watchOS 7 previews new workouts, sleep tracking, and better hand-washing

Rolling out in the fall



Who says smartwatches are dead? Despite the dwindling number of competitors, the Apple Watch is still alive and kicking. At WWDC 2020, Apple unveiled the latest innovations in the coming watchOS 7, featuring innovations that will help you sleep and wash your hands properly.

Sharable watch faces

Naturally, a smartwatch user’s watch face will depend on their individual lifestyles. A surfer will not enjoy the same functionalities as a new mom, for example. watchOS 7 will introduce new ways to customize and to share your watch faces. New complications, like a tachymeter for sports aficionado and a breastfeeding tracker for moms, will open the Apple Watch for different users.

Apple will provide new official watch faces for now: Glow Baby for moms and Dawn Patrol for surfers, for example. However, users can share their own customizations to other users through Messages or Mail.

Sleep tracking

Finally, Apple has a solution for your sleeping habits. However, instead of just tracking how you sleep, watchOS 7 will also help optimize your pre-bedtime routine. Wind Down, the new feature, can automgadatically turn off notifications, operate smart home devices, and play specific playlists or a meditation app.

As for sleeping time itself, the update can detect micro-movements to accurately measure periods of waking and sleeping. The watch will then report the user’s sleep patterns weekly or monthly.

New workouts

As the watch’s most used function, Workout is getting some interesting additions, including new workout types: Core Training, Dance, Functional Strength Training, and Cooldown. The Dance function, for example, sampled the four most popular fitness dances: Bollywood, cardio dance, hip-hop, and Latin.

Improved Noise

In watchOS, Apple introduced a new function that measured a location’s ambient sound level, helping users reduce noise pollution. In watchOS 7, the company is improving this app to measure how loud your media is. If you’re listening to music at dangerously high volumes for concerningly long periods of time, the watch will alert you to turn your volume down.

Washing for 20 seconds

Especially useful nowadays, watchOS 7 will start notifying you if you did a good job washing your hands. Using motion sensors and machine learning, the watch can detect your method and your duration. If you wash your hands for less than the prescribed 20 seconds, it will tell you to continue washing.

watchOS 7 will roll out later this year. The update will support the Apple Watch Series 3 onward paired with the iPhone 6s or later.

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Newer OnePlus phones come with Facebook preinstalled

Users can’t uninstall some of the Facebook apps, too



One of the features OnePlus likes to tout with its smartphones is OxygenOS. After all, fans swear by its simplicity, usability, and bloatware-free experience. However, newer OnePlus phones actually come with Facebook preinstalled. Worse, wary users can’t uninstall Facebook on these phones.

OnePlus devices with Facebook preinstalled include the recently-launched OnePlus Nord and the OnePlus 8 series. As Android Police reported, these devices don’t only have one Facebook app installed, but also includes other apps from the Palo Alto company.

Instagram and Messenger also come preinstalled on newer OnePlus devices, along with other utilities. These utilities include Facebook App Installer and Manager, as well as Facebook Services. Wary users who may want to keep Facebook out of their phones will find that they can’t uninstall these apps. OnePlus effectively gives two options only: disable these apps or force stop them.

The preinstalled Facebook apps are a culmination of an idea campaign that OnePlus “gathered” from its fans. According to them, bundling these apps will result in better battery efficiency. However, Facebook’s apps are also notorious for draining battery life much faster. It is possible, however, that OnePlus struck a deal with Facebook given the monetary incentive with bundling apps.

This isn’t the first time OnePlus bundled a third-party app into their phones. Actually, this practice started way back with the bundling of Netflix for the OnePlus 7 series. At that time, the company defended its practice by saying that bundling Netflix is necessary to enhance HDR playback.

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Apple is suing a small startup for using a pear logo

Five-person startup vs. trillion-dollar company



As the saying goes, “apples and oranges.” Apparently, the well-known idiom doesn’t apply for the iPhone makers of the same name. If your company uses any fruit-themed logo (even if it’s not an apple), Apple will see their own logo and go at you with the full force of their legal team. In a strange turn of events, Apple is suing a small startup for using a pear logo.

Reported by Canadian outlet iPhone in Canada, Prepear, a meal-planning startup with only five people, is facing legal action from the trillion-dollar Apple because of their logo. Super Healthy Kids, another startup from the founders of Prepear, shared their woes on Instagram. As the name suggests, Prepear uses a pear-shaped logo in lime green. According to the post, Apple thinks that the Prepear logo looks too similar to the globally known Apple logo.

Now, if you squint enough, you might find a few similarities. Both have a leaf hanging near the stem, for example. However, both logos are quite arguably far enough from each other. In fact, their brand identities are very distinct from each other.

Along with the Instagram post, Prepear has also started a petition, in hopes of stopping Apple’s legal action against them. In the petition, the startup is calling out Apple for bullying other smaller startups with fruit-themed logos. “Most small businesses cannot afford the tens of thousands of dollars it would cost to fight Apple,” the petition said.

In the same vein, big tech companies in the US are facing a lot of antitrust issues. Just recently, a court hearing caught Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg lying under oath. The social media company stole, bullied, and acquired rival companies to take them out.

Of course, Apple is no stranger to weird court cases from people in the past. However, this is one of the rare instances when the company itself is pursuing legal action for strange reasons against smaller entities.

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Twitter is also considering a deal with TikTok

According to new reports



Throughout the past week, everyone threw TikTok around like a hot potato. President Donald Trump announced and signed an expansive ban covering TikTok and WeChat, effective starting September 15. That is, unless both companies can reach an acquisition agreement with an American company. Since then, only Microsoft rose as the main suitor for the video-sharing platform. However, according to a new report, Twitter is also considering a deal with TikTok.

Reported by the Wall Street Journal, both parties have allegedly already engaged in talks for a possible deal. Of note, however, the report talks about a “possible combination,” rather than an outright acquisition. Whether or not the wording is critical remains to be seen.

According to the report, a potential deal will involve significant hurdles for both parties. On the one hand, Twitter is potentially courting the platform’s American operations, which are still facing a ban next month. On the other hand, a merger between the two will unify two globally dominant platforms into one.

Though Microsoft can benefit from a stronger presence in the social media industry, Twitter is already a dominant force. If it acquires TikTok, the company’s position will only grow stronger.

Of course, this is all just speculation at this point. No one knows who will ultimately land the popular video-sharing platform yet. Only Microsoft and Twitter have entered any sort of discussion with the Chinese company — publicly, at least. Though a potential buyer on its own right, Apple has already declined any sort of interest for the Chinese company.

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