they are feeling unwell, the company will advise them to see a doctor immediately.

On top of that, the company is encouraging everyone to maintain good health and practice proper hygiene.

Such in-house measures are desperately needed especially during these times. Singapore’s COVID-19 cases tally at 500 people. So far, the country has managed to contain the viral transmission. However, the situation is far from over as cases keep increasing each day.

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As general rules, the CDC or The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention listed these to help with preventing the spread of COVID-19:

  • Stay home when sick
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Frequently wash hands with soap and water
  • Clean frequently touched surfaces

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Apple is no longer a trillion dollar company

For now, at least



A year and a half ago, Apple obtained the highly prized distinction of becoming a trillion-dollar company. At the time, the American company’s share prices peaked, pushing it as the first American company to earn the distinction. Since then, Amazon, Microsoft, and Alphabet have crossed the trillion-dollar mark.

Unfortunately, as with the perilous law of gravity, what comes up must come down. Following the worldwide spread of coronavirus, gravity is calling for the heads of the recent economic boom. Share prices are crashing. Technology sales are plummeting. No one wants to participate in heavy businesses in this treacherous time.

The uncertainty of the age has now claimed its first victim. That is, if you call losing a few billion dollars a huge loss. Today, Apple has lost its prestigious status as a trillion-dollar company.

Last month, Apple posted a new 52-week high share price of US$ 327. Today, the company continued its downfall, posting a share price of US$ 219.75, at the time of this writing. It last recorded this price around October 2019.

With the new valuation, Apple is now valued at around US$ 977 billion, a clear mark below one trillion. This likely won’t end soon, as the economy dips further and further.

Following Apple’s departure on the elite list, Microsoft remains the only American company on the trillion-dollar list. At the time of this writing, the company is still valued at US$ 1.021 trillion. (Google and Amazon have crashed to US$ 724.503 billion and US$ 947.643 billion, respectively.)

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Xiaomi passes Huawei as third-best smartphone brand

According to February sales report



With the world in turmoil over the latest pandemic, smartphone sales are in a perilous swan dive. That said, the world’s brand rankings are in jeopardy. Today, we can now see the most drastic change in the scoreboard.

According to Strategy Analytics’ newest report, Xiaomi has successfully overtaken Huawei as the world’s third-bestselling smartphone brand for the first time ever. For the month of February, Huawei sold 5.5-million smartphones across the globe. Meanwhile, the new number 3 brand won by selling 6-million smartphones

Naturally, Samsung and Apple are still dominating the charts, claiming the top one and two spots, respectively. Samsung claimed 18.2-million units in sales, while Apple sold 10.2-million units.

For the impressiveness of this news, this latest rankings report is just for the month of February. With how the world is going right now, March will likely prove catastrophic for Huawei. Likewise, the tumble will also affect all smartphone brands in the foreseeable future. No one is interested in a new smartphone right now, especially with the world bleeding for food, hygiene products, and toilet paper.

Regardless, Huawei is in a tougher spot. Besides the coronavirus pandemic, the brand is still in a frantic war against America for 5G supremacy. Without an end in sight, the Chinese brand’s forecasts aren’t looking bright. Lately, Huawei released the new Mate Xs and will launch the P40 series soon.

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