Apple Watch Ultra caters to thrill seekers and adventurers

For hikers, divers, and runners



The Apple Watch has traditionally designed itself for the general user. While the wearable can appeal to most people, a niche segment — composed of thrill seekers and endurance athletes — might not find it all that useful. For today’s Far Out event, Apple has revealed the more rugged Apple Watch Ultra, appealing to the world of adventure seekers.

Sporting a more vertical 49mm case, the Apple Watch Ultra can display more information, a critical feature for those who need data immediately while on the go. Likewise, the rugged titanium case and sapphire crystal can endure freezing peaks, blazing hot deserts, or ultra-long marathons. It also has coarser grooves on its crown for better grip even while wearing gloves. Finally, it is certified for EN13319 for divers.

Going beyond the regular Apple Watch, the Ultra has a dedicated action button in bright international orange. Users can customize the button to ease functions with a simple button press — including starting workouts more accurately and transitioning between legs of a triathlon.

For safety when out on a trail, the smartwatch has three microphones to pick up your environment regardless of weather conditions. It also has cellular functions, which helps users if they lose their phone. If users get lost, the watch plays a unique siren heard over 80 meters away. To help users avoid getting lost, the watch has dual frequency GPS for more accuracy.

The new Wayfinder face offers more information specifically for hiking, diving, and running. The orienteering view, for example, ensures that users can orient themselves on a trail. Speaking of variety, it offers three different loops: Alpine, Trail, and Ocean.

On its own, the Apple Watch Ultra can last 36 hours. However, a low-power mode extends this to 60 hours.

The Apple Watch Ultra will cost US$799 / S$1199 / ₱52,990.



Lenovo Legion Glasses review: An 86-inch TV at your fingertips

But, what are they good for?



Among all the emerging technologies in the wearable segment, nothing fills me with more hesitation than wearable eyewear. Infusing technology into eyewear is just natural evolution, but there’s still something missing in the niche market. Plus, security issues with wearables aside, it’s hard to beat the traditional appeal of just fiddling around with your phone.

Now, the Lenovo Legion Glasses is not one of these things. Paring down the functionalities of tech eyewear to just an external display, Lenovo’s new wearable is simply a new way to experience your content. Is it worth the cost, though? Let’s find out.

Chonkers for your eyes

From the get-go, you’ll notice how thick these glasses are. These aren’t a pair you’d want to take to show off your swag. Then again, they don’t need them to be.

Despite their size, the Legion Glasses comfortably balanced its weight all around my head. At least from the initial moment of putting them on, wearing these glasses were comfortable enough for immediate use. That said, prolonged comfort is another story.

I’m sure that continuous use would increase my tolerance for having the wearable on for an extended period of time. However, in the time I’ve had them, I could only go twenty to thirty minutes at a time before I needed a break. As you might expect, the pain points are on the bridge of my nose, my temples, and just general eye strain.

If you’re worried about the fit on your own face, the Legion Glasses come with an extensive set of accessories to tailor the wearables to the contours of your face. You’ll get nose pads of varying heights, anti-slip adapters, and a prescription lens template. It took a lot of experimenting to get the perfect fit for my face. Thankfully, adjusting each part is easy enough. It wasn’t long before I was good to go.

A new way to watch

It’s simple to use the glasses. They don’t need a separate battery to charge. Just plug them into a device with the USB-C cable, and the image shows up on the lenses.

The Legion Glasses projects a huge 86-inch screen in front of your vision. The image quality is impressive. Regardless of whether you’re watching a movie or playing a game, clarity and color reproduction were both spot on. It is, however, dependent on your fit. Since the lens open up in the lower half, I had to use the tallest nose pads to get the clearest picture. Otherwise, the edges of the screen had noticeable aberrations.

Additionally, the image is limited to 1080p resolution and 60Hz refresh rate. While the image is already great on its own, there’s definitely room for improvement. Still, if you’re looking for the best quality possible, you’re better off with a beefy monitor.

Besides the image, the glasses come with speakers right on the temples. The audio quality is fine, and, after a while, I even forgot that I wasn’t wearing headphones. However, since these are just regular speakers, they leak a lot. Anyone sitting beside you can clearly hear what you’re watching.

An incredibly niche product

While the wearable is certainly an impressive device, it’s hard to find enough use cases for it. It’s definitely not something I’m actively looking for whenever I fire up a game. That said, there are specific scenarios where these glasses are especially useful.

For one, if you want to hide what you’re doing from those snooping over your shoulder, these glasses are a useful tool for privacy — minus the audio leaking, of course.

The Legion Glasses are also especially useful if you want to watch a movie or play a game while lying down. There are just some lazy days when I don’t want to get out of bed. These glasses just eliminate the need for fiddling for a remote or holding a phone over my head. Additionally, if you just want a larger screen, these can come in handy.

Compatibility issues

Besides the moments when the wearable actually works, let’s talk about the moments when they don’t. Unfortunately, they don’t work with every device that has a USB-C port. Naturally, they work well with Lenovo devices (like a Legion Go), but I struggled to find other devices to work with them. They didn’t work with my ASUS laptop or my Pixel 6.

If you do get these glasses, you’ll have to research if your devices will work with them.

Is this your GadgetMatch?

At US$ 329.99, it’s hard to justify buying these glasses with a limited set of use cases and compatible devices. That said, despite how limited they are, these are still amazing pieces of technology. Since getting them, I’ve been using the Legion Glasses quite a bit. If you find the unique scenarios applicable to you and you have a device to use these with, it’s still a worthy purchase.

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Garmin introduces Descent series with next-gen dive technologies

The Mk3 and G1 Solar – Ocean Edition



Garmin Descent G1 Solar

Garmin has released its two latest innovative dive computers with next-gen dive technologies in the Descent Mk3 series and Descent G1 Solar — Ocean Edition.

The Descent series redefines the underwater experience with advanced features, eco-friendly designs, and enhanced capabilities for divers of all levels.

Descent Mk3 series

Garmin Descent Mk3

Garmin’s Descent Mk3 series is a watch-style dive computer that allows users to explore depths confidently and safely.

It has a 200-meter dive rating, a touchscreen AMOLED display, multiple dive modes, over 4,000 preloaded dive sites, and premium multisport GPS smartwatch capabilities.

The models under this series come in two sizes – 43mm and 51mm – with the latter having a built-in LED flashlight for better visibility in low-light conditions, underwater or not.

Additionally, both have a Descent T2 transceiver for diver-to-diver messaging and Diver Assistance using SubWave technology, and tank pressure monitoring through a later update.

Descent G1 Solar — Ocean Edition

On the other hand, the Descent G1 Solar – Ocean Edition is an all-in-one rugged watch-style dive computer.

The device features a 45mm reinforced polymer case and scratch resistant sapphire lens. It meets US military 810 standards for thermal, shock, and water resistance. It also has a water rating of 100 meters.

The wearable is powered by solar charging and can offer up to 25 hours of battery life in dive mode and up to 124 days in smartwatch mode.

Underwater, users can benefit from its 3-axis dive compass for easier navigation. The model can store dive data for up to 200 dives. It is easily shareable via the Garmin Dive app.

When not using the device for diving, the Descent G1 Solar – Ocean Edition offers precise surface GPS, health monitoring, and connectivity for incident detection and assistance.

Price, availability

The Descent Mk3 series and Descent G1 Solar Ocean Edition will be available in the Philippines soon. They are priced as follows:

  • Descent Mk3 43mm: PhP 74,990
  • Descent Mk3i 43mm (Carbon Gray or Bronze Titanium bezel): PhP 87,890
  • Descent Mk3i 51mm: PhP 99,990
  • Descent G1 Solar – Ocean Edition (December 2023): PhP 39,950

The Descent T2 transmitter for the Descent Mk3 series is priced at PhP 31,390.

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G-SHOCK collaborates with TITAN 22 for latest timepiece

For the love of the game



Titan 22 G-Shock

CASIO Singapore has announced the G-SHOCK x TITAN22 DW-5600TIT timepiece, making its partnership with the Philippine-based basketball specialty concept store official.

The collaborative black and gold timepiece integrates the hoop brand’s iconic lightning fist logo into the DW-5600, with the watch face and strap both having the original lightning pattern.

The model comes with a distinct packaging that features a custom logo combining the DW-5600 watch face outline and TITAN 22’s lightning shard emblems, as well as an inscription that reads “World Champions.”

The same statement can be found at the back of the watch and its strap while lightning shards have also been meticulously incorporated on the strap.

TITAN 22 is no stranger to collaborations; most notably, the company has partnered with Nike throughout the years for exclusively-designed LeBron shoe models that were catered specifically to the NBA superstars’ Filipino fans.

Price, availability

The G-SHOCK x TITAN 22 watch is priced at SG$ 199 and is available online here.

It will also be sold in all G-SHOCK stores starting November 17.

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