Apple Watch Ultra caters to thrill seekers and adventurers

For hikers, divers, and runners



The Apple Watch has traditionally designed itself for the general user. While the wearable can appeal to most people, a niche segment — composed of thrill seekers and endurance athletes — might not find it all that useful. For today’s Far Out event, Apple has revealed the more rugged Apple Watch Ultra, appealing to the world of adventure seekers.

Sporting a more vertical 49mm case, the Apple Watch Ultra can display more information, a critical feature for those who need data immediately while on the go. Likewise, the rugged titanium case and sapphire crystal can endure freezing peaks, blazing hot deserts, or ultra-long marathons. It also has coarser grooves on its crown for better grip even while wearing gloves. Finally, it is certified for EN13319 for divers.

Going beyond the regular Apple Watch, the Ultra has a dedicated action button in bright international orange. Users can customize the button to ease functions with a simple button press — including starting workouts more accurately and transitioning between legs of a triathlon.

For safety when out on a trail, the smartwatch has three microphones to pick up your environment regardless of weather conditions. It also has cellular functions, which helps users if they lose their phone. If users get lost, the watch plays a unique siren heard over 80 meters away. To help users avoid getting lost, the watch has dual frequency GPS for more accuracy.

The new Wayfinder face offers more information specifically for hiking, diving, and running. The orienteering view, for example, ensures that users can orient themselves on a trail. Speaking of variety, it offers three different loops: Alpine, Trail, and Ocean.

On its own, the Apple Watch Ultra can last 36 hours. However, a low-power mode extends this to 60 hours.

The Apple Watch Ultra will cost US$799 / S$1199 / ₱52,990.



Hermès Apple Watch Series 8: Unboxing and Full Set-Up

What makes it different from the regular Apple Watch though?



If you’ve been fond of GadgetMatch for quite a while now, you would know that Michael Josh is a big Apple Watch user.

From having to experience several Watch Series up until the Watch Ultra, to having various bands, he now has the most expensive Apple Watch in the Series 8 lineup in his hands.

In this video, he unboxes the most expensive Apple Watch ever — the Hermès Apple Watch Series 8.

To give you the full experience, he’ll also dive into the nitty-gritty of what makes it different and more special than the regular Watch Series 8.

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Apple Watch Ultra Unboxing and Review (Part 1)

Is it really worth your hard-earned savings?



After several years of waiting, an Apple Watch dedicated for explorers, adventure-seekers, and elite athletes is finally here!

Lo and behold, the new Apple Watch Ultra.

While just being a first product of its kind, it actually offers features that can rival its popular competitors.

But is it worth your hard-earned money considering its price tag starts at a whopping US$ 799 / S$ 1199 / ₱53,990?

Watch how Michael Josh unwraps the new watch in the latest Apple Watch Ultra Unboxing and First Review.

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Nothing teases new earbuds called the Ear Stick




Carl Pei’s Nothing continues to be one of the most eccentric tech brands today. Starting with a couple of enigmatic releases, the company is still riding the trend with its upcoming device. Debuting exclusively during a fashion show, Nothing has announced its next product, the Ear Stick.

While it’s a step up in creativity from “ear (1)” or “phone (1),” “Ear Stick” is certainly a unique choice for the name of a new tech product. However, if you see the product, it’s also an accurate one.

The upcoming Ear Stick refers to the cylindrical charging case which will carry the company’s next set of earbuds. Shaped like a tube of lipstick, the charging case is a unique take on what the industry considers as the default shape of similar products. That said, it makes sense to unveil it during a fashion show — specifically, Chet Lo’s SS23 runway.

True to its fashionista pedigree, the case will come in at least three different flavors: white with a red cover, blue with pink, and green with yellow.

Unfortunately, the fashion show reveal did not show what the actual earbuds look like. According to Nothing, the new device will look different to how the ear (1)’s design. As always, users will have to wait for any crumbs that the company will sporadically sprinkle all over.

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